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Why Tea Party Participants Are Nobodies, Like Most Americans


We are seeing a lot of people with signs running around Washington, D.C. complaining about Nancy Pelosi and President Obama, calling them liars, asking for their “freedom” back, complaining about taxes (even though, of all industrialized nations, we have the lowest taxes in the world) and spewing out hate speech of all kinds. Who are these citizens? These are people who have a myriad of complaints about society that are fueled by emotion….gays, assorted religious issues, and other issues propagated by special interests. They are nobodies, and we’ll explain why.

The tea  party participants are nobodies. Yep, nobodies. A lot of sound and fury, signifying nothing. They are worse than nothing, because they are merely confusing the issue, some showing that they are merely racists. Others do not want your daughter to have an abortion while they reserve the right to change their minds if their law-school-bound daughter says that she does not want to have the baby. Or they may be nobodies marching against gay marriage. Well, let’s take gay marriage.

If tea party protesters are so concerned, why not get some legitimate science that tells us that homosexual humans are not ruled by their physiology but by emotion. Then we could change their feelings to make them straight. Certainly no straight person wants to be gay. Probably few gay people want to be gay. No sensible person says that they would like to adopt a lifestyle that has been ridiculed, hated, monitored, debated, scandalized, legislated against and for which people have been murdered. So why would anyone do it? Science has thus far determined that homosexuality is not a choice. Therefore, as law abiding citizens (even if nobodies) let’s act like law abiding citizens and make accommodations for homosexuality in a rational way. These are our fellow citizens, many of whom have fought and died for this country. Yes, we could do without silly gay-pride parades, but hey….

Another non-expressed tea party issue is abortion. Abortion is either murder or it isn’t. Unless there is an intent to kill, at worst it would be manslaughter. People, and particularly doctors doing what they believe is right, do not get the death penalty for manslaughter. If it is the taking of a human life, then that flies in the face of the certainty of almost every non-fundamentalist-evangelist scientist, which also includes most doctors (who at least understand science.) So abortion is not the killing of an “unborn baby” unless you can a.) prove that there is a God and then b.) prove that there is a God who who says life at conception is sacred, or c.) science can prove that a group of cells without a brain, or nervous system or any single indication is, in fact, a “baby.” If not, or if there is a substantial question of proof (rather than the overwhelming scientific proof which there now is) that this random group of cells is a living, reacting human being at a time when science has said it is NOT yet a baby, then it is probably better for now to let individual citizens have their freedom. Freedom is not something abstract, with no rules. You do not have the right to restrict others in society simply because you are a follower of one or another of the hundreds or so remaining ancient religious myths simply because you, like all of us, do not want to die.

Back to the nobodies. Why are they nobodies? Is that meant to be simply an insult? No. Even though they are rude, crude and insulting in their manner of expression, they are not nobodies even as they waste their time on foolish issues. They are following the tradition of many of these protests, trying to be satiric but ending up merely being insulting. They are nobodies because nobody…that is this group PLUS almost everybody in this country…everyone…has no voice. No one of any importance cares what they say. The important people can wipe out the voices of these people in one hour. In one hour the six powerful individuals…and according to current law, corporations are individuals, only individuals with special protections…can reach hundreds of millions of people at least 120 times. They can carve up an hour into 120 30-second commercials and obliterate the message, if there is a message, of those, probably no more than 2,000 at most FreedomWorks suckers.

By the way, they are less than nobodies for another reason. FreedomWorks is actually a lobbying group for the cable communications and the wireless industry. Populist Daily has documented it before. If you Google FreedomWorks you will see that it is a joint venture of two former lobbying groups, paid for by super-wealthy, huge corporations in the communications industry. It is almost certain that the reason FreedomWorks…which cares nothing about health care reform one way or another…is holding tea parties is to gather as many names as possible to their mailing lists. They want all the whackos on their lists, the ones who will march blindly for a cause that is antithetical to their own best interests.

