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Beware of Presidents (and Congress) Promoting Walls.


In Populist Daily, we submit the information that we think is vitally important for citizens, particularly average citizens. But it is also for busy upper-income citizens to help keep everyone informed. These typical, normal individuals might often consider themselves Republican.

So, if you are a Republican, (if not, please pass this location on to a Republican) do you consider yourself one who would kick young Mexican or Central American children or students out of the country, as the change in DACA would do? It doesn’t make a lot of sense to kick young people who will become valuable citizens out of the country summarily.  Most of you do think a “wall” beyond what we normally have is foolish. I’ve seen the current wall and it works.

In addition to the so-called Trump wall, as a Republican you may be asked to support another tax cut. It will increase revenues, they say. Well, we’ve had two tax cuts under Reagan and two under Bush II. And the national debt went from $800 billion to $18 trillion. The very wealthy, people who make a million dollars a year or more, and who do pay huge amounts in taxes but a very low percentage of their income, want this tax cut. But they don’t want to say…cut my taxes below ten percent, so they instead talk about something that we all agree on…like the problems of illegal immigration. They want you to think that you, the upper income, almost-wealthy Americans will benefit from a tax cut too. So they want you on their side. So watch this video to see how they slant the message. It is short.

YouTube video

As you probably understood, this is a robotically created video, one of many being produced now by Right Wing…what we correctly refer to as Neo-Fascists. There are a number of these funded by the same billionaires who have funded the campaigns of so many different Right Wing candidates like Rubio and Cruz and others like the moron Rick Berry who can’t even count to three, until the clown car ultimately fell over and out came Trump.

Did this video make sense to you? Are we “on the brink of collapse?” Are we a “once proud nation?”  Were we under constant attack from–who? Exchange students from Iran or grandmothers from Yemen?  Does “ostrich disorder” hiding one’s head in the sand and ignoring threats more accurately describe Democrat Clinton who had a terrorist czar who warned the next (Republican) administration of the impending attack, or Bush II, who refused to read the report on terrorists and then went to the first tee and said, “now watch this drive.” Two weeks later 19 terrorists killed 3000 Americans.

Nancy Pelosi factually was one of the best Speakers of the House ever. She pushed through a health care bill that has made life easier for at least 30 million Americans and helped cut the growth of health care costs even for those on employer plans. The Neo-Fascists attack her for the same reason they attacked and obstructed President Obama. Because both worked for the People. It is the same old Right Wing propaganda, Rush Limbaugh stuff, that works on the dim-witted and the hicks. She and the Democrats are characterized as “soft” on defense. The key words are all there…the blood-in-the-mouth language that appeals to the thugs of the “alt-right,” the criticism of Europe, appeals to people who do not know that Europe is in reality light-years ahead of us in everything from income to health care to advanced manufacturing to science to diplomacy to the respect of other nations and parts of the globe.

The enormous amounts of money the Koch family and their fellow Neo-Fascists have spent to elect 31 state governors and legislatures, plus an entire House and Senate of Right Wing Republicans obviously has led them to believe that they can create any kind of robotic message and the People will believe it. In this and other similar videos they tap into the standard, well-propagandized technique of ridiculing  the term “Liberal,” or referring to daily, normal life as a situation “on fire,” or the foolish idea that Democrats “can’t deal with reality” which is the “reason we are in this circumstance.” What circumstance? The one, of course, that this video would have you believe exists. Of course the ideas are thoroughly incoherent and completely false but are made to sound not only normal but imperative.

Here are the facts. Republicans have controlled government for most of the last 30 years. Eight years under Reagan, four years under Bush the Elder and Smarter and eight years under Bush the Dumber and his boss, Dick Cheney. And now, the culmination of bad government, or no government….Donald Trump. The only good period we had was under the eight years of Clinton, who ended deficits, created surpluses, and gave us the longest sustained period of peacetime prosperity in our history. That is fact.

And Obama? The Republicans left him with 700,000 workers losing their jobs every month, $7.5 trillion in lost American assets and a Depression that would last for four years, at least. They voted against every single bill his Senate or House Democratic members proposed. Over 400 filibusters (vetoes) of jobs and infrastructure and education bills. According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, the number of racist and white supremacy groups quintupled. Mitch McConnell held up the nomination of a Supreme Court justice for over a year deliberately to insure that a Right Wing, Neo-Fascist, son of one of the leading, notorious American Fascists, was installed by a Republican Senate as the deciding vote.

The same people who produced this robot-voiced video to stir up Republican middle-class angst against illegal immigration are the same ones ginning up interest in tax cuts for the rich. Because they are the rich. This kind of robotic Neo-Fascist video is their idea of politics. They use their wealth to create lies on every subject that benefits them. And they are being produced on every single political subject, promoted on YouTube and on every other outlet available.

So the point is this. As an educated and successful individual, Republicans can continue to support the Republican Party, which is now backed by the Koch brothers billionaire groups, by ALEC, by the National Policy Institute, by Cato and all the other Right Wing political, lobbying think tanks and Pacs…not to mention David Duke and the KKK…and you will get lip service about a wall. You will get tax cuts, small ones. Not the kinds that the billionaires will get.  But you will get cuts to Social Security and Medicare later.

Or you can drop out of the Republican Party and remain Independent. You could vote Democratic or try to resurrect a well-educated, moderate, small-business-friendly Republican Party again.  There is no crisis in America that has not been created by a handful of super-wealthy Fascists who want to divide us all, one from another. And, as you can see, they are turning up the heat on that, even going so far as to hire robots.


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