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Fascism Is Working. For the Rich.


Have you checked on used car prices lately? Well, if you haven’t–don’t. Used car prices are not only alarming; they are depressing.

But they are only a symbol. They are a symbol of the new Fascism. American Neo-Fascism, after the once-a-century pandemic, that proved that Neo-Fascists–an entire segment of the country under the spell of Right Wing propagandists, paid by the Billionaires–can follow disinformation (which propaganda, the Big Lie is now called) to damage the lives of others in society.

Attacking the Capitol is not the worst part. That is merely the kind of disorderly conduct, punishable by law, that thugs and street toughs have always done. Although “street toughs” is hardly the correct term for these pretenders, these overly fat or extraordinarily skinny losers, in their phony military fatigues, with the signs that they often seem barely strong enough to carry, along with the the clubs that they always carry for protection.

Inflated prices for used automobiles is a sign of other inflated prices…oil, which is being artificially inflated by the handful of oil billlionaires who own majority stock in the dozen or so companies that control U.S. oil prices. Real estate, which is inflated by the housing shortage, which, along with food shortages, has been caused by the owners of major distribution and manufacting organizations. How do we know this?

it is pretty simply in the context of a complex economy. We now have the capacity in the United States, to lower gasoline prices by simply increasing oil production. We are, and since the Obama administration, have been totally self-sufficient in production capacity for our domestic needs. Why haven’t we increased production? Simple. A Texas-anti-American group of oil corporartion owners, again, all Billionaires, has decided that you will pay $3.50, of which that extra dollar goes right into their pockets, than what prices should be–about $2.50 at most.

What about the cars into which that gasoline goes, to drive you to the store or to school or church? The average new car price in 2021 thus far, according to the Kelley Blue Book, is over $42,000. The average used car price is about $25,000, an all-time high. So who benefits? Well, certainly not the average citizen, who, in American society as opposed to the rest of most of the civilized world, needs at least one car and routinely two and (from the looks of most garages on new suburban home) often three cars to operate.

So, is this about inflation? Partly it is. But inflation only affects one segment of society severely. The lower half. So if we take those with under annual family income of $55,000 annually…the lower half…how do these things affect them? $3.50 gas prices, $25,000 used cars, eggs up, heating costs up, prescription prices up, home prices up….all these things, and others, are causing huge damage, sometimes more debt and certainly diminished savings. Do we need savings? Damned right we do. Costs are going up and there are no more good retirement plans. You may have a 401K. But two-thirds of Americans do not. Is your 401K worth more than $96,000, then you have more in it than most Americans, and $96,000, without Social Security and Medicare, will keep you barely in poverty until you die, which will be far closer to retirment than it is with Social Security and Medicare…which the Billionaires claim, innacurately, are going broke. Not even close. But they are trying as hard as they can to get McConnell and the Republicans to find a way to remove all funding from those two life-sustaining plans.

So, if the average man is suffering artificial, for the most part, inflation, and that includes the imbeciles and morons who follow Trump and devotedly listen to the Right Wing soothsayers on radio, most of whom are becoming or have become multi-millionaires themselves by lying to the American people–who benefits? Well, the super-rich of course. The average billionaire not only can never go broke–it is almost impossible–but he or she has no idea what things cost. If you have a thousand million dollars, can you focust on whether bread is $1.50 or $1.99? Of course not. You don’t spend $42,000 on a car. You spend $6.8 million on a private jet. Your entire focus as a billionaire is making and keeping your money. You inherited or made a lot of money and as a Right Wing billionaire your goal is to avoid paying out any of that money except for things that you want, even including giving money to causes that touch you, like cancer research or museum wings. You, the Billionaire will decide where that money goes. Not the government.

And so, how to do that? It is not complicated these days. You simply contact one of hundreds of organizations founded by and for Billionaires, like The American Enterprise institute, or the Cato Institute, or the Mercatus Center, or the Manhattan Institute or the Hoover institution, or Americans for Prosperity, or the American Legislative Exchange Council or FreedomWorks, or any one of a dozen spin offs funded by the Koch-brothers supported Council for National Policy. They’d like to re-write the U.S. Constitution to favor billionaires, even bilionaires who inherited their billions, as the Koch brothers did–oil that just keeps flowing out of the ground, funding their efforts to destroy the Middle Class–millions of Americans families–so that they can keep spending the oil money as they see fit, for themselves, without paying taxes or cleaning up all the oil they spill into your air and water.

So, how do you, as a Billionaire, spend your money? Well, you give it to one or more of the organizations mentioned and they give campaign contributions to politicians who will do their bidding. In the state legislatures that is normally, according to the records of the American Legislative Exchange Council, about 99.9% Republican state legislators. Even in Democratic Illinois, all the leaders of ALEC and almost every single legislator who benefits from their programs (Winter vacations in Marco Island or Palm Springs) for promoting legislation that benefits big corporations is a Republican.

So the Neo-Fascist Republicans are winning. They are using the intial, and current, pandemic-prompted inflation to scare the timid and uneducated, to make the upper end of the wage earning employees (as opposed to capital earnings managers) feel superior and squeeze the average family until they feel agitated. Of course, the answer there is for their Right Wing radio commentators to get on the air and actively assail the poor, the immigrants, the Hispanics and other identifiable nationalities and the Blacks as causing all the problems. How? Too much government spending of course. (Governments raise taxes. Billionaires don’t like taxes.) The only thing Trump did…the only thing of ANY significance at all…was to cut taxes…basically at the very upper end. For Billionaires.

You can call them Righ Wing, or Ultra-Conservatives, or Right Wing Republicans, or Reactionaries. Call them whatever you like. But I call them what they are, by political definition: Neo-Fascists. Literally new Fascists. A new kind of Fascism that benefits the rich in ways that Hitler or Mussolini could never have imagined or there might never have been a World War II. Today’s Neo-Fascists are supported by a far richer group of industrialists, and their divisions in society and their attacks on all the vulnerable groups, Jews, Blacks, the poor, the elderly, the homeless, the average poor working family, and, of course, women and children are far more subtle and are relentless. The attacks are delivered by Fox News and hundreds of radio commentators, by broadcasters such as Sinclair and virtually all the (Billionaire owned and supported) radio networks.

They don’t want to attack other countries…Mexico or Canada…even though they do not like Mexicans and dislike the Liberal policies of most Canadians. They have a country and a population right here that they attack daily, dividing the ignorant from the educated, the compassionate from the selfish and the equitable from the bigoted. One certain sign of victory is that a dozen Right Wing radio commentators have given their lives to promoting the idea that the vaccines for Covid are worthless or dangerous. The Billionaires don’t care. They paid these people to say these things and the fact that they died as a result is just the cost of doing business. The business of designing and promoting a two-tier, divided society, fighting against itself needlessly so that Billionaires can keep money that most do not even know that they have.

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