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A New Era


As I write this, we are on the brink of a new political era in the United States. This will be the Obama Era. What will it be and how will it affect our lives?This is the big question. Even though circumstances will largely intervene to determine the long-term outlook,  we can make some observations.

We will have some period of adjustment. Our economy is weaker than at any time since the early 1930s, thanks to the outgoing Bush Administration.We will not be free of all the Neocon influences immediately. Literally thousands of political appointees still infest various departments of government, such as Interior, Justice, and the GSA, where Karl Rove is accused of using the department’s Intranet connection to try to persuade members of the department to go out and work on the campaigns of Republican law makers in their area.  Of course, this is a direct violation of government guidelines.

We need to get out of Iraq and focus on finding and destroying terrorist networks. We need to find and kill Osama Bin Laden

After we have done the basics to bring the economy under control and restore equilibrium–jobs and mortgages and education–we will watch as the Obama Administration begins to change the very nature of society. It is already clear that the President intends to create a more egalitarian society, one that is less confrontational and one based less on those ideologies that divide us and more on those daily family needs that unite us.

Clean water, clean air, access to a good education, universal, reasonably pricedhealth care, respect and assistance to veterans, a solidified, long-term  retirement system, a new world view, seeking other nations as friends and partners, and restoration of an economy that provides job opportunities here in the United States.

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