Here’s the point. If I can get you to march and shout out “Down with me!” how wonderful is that when it comes time to lock up whatever you watch on television for my company! And I can do it by telling you, without saying it, that I also hate blacks, jews, gays, hispanics, Catholics, Liberals, and anyone who agrees with them. Once I have tens of millions of you on my list, I will come into your community and say that the big bad cable company that is currently signed up with your local town is being given special privileges by your mayor or village manager. No proof of course. But I don’t need proof because I will now be your friend from FreedomWorks who got you to march for whatever I was able to persuade you, in your ignorance and bigotry, was best for you…even though it was not. We will make the village the villian. And the new “free” or “cheap” (for a while) service will be the Savior. These people like that word, Savior. I, FreedomWorks, already know that you are dumb enough to vote against what is in your best interests, as long as I couch it in the language that you like.

Oh, yes, the same fools who voted to get $600 per year tax breaks when multi-millionaires got $43,0000 PER MILLION are the ones I want on my list. The ones who never asked about the reasons for war, or why we didn’t help the people of New Orleans (a large number were black) or why we didn’t know about 9/11 if it was from the same guys who attacked us before in the same building. I want the tea party people who ignored those warnings and ignored the $5 trillion in Bush-Cheney debt added to pay for the wars and tax cuts for the wealthy…I want those people on my list. I, FreedomWorks, want the ones by merely attending the tea parties might as well have been wearing signs saying …”I am so dumb I am campaigning against myself.” If I can hold on to these, then I can make tens of billions because they have shown that they do not understand when they are voting against themselves. Otherwise it will be tough to come into a town and get the elected representatives, unless we can corrupt all of them, to do something that will ultimately get them fired.

Right now, there is a battle for control of the message in the United States of America. It is not happening between Democrats and Republicans, and certainly not between the small band of tea party members and the rest of society. The struggle is between a group of single-minded and very wealthy corporate executives at the very top of a certain number of industries and the rest of American society. Two examples: $4.00 per gallon gasoline and $14,000 per year health insurance. There is a group that extends beyond just these two industries…and they are hugely wealthy and extremely powerful. They all know one another and they feed off one another to keep their wealth, to pass it on, and to create a new kind of society. They don’t like unions and they definitely don’t like Liberals because Liberals understand it in a way that the tea party dupes do not. The tea party group has been blinded from the truth. They, too, are sitting on a knife’s edge of truly losing their freedom, not merely their preposterous rants about taxes and health care and gay marriage that they somehow equate with losing “freedom.”

Six major corporations control what you read, what you see, what you are allowed to know. Six corporations tell you what those in control want you to feel. This is not military or state-police controlled totalitarianism. This is economic totalitarianism, where control of the message persuades the less educated or those who cannot get control of the facts that they should vote to give 45% of all communications to one company! Or that wars are good and those without health care are lazy and stupid and deserve what they get. They don’t say it, but does anyone deny that this is the message of the anti-health-care lobby? Who are these people who are against health care reform, for example? Let’s take just one person. Rep. John Boehner of Ohio, leader of the Republicans in the House of Representatives. He was, and perhaps still is, an advocate, hugely paid by the tobacco companies in campaign funds to follow the lead of the tobacco lobby. 500,000 people a year die of tobacco-caused maladies of one sort or another. He not only led the way in trying to pass pro-tobacco industry legislation. He even encouraged legislators to smoke! This is the guy leading the fight against health care reform. How many times must you be hit over the head with a baseball bat to see the next swing coming?

Six major corporations control the messages, the delivery and the content. All six are conservative, although they do not want you to know it, and all six want to make sure that you the last little piece of your ability to learn the truth..the Internet…is tiered for them. The battle lines are drawn up around “net neutrality.” The six big corporations and others want to control the distribution of messages. It is about wealth and greed. It is about the power to control the message to people like the tea partiers. It is all about enormous profits and the control of the message. That is our next post.

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