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Who Can Win–Sanders or Biden?

Who Can Win–Sanders or Biden?

I am voting for Bernie Sanders and I encourage everyone else, Democrat, Republican, Socialist, Fascist, Herbalist, Libertarian, Vegetarian, Green, Blue, Black, Brown, Hispanic or Asian to do the same.

In 2016, Trump fell into the Presidency. What I call the Neo-Fascists and what most of you still call the Republicans, who are actually not believers in a Republic at all, were already rigging elections in Ohio, Wisconsin, Michigan (maybe Pennsylvania), Florida and other states, including Southern states that they didn’t even have to rig. They lied about voter fraud, then set about to use that excuse to block Democratic voters.

We know this because of a variety of investigations of elections, including the “black box” investigations done from Illinois. We know it from the Democratic-targeted 40,000 names mailed out in Du Page County, Illinois, by the Republican DuPage County Board of Elections, mailed deliberately too late for people to respond and be registered.

We know, too, about Republican obstruction in Congress, about the 400 filibusters of Obama legislation on jobs and other worthwhile efforts that never passed. Thus, by 2016 many voters did not realize that Democrats were trying to improve the lives of average Americans. Nor did voters realize that Trump was a liar of monumental proportions, vowing (and lying) that he would not touch Social Security (which he tried) or try to repeal Obamacare (which he tried) or

Unlike Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton failed to point out that Republican obstruction, in the service of billionaires denied work and restoration of assets for those that the Great Recession had hurt. She tried to ride out a wave of popularity for her many worthwhile acts in and out of office, on children’s issues and worker’s issues and women’s issues. It worked to get votes. She got a ton of votes. But the game, as anyone can read on Gregg Palast’s website, was rigged. She won the popular vote but not enough individual states.

Bernie Sanders claims to be a “Democratic Socialist.” By which he really means he is a Populist. He will fight like a bulldog for the People. And what he sees now, as a Jew, is a very worrying problem that most people don’t see, and that is looming Neo-Fascism. Republican Neo-Fascists follow their leader, Trump, blindly.

Fascism happens in an era when corporations and unbelievably wealthy individuals want to protect their interests. They encourage politicians, in this case only Republicans, to support their interests.

Many Republicans took the huge campaign financial support in return for their votes to cut taxes on the rich. The result was that in 2018 the people were fed up. They tossed out a Republican House majority. But with money pouring in from the super-rich, the Democrats were not able to return the Senate to the people. Trump took advantage of this Republican loyalty to the rich many times in the last 4 years. Now he will lie to the people, as he has done thousands of times, and despite the fact that he has over a trillion dollars in cuts to entitlements in his 2020 budget, he will claim that he will protect those programs.

This year a “Good Guy” or a “Long-time Liberal” who has had a tough time holding the line on progressive issues, may not be enough. The same old ideas will not work. We need someone who will inspire the young and the old and everyone to get out and win. We need change. This is the big game.

This is no time to follow others without considering all the facts. If the conventional wisdom is suddenly wrong about Biden as surely as it suddenly favored him, can you afford to risk your vote on the future of democracy? Trump already wants to shut down Obamacare, Medicaid, and privatize Medicare. He wants to shut down the borders, curtail immigration, investigate his enemies, including the free press, his political opponents, government agencies, and then do whatever the hell pleases him whenever he likes.

What will you do if Trump does keep cutting government, including Social Security and Medicare? And what if he does win and repeal Obamacare. What if we should be forced to return to privatize health care?

We have already seen that Trump and the Republicans would have no reservation about arresting protestors, or “domestic terrorists” as their friends on Fox News call them.  Polls say that 45% of the people already think Trump can do no wrong. If he has a privately contracted army made up of Erik Prince’s people show up and arrest protestors, how long will resistance to devastating policies last?

Can we trust the Republican Senate, after watching them turn the other way on Trump’s scandalous antics with the Ukraine? He violated and admitted violating the basic rules of conduct in a general election for President. He made a mockery of the dozens of warnings by government agencies like the FBI, CIA and Department of Defense that foreign governments had interfered and would interfere in our election. Then Trump deliberately did the same thing, asking the President of Ukraine to interfere in our election. Dozens of witnesses, unimpeachably honest witnesses testified that he had done it. Yet both the Republicans in the House and Senate Republicans all voted to allow him to continue to try to rig the upcoming election.

Is Joe Biden the answer? He showed a great deal of uncertainty in the early stages of his campaign, although he seems to be gaining strength and focus as he campaigns. But will he be as strong as Bernie Sanders in bringing in other candidates, fighting for health care and Social Security and Medicaid in a way that will help elect more Democratic candidates?  Many feel that he cannot do as well as Bernie Sanders, who has been proposing these things for decades.

We need to get Bernie Sanders the nomination and then work like hell to get him elected, along with a House and a Senate. He may be able to accomplish Medicare-for-All. He may be able to turn the climate disaster around. But for certain, one thing you will have is your freedom to vote him out if you don’t like what he does.

The way to make America great again is to toss out Trump and the Neo-Fascist Republicans and elect Progressives and Bernie Sanders.


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