Election 2020–Democracy vs Fascism in a Plague Year

Army unit at the parade

It isn’t merely Wisconsin, where the former Republican Party has sold out completely to the Neo-Fascists headed by the Koch Family and the several dozen billionaires who are fighting the other billionaires, the “good” billionaires like Buffett and Gates and Bloomberg and Pritzker and a handful of others, primarily younger, gen tech billionaires. You have the Kochs and their gang who want to end Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare and all aspects of welfare. Then you have the others who are trying to save Democracy, while trying to hang onto some of their freedom to spend their excess gains in ways that they believe are best for the World community. (And a few necessary items, like private jets and homes on both coasts and multi-million dollar “cabins.” But who’s counting?)

it is the entire country. Somehow the Republican billionaires have captured the essential corrupt element in our human nature, so that normally intelligent, rational people will walk around looking almost impossibly stupid carrying assault weapons into a grocery store or taking a handgun with them to church. As if Jesus had said, “Come ye all my brethren, but come armed.” Gangs of small time punks in pick up trucks follow a campaign bus and hem it in on all sides in Texas, so that the campaign has to stop. Armed groups of Communists and Fascist thugs used to do the same in Germany in the early 1930s, causing it to come apart completely and allowing a minority of German thugs to take over the country, allowing millions to die and eventually causing a war that killed tens of millions all over the world. Don’t think it couldn’t happen here. These people are the worst elements in society and, frankly, thanks to the encouragement of this President, we have allowed them to create problems.

Fascist elements drove to Wisconsin and set fires during the Kenosha riots,fires and looting, which were driven by outside groups. Outside groups have entered many protests, we now know, to make them more violent and cause a backlash. The corruption is everywhere, organized by people with huge amounts of money.

Why has so much been raised and spent on campaign advertising, over a billion dollars this time? Not because more people have more money. That is not the case. A recent survey said that the average family has little or no ability to raise cash for an emergency. And now, in his legal actions and in his budget for 2021, if elected, Trump plans to enormously restrict family incomes further by making the poor pay for health care, while allowing corporate executives to deduct half their health care costs with their corporations funding half. His $1.8 trillion cuts to health care are all against the poor and the elderly about half of whom rely for half of their incomes through Social Security and rely on Medicare.

Trump’s encouragement of anarchists needs legislation. We need laws to prevent our legislators from promoting or encouraging revolution, anarchism and true terrorist activity. Right Wing radio hosts should have been punished for encouraging the attacking and subsequent murdering of abortion clinic physicians. People who put vivid, totally false images that depict false images or statements that could incite average citizens to violent action, should themselves be equally as guilty of the violent actions that they might cause. Trump has done similar things. Out of office, he should be liable for penalties, retroactively–since we can’t charge him while President–for inciting people to build anti-American groups, like the White Supremacists and other militia organizations, who arm themselves with guns with no rationale whatsoever except to cause needless violence.

Some people will say that, since we are relatively certain that on its face, his known activities will probably cause him to be indicted by the Southern District of New York for financial fraud, and that, therefore, he may be going to prison anyway…that he shouldn’t be further punished. But the fact is that inciting to riot is already a crime. And he is perhaps the most visible of any public figure since Father Coughlin or Huey Long to try to rabble-rouse to create action. There are ignorant and violent people abroad now in society who would have been locked up years ago, before the advent of billionaires connecting with the IRA and the remaining Southern Segregationists to create a new Right Wing Repubican Party, some call the “Tea Party” but real political experts know to be Neo-Fascists. The billionaires fund it through political PACS available in secret since the advent of “Citizens United” in 2010.

These Republican legislators don’t care. The Right Wing billionaires either own corporations outright, like the Kochs, or they are part of investment groups that own control of corporations with as little as 5% of the outstanding stock. This means that they have their own assets, billions, with hundreds of millions in available cash, plus financial power invested in their ownership of companies that provide, in aggregate, tens of millions of jobs. They control the economies of many small communities as well as the political purse strings in many medium sized cities around the country.

Right Wing billionares connect with other groups. Do you think that a billionaire’s daughter, who is, say, in graduate school at Harvard or Yale or Princeton, who does not want a baby to interfere with her life, will not get an abortion at the best medical facility in the country, if they do provide them? Do you thing that her billionaire daddy and mommy will say–oh, no, we are Fundamentalist Christians and we are against abortion. No. They are not against abortion. The hundreds of thousands of dollars they give to anti-Planned Parenthood groups are done so that those militant groups will also, when it is their turn, back the anti-graduated tax plans that would create higher taxes for that billionaire daddy and mommy.

Fascism is about the particular self-interests of one group. It is about getting what you want at no matter what cost to others. Make no mistake about it, Fascism is an ever increasing noose, ever tightening around the neck of society. Trump came in wanting to rid himself of the problem of destitute people, poorer and in more precarious lives than even many in our poorest communities, scrambling to find a way to enter this country. Trump, as usual, wanted to 1. rid himself of that problem, 2. do it quickly and painlessly and, 3. make himself look like a hero. So what did he do? He first tried to taken money from other areas of the government to build a wall all the way across the southern border, which every expert has said wont’ work. That first cost us a lot of money which he had to transfer from the military budget. Then it set off a series of event that caused phony wall builders to embezzle funds from a so-called non-profit group that caused them to be indicted. in other words, Republicans, Fascist-phonies, like Steve Bannon, Right Wing crooks, cheating other Right Wingers. Unbelievable.

But the ultimate tragedy of what Trump did, foolishly and persistently trying to make a stupid idea work, one that should have been abandoned, is what he did to families. At the border, he ordered the border patrol to separate children from their parents, the only reason for which could have been to intimidate the parents into returning to Mexico and south. The result was that thousands of children were separated from their families, and, today, late 2020, as many as 450 families whose children, some toddlers, were separated from parents several years ago can no longer be found. Trump created–totally unnecessarily and for his own political reasons–450 orphans, with all the lifelong anxiety and pain of abandonment that it creates in tiny children. He is scum. And he should never have been elected and should never be allowed to live in the White House again, starting in January 2021.

One of his great mantras, used so often among his campaign followers is: “Lock her up!” Well, we should all be using that mantra now, having seen the damage that this horrible human being can cause. Let him be out of government. And then let our judicial system take a long, hard look at him and those who have enabled him. From what we hear, not long after he is out of government, as the most disgraceful person ever to inhabit the White House, a judge will be issuing the same verdict to the jailers of New York, telling them to “Lock him up!”