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A Formula for Democratic Victory Using the Swing States


In the United States today, the political map is very brightly and distinctly colored red and blue. The blue states run along both seaboards and in the upper Midwest. The red states are clearly the old slave states and segregation states of the traitorous Confederacy, and whose defiant response to their humiliating and impoverishing defeat in the Civil War is still reflected in their obsession with football, guns, war. and racism.

The blue states on the other hand, have been characterized by civility, higher education, a constant conscience about and attempt at tolerance, a true patriotism and a sense that we as a country are not alone in the world but should not attempt to bully the world when we become involved.

The Southern states obsess about religion, while mixing guns and politics and race with a rather flimsy theology. The Northern states have converted to science and reason and therefore address social problems with more difficulty while trying to adhere to true Christian principles of brotherhood, tolerance and forgiveness. The South talks about religion passionately but lives with hatred and hypocrisy. The North lives religion, but only intermittently, with occasional waves of good will amid its own sea of hypocrisy.

The political map takes all this into consideration while counting votes. It should be noted that in most states the difference between winners and losers in this battle of differing political philosophies is less than ten percentage points. In the recent recall election against a diabolical governor of Wisconsin, whom, we now know, has worked for large corporations as a member of ALEC rather than the citizens of Wisconsin…even such a Neo-Fascist…trying to undermine the will of Wisconsin citizens for pure greed and to keep his political job…won an election with 52% of the vote versus about 48% of the vote against him.

Those numbers are not close by election standards. He was calculated to win early in the evening, whereas a close election–which would be something less than a 4% spread would have gone past midnight before the indication of a winner could be announced.

So after something like a million and a half signatures were gathered…more than the previous vote against him…to turn him out, one would imagine that a man who in a video that he would “divide and conquer” Wisconsin workers in order to break up the power of unions would have had 70% of the workers in Wisconsin against him. But apparently he did not. While stating on video tape that he would try to make Wisconsin a “Right to Work” state, he still won.

So the battle in many states is not all or nothing. Although it may as well be all-or-nothing in places like Alabama and Mississippi. The level of ignorance in those states, which the few affluent want to continue indefinitely, is so great and the volume of hate-and-fear propaganda is so high that they will probably never recover their humanity, their jobs, their vote and their rightful place in society. Too many people are working to hold them down. Pitting black versus white is still a common practice in some areas of the Deep (…ly ignorant) South.

The areas on which the Democrats must focus in 2012 are the big swing states. There are about 12 key states that will determine the election. These are states that do not have that dominant 52 to 54 percent or more advantage to one Party or the other. Right now the key undecided states seem to be Florida, Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Wisconsin.

President Obama can win right now with the states of Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Wisconsin. Other states are well in his camp. Even if Romney wins all the other states not already heavily one way or the other, he cannot win. President Obama won all these states in 2008 and more, including North Carolina and Florida. That was against a very popular Republican candidate, Senator John McCain. This time, the President is running against a very unpopular candidate, Mitt Romney.

Let’s understand one thing. The polls tell us nothing. Many of the poll companies, like the media conglomerates, are owned by Right Wing billionaires. The media will not tell you but the people whom you meet every day tell you the same thing repeatedly. Except for the hard core Republican conservatives who will simply vote for the Party, very few Republicans like Romney or like the idea that he bought the nomination with money from his friends on Wall Street.

The swing states are important because with only approximately five or six states on which they need to focus, the Democrats can concentrate their smaller resources into areas of smaller population where the Republicans huge financial advantage will make much less difference. Romney really has no advantages. He is not popular in the South. He lost in the Georgia primary.

Santorum won Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Oklahoma. Gingrich won Georgia and South Carolina. What does this tell you? It tells you that North Carolina, if it is like South Carolina and other southern states is not going to come out heavily for Romney. That could make a difference in a swing state, like South Carolina or Florida, even though Romney did win in Florida. Yes, that will bring out the hard core Republicans. But it may not bring out the vote to prevent the Congress from switching to Democratic in 2013.

The President and the Democratic Party will get the truth to many people this fall. That will make a huge difference because the truth is that the Republicans, even up to the 23rd of July, when they again voted against yet another jobs bill, have been obstructing recovery and playing politics with jobs and the economy.

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