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Rove Versus Obama. Whom Do You Believe About Health Care?


Karl Rove is the guy who brought you the Swift Boaters and  an attempt to have the Justice Department indict political candidates without reason and who did get Governor Seligman of Alabama indicted, and jailed, on trumped up charges that are still being battled in the courts.  He says that health care will be regulated, with a bureaucrat determining what care you will have. He says it will be rationed. He says it will bankrupt the country, take medical decisions out of the hands of families and reduce the quality of health care. Who supports his point of view? Newt Gingrich who was not only the one who kept us from having health care last time, but is also heading up a complete lobbying group against public health care this time. So those, plus, all the Republican Senators who kept you from getting health care the first time and kept the children of poor families from getting health until you voted the  Democrats into power in the House of Representatives in 2006. On their side are all the big health insurance companies, the hospital groups and the pharmaceutical companies…all those making huge profits from the current system. They do not want it to change. If it does, they will lose a lot of money and you will finally have a really good, inexpensive health care plan that you cannot lose. 

Of course the same people who want to kill health care for the people, who bring up all these red herrings to confuse and conflict what is a simple choice are the Republicans. These are the same people who gave tax breaks, twice, to the rich for eight years that would be annually 3 times greater than the slight increases they would have to pay under the new system. The same people who  let Arabs attack us on our own shore, started an unnecessary war in Iraq, nearly bankrupted the country, bailed out the banks,  ran up an $11 trillion national debt, made Goldman Sachs executives wealthy and made sure that you and I and the Democratic Congress couldn’t stop them.

Who is on the other side…on your side? President Obama, Senator Kennedy, who has been fighting for health care forever, other Democratic Senators and Nancy Pelosi, Stenny Hoyer, and the other Democratic House members. Hillary Clinton who fought for health care in the 90s and was defeated. Representative Henry Waxman, and Representatives, Markey, Clybourn, Miller, Frank, Kucinich, and many others who have tried so long to bring the public a reliable, affordable health care plan.  Now the American Medical Association, and the roughly 16,000 members of the Physicians for a National Health Plan, the American Association of Family Physicians plus the osteopathic physicians–in all about 300,000 physicians. And the Unions and the national nurses associations, and the AARP. So all the people who say we should put this into effect and say that is will pay for itself, will not cause disruptions and will, in fact, be a fantastic new program to help American families…all these people, who have shown their willingness to help the American people…are on the side of the President’s and the Democrtic Party’s health care plans. Don’t be fooled.

Get in the fight today. You can bet that Karl Rove has his people on the march. They will be phoning, visiting, Emailing every Senator and Congress person over and over. We need to take the fight to them. Call or write your senator now! This is the most important political fight of our lifetime. Don’t lose the chance for a brighter tomorrow.

 All these Republican statements are lies. They are lies because the Republicans know better. The experience across all universal health care delivery systems contradicts all these statements. It is not complicated. There are international organizations that keep track of this. Anyone can find the information on the Internet. There are individual, anecdotal bits of information that are used by Republicans to

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