Home General Health Care Wars, Part III: It’s All About the Money.

Health Care Wars, Part III: It’s All About the Money.


In an earlier post, “Democrat or Republican, Here’s How to See Health Care” we examined health care from a company’s perspective. Let’s suppose you decided to start a health care company. A “for-profit” company rather than a non-profit. So, we looked at that in probably the most benign way possible. From a relatively simple operation, trying to do the right thing, it becomes very clear, very quickly that health care insurance is a losing proposition. What you need to do is insure healthy people, not sick people. So the business, of its very nature, quickly becomes one of denying as much care as you legitimately and ethically can. And according to what Wendell Potter outlines in this segment of an interview with Bill Moyers, it eventually becomes the driving principle of the company.

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