Health Insurance Companies Are Literally Killing Americans.


Why do we need health care reform? There are 50 million people, many who have incomes, jobs, homes and children in schools who need access to affordable health care. These are not homeless people, although we have too many homeless as well. These are average middle-class Americans who, because of a job loss, or an illness, or an accident leading to increased health costs are being denied coverage or offered coverage at rates that are beyond the budgets of all but the very wealthy.

People like Sarah Palin are out on the stump, telling people that her child would be euthanized in a health care system, which is not only not true, it is an outrageous statement, the kind of lie that should warrant prison time because of the influence it may have on people to work against their own best interests. She should be sanctioned for statements like that, as should be Glen Beck, Hannity, O’Reilly, Coulter and Limbaugh….all lying in order to make people vote against their own best interests and in favor of the kinds of health insurance executives whom you will see in the following video.

Sick For Profit