Is Lou Dobbs, Like Other Republicans, Simply a Thinly-Veiled Racist?


After watching a few of the Lou Dobbs interviews and commentary lately, it is pretty clear that he has some serious problems with immigration. Dobbs has long been an advocate, as many are, for much stronger immigration policies. As a result, many people, Hispanics especially, began to fire back at him about racism. But was that true? Don’t we have a serious problem with illegal immigration? Well, let’s take a look.

According to government statistics, there were 11.6 million unauthorized immigrants living in the United States in January 2006. The vast majority of those were from Mexico. Of the total, 57% are from Mexico, 4% are from Guatemala and El Salvador and 2% percent from Honduras. The rest were from such places as Indonesia, the Philippines, Korea, China, Vietnam and India.

Of course, we make our borders a priority slightly higher than steroids in baseball, and by the same Senators, who should be focusing on it like a laser instead of running stupid campaigns for President to satisfy their egos and their wives egos. We have people from Latin America pouring across our southern border every day, landing in some Latino community, being protected, and coming in such numbers that there is no way they will be able to remain. That means, of course, that there will be an over-reaction. That is what we always do. The roughly 45 million Hispanic-Americans in this country will ineviably go through a great deal of pain because our politicians have waited too long…Democrats included equally…to bring some order to the situation.

So is Dobbs merely anti-Hispanic for spending so much time and accomplishing so little while focusing on this issue? Let’s see how he discusses the issue:

Sounds pretty reasonable, doesn’t it? Well now, did that sound racist? Is there anything wrong with raising worker wages? Does anyone want to let corporations keep lowering the wage rate while CEOs make 400 times the average wage, making the income inequality spread even greater? It seems unlikely that many people are in favor of that. Well, this is the problem with Lou Dobbs. He tracks an issue that is literally costing California billions and closing their hospitals and schools, and yet he cannot come to terms with the idea of a black President. Why is that so difficult to accept?

The problem is that the only people remaining who haven’t said that it is nuts, are the nuttly extreme Right Wingers…and Lou Dobbs. Here he is on that topic.

People who watch him seem to be turned off by his attacks on the President as part of the idiotic “birthers” program. When you show someone’s birth certificate on line, on television and in person to anyone who is willing to show up to Hawaii, then it becomes too preposterous for even the semi-news shows like Dobbs, Beck and Hannity. But they continue to pursue it.

Dobbs credibility, we are told has evaporated over this issue. But the question still remains, how much evidence is there that a man may be pursuing Hispanic-Americans because of racist tendencies? It is bad enough to have Fox News, an avowed racist organization, showing clips from “Barack the Magic Negro” over and over again. But Dobbs is much more noted for what might be anti-hispanic tendencies than for simulating the famous Seinfeld “Mom & Pop” episode, where Elaine asks Jerry if he believes that Mom and Pop moved their shoe shop to that neighborhood 48 years earlier just so that they could steal his tennis shoes. “Apparently” was his answer.

So why would a man, seemingly so sincere on immigration be so irrational on the subject of the President’s birth certificate, which you can see, by the way at Is he racist when it comes to Blacks but sincere but aggressive against Hispanic-Americans? Difficult to say, but several things we do know.

1. There are still a lot of Right Wing crazies out there. Simply people who are slightly demented who happen to be Republicans or are used by the Karl Roves of the GOP to do weird stuff.

2. The Republican Party itself has no core of people who can stand up against the party leadership. Someone like Senator Lugar of Indiana, an extremely bright and wise man, seems to have no influence, while a clear fool like Senator DeMint of South Carolina gets the spotlight and makes a fool of himself with his obviously bigoted attitude.

3. The Republican Party is becoming the party of shouters, screamers, radicals, religious fanatics, criminals, embezzlers, corrupt politicians, corrupt lobbyists, monopolistic CEOs, selfish health care insurers, vicious columnists and radio personalities, and sex deviants.

Maybe Lou Dobbs, compared to all the others in his Party, isn’t so bad after all.