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Tea Parties for People Dumber than Dubya.


Tea Parties. Can you believe it? Take a look at the video, and,  if you have time, look at the underlying video with the girl standing in front of the public building in Philadelphia. That one is a hoot!

Here’s why these people are “dumb” which we shouldn’t say, but then, should we not have screamed “Dumb! Dumb!” when people were voting for Bush? It would have saved us so much grief, including  $6 trillion additional debt, a nascent Depression, 4,500 American lives and these very “tea parties.”  First of all, these are not spontaneous tea parties. More on that later. But did you see the signs and hear the people?

They want  “Liberty.” If they didn’t have complete and total liberty, would they be holding a protest in front of the White House complaining about what they mistakenly think are socialist policies of the President? Another sign said “Liberty, a stimulus we can afford.” First of all, liberty in this country has  nothing to do with the state of the economy. It has always been purchased with American lives.  Virtually, all the lives lost in Afghanistan and Iraq were poor or middle class kids  who volunteered, while our President and Vice President were no shows when their time came. The President literally deserted and hid out in Alabama.  I assure you, all these people voted for him anyway. So much for Neocon concern for “liberty.”

Were these parties spontaneous? Well if you look at the video, the first person to talk with the bullhorn is Michelle Malkin. She is a paid operative of several Right Wing organizations and has been a commentator and guest host on FOX NEWS. (Fair and balanced.) Is she objective? She is proud of the fact that she was called the “Asian Ann Coulter” though not proud of the “Asian” part for some reason, stating that she is not Asian. OK. Her parents, the Maglalangs,  were Filipinos going to school here on visas when she just happened to be born in Philadelphia, oops (they couldn’t count?) and as a result is an American. She looks Asian to me. What’s wrong with being Asian or Philippine? Asians are very highly respected.

Was she behind these tea parties? Well, one of her books is called “Unhinged: Liberals Gone Wild!” Nice title for a book if you are one of those guys who gets his kicks watching young girls get drunk in Florida and take their tops off.  Not the appropriates title for a Neocon to write, considering the Mark Foley pedophile situation, the David Vitter prostitution deal, and the “I’m not gay” Senator Craig-in-the-bathroom situation.  Liberals gone wild? Hillary? Pelosi? Obama? Harry Reid? I DON’T THINK SO!

How about the guy in the white t-shirt talking on the megaphone. Did you notice that he started out by saying “we have been able to put together 50 or 60 that I know of now…” and then rattles off a list that he obviously knew very well. Then he caught himself and said that these people all went out and organized these parties on their own. Well, maybe. Is he an independent person?

His name is Brandon Steinhauser, a Texan, not someone from Washington D.C., who works for FreedomWorks, Dick Armey’s political action group that has as its goals–to privatize Social Security, to further DE-regulate financial markets and other government regulations, like protecting your food, to create “tort reform” which is good if you are a doctor, especially a bad one, or a major healthcare or oil or tobacco company…but not if you are one of their victims.  So, here is Dick Armey’s chief counter-protester–he generally goes to rallies trying to break up rallies that support progressive legislation. Did he just happen to be passing by? And got the megaphone because of his good looks and his fashionable attire? Or did he, as he let slip, organize 50 of these things, with obvious help from FOX NEWS and other Right Wingers?

Then, of course, there was the obligatory reference to France. Sign that said: “Welcome to France.” Anyone who knows anything about France would wonder why anyone would hold up such a sign. The French have the best healthcare in the world, better than our own U.S. Senators, better than our top executives. It is not true that they come here for healthcare. On the contrary, many Americans go there for certain procedures. In addition, the French have better unemployment, better retirement, free education, longer vacations,  more holidays and better food by far. The only thing that limits them is geography.

Who was it…P.T. Barnum…who said that you will never go broke by underestimating the intelligence of the American people? Fifty percent of the country voted, not once but twice, for an ignorant, lazy, incompetent, barely articulate President because he had the same name as a former President.

Now we have “tea parties” brought to you by the same people who promoted and supported that bonehead. Fox News and the Neocon-Republican Party have somehow prevailed on a number of citizens to either leave their jobs or temporarily shut down their businesses to show up for anti-tax rallies.(By the way, there were all kinds of incentives…prizes, awards for showing up. Who paid for all those?) Unless you make over $250,000 per year, this is the dumbest thing you could do. Here’s why:

Barack Obama took office in January 2009 with a country in deep crisis. We had over $11 trillion in debt and for the year 2009 already had another trillion-dollar debt from a financial catastrophe that was caused by total administrative collapse by a government that had been staffed for years by incompetent political hacks, Right Wing religious nuts appointed by Stupid and his bionic sidekick, Dick the Obscure. The point is…none of this had anything at all to do with Obama.

In fact, in October 2008 Hank Paulson told the House and the Senate and Dopey and Doc that if they did not act immediately–before Obama took office–the world financial markets would implode and countries would suffer enormous hardships…huge unemployment, governments unable to pay their workers, international commerce brought to a complete halt. And they were right. So we loaned banks $350 billion. But typically there was next to no oversight. So now we are trying to figure out where the money went and how we are going to recover it for the government.

The people who put in the people who caused the crisis and who set up the lending of the $350 billion are the same people who brought you the former President and Vice President who wasted $6 trillion in 8 years in office and the same people who are running these tea parties. And, once again, a lot of really nearsighted middle-class people are walking themselves off a cliff. Why? Because Obama already signed into the stimulus bill a major tax cut for middle class Americans. And he will let the tax cuts for millionaires expire.

These people have been sold a bill of goods by the Neocons. Their only job and only purpose in life…what they get paid to do…is to further enrich the rich.  There is evidence of it everywhere you look. In the underlying video the principal question is simply whether President Obama was born in the United States…Hawaii. He has produced his birth certificate numerous times. Many reporters have seen it  and reported on it, yet these fools still are either convinced or still wonder if he was born in the United States and is therefore eligible to be President.

Many, many economists, Nobel Laureates, wonder if we are actually stimulating the economy enough. Will we be in debt forever? Emphatically no. This is a straw man raised by the right to distract us from the fact that they have not one rational suggestion for governing. Their guru is Rush Limbaugh.  The proof of what we need to do is that in the Great Depression, we stimulated the economy  but did not come out of the Depression until the massive spending of  1941-1945. That gigantic investment of public funds dropped unemployment to about 1.5%. And after the war our intelligent taxation policies eliminated all that debt in a few years while the economy boomed for thirty years.

These tea parties are a feeble attempt by a failing Party, a dying political philosophy and a discredited bunch of propagandists to regain some power. Thank God that perhaps–if the indications of the last two elections are any barometer–we can at last stop underestimating the intelligence of the American people.

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