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It is time to vote.

If you need more information, real information, you probably locked yourself into a meat freezer for the duration of the Covid crisis. But Here’s a brief example of the Trump campaign, as expressed by what we call “Neo-Fascists” not Republicans, because they simply spread sometimes ridiculous propaganda instead of doing their jobs in government.

The Washington Post: President Trump boasted last week that he beat covid-19 because he is “a perfect physical specimen.” Sen. Kelly Loeffler (R-Ga.) distributed a video of Trump at WrestleMania, tackling and beating up a man with a coronavirus particle superimposed over his head.

“President Trump won’t have to recover from COVID,” Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) wrote on Twitter. “COVID will have to recover from President Trump.”

This is the level to which the Trump campaign has sunk. Having him roll around the floor with wrestlers. We all know, by the way, that, given Trump’s diet, the fact that he is clinically obese, according to physicians not beholden to him for a paycheck and get almost no exercise–he might not even live out a second term.

Trump also said that while NBC gave him an hour opposite Joe Biden, which, of course, diminishes the challenger, Biden’s chances to get maximum audience, Trump continued to rail at the media, calling the owner of NBC “Con-cast” instead of its real name “Comcast.” In the meantime, Rudy Giuliani apparently hopes to de-rail the Biden campaign by attacking Biden’s son Hunter Biden, an acknowledged drug-dependent in the past, for his past associations.

Meanwhile, the media reporters have not learned from their past mistakes–having given Trump, according to independent media analysts, approximately $2 billion–that’s right, with a “B” in free media coverage in 2016. This year it seems to be a non-stop raising of the question about whether Joe Biden will or will not raise the number of Supreme Court justices from 9 to 11. It is an absurd, obscure question. Biden has said that he will not even consider it, if he does at all, until after the election–because it isn’t even in the top ten issues!

in the meantime, Trump now says that he will lower drug prices by giving everyone a $200 credit card to go to the drug store. He says that, despite the fact he just had McConnell rig the appointment of a new court justice and he is in court trying to get Obamacare repealed, he blatantly lies every day and no Trump supporter–and millions of those will lose health coverage–says, “He’s a liar and now I won’t vote for him.” Why do they stick with him? There is only two conclusions: raw stupidity or racism.

Biden’s no bargain. Is that what you want to hear me say? Well, you’re wrong on both counts. Biden is a bargain. He’s a man who has obviously made a personal fortune, not a lot by conventional standards but more than the average man. He’s smarter than the average man, and he has investment counselors who are smarter than the average man. And there are many, many ways that a Senator can make money, although Joe Biden was one of, if not the poorest Senators while he was there. Biden has worked tirelessly and is deep into the details of law enforcement. He has said that he wants to modernize it and bring much better social interface, better sentencing (learning from his own very stringent policies of the past) and reducing crime by reducing whatever social programs can do to stop gangs and drug-money in the inner cities.

The world is awash in critical situations. Just take one, but there are dozens. In the Middle East, where, no matter what they say, Arab countries cannot like Trump’s Israel policy. The way to end antagonisms in the Middle East and make friends with Arabs, is to finance a Renaissance in Gaza and other parts of Palestine where Palestinians will have a real chance. We need to make life more equitable first, and then let people with jobs and homes and businesses, intelligent people, stop fighting with pop-guns and tiny rockets and fight for their rights with economic power. Israel has become the bully, because in their righteous search for peace, the Right Wing has gone too far, taken advantage of the world’s sufficiency of Palestinian attacks on Israeli citizens. It is time to forget everything but building up the Palestinian economy, helping poor children and building a small country that can be expanded through international law.

Rather than doing any of this, Trump has taken us back 20 years in Middle Eastern diplomacy. He’s probably spoiled it for the next 8 years as well. Domestically, if his and McConnell’s 2021 budget is approved, there will be catastrophe visited upon the country’s poor. About 50 million Americans will suffer. Another 20 million Americans, my estimate, could fall under the economic definition of poverty, an income of less than about $23,000 a year.

It is astonishing that a billionaire who recently bought a third or fourth home, a four-story apartment in a luxury building in downtown Chicago for $52 million, then spent $47 million of his leftover pocket money to try to defeat a Fair Tax proposal that would raise his state taxes by something like 3 percent, can get a tax cut from Trump, but social services for little children, lacking adequate food, reduced food stamps, and people out of work with Covid-19 can’t afford their COBRA payments (double what they paid when employed.)

What is wrong with this country? Very simple. Racism leading to all-Republican state legislatures in the South–Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, North and South Carolina, Mississippi, Kentucky Arkansas, Tennessee, Virginia and West Virginia, and Texas, with a Republican/Fascist governor who set up one ballot box for a county of over 4 million people. Do you think that will handle all the minorities in that area? The vote rigging is going on all over the country, with the Republican Attorneys General leading the way on phony voter-fraud initiatives and legal challenges to our very way of life.

The answer is: get the hell out and vote and find others to vote with you. Vote Democratic and persuade everyone you can to vote Democratic. We haven’t even begun to touch on what could happen if you don’t.

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