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Americans Aren’t Stupid–Just Crazy!


This is a message for Americans who would vote for the Corporatists. No..actually, it is more like a rant against these dangerously ignorant voters.

Are Americans stupid who would vote for a Senator like Sharron Angle, who would–among other things–try to privatize the Veterans’ Administration?

Are Americans stupid who would vote for a Senator like Rand Paul, who would hire a bunch of thugs to beat up on women demonstrators?

Or have they gone slightly mad? Why would they vote against veterans who have given so much or vote for civil disruption?

Are Americans stupid who would rail against Nancy Pelosi, who pushed through health care reform in spite of $400 million spent by the health insurance industry to protect their profits and deny you coverage?

(And if she had been able to pass her own version, you would have a public option and insurance pools that would start in January. That means that your health insurance would improve and costs drop by about 30% almost immediately.)

If you are one of those voters, who prefers John Boehner, who wants to virtually shut down government, repeal health care and turn Wall Street loose again on your 401K and move your jobs overseas…are you stupid or have you gone slightly batty? Well, here’s the answer.

You’re stupid if you listen to Rush Limbaugh. He makes $40 million a year touting the Right Wing messages that you somehow ignore while he persuades you that President Obama, who went to high school in Hawaii, went to college in California and New York, went to law school in Boston and resides in Chicago…has “Kenyan political tendencies”…whatever those might be. You can be assured that this fathead Rush Limbaugh hasn’t the faintest idea what that means, if it means anything at all!

Are you stupid to vote for a man like Joe Miller? He’s a West Point graduate, a graduate of Yale Law School, and has a master’s degree in political science from the University of Alaska, yet he doesn’t know the basics of government. He says the Constitution is immutable, unchangeable…yet we have changed it numerous times.

Miller says that we cannot legislate mandates on the American people, and as a trained professional attorney from Yale Law School and with a graduate degree in politics….does not recall even the simplest mandates…like universal military conscription…or equal educational opportunities for all races? How stupid can you be? And…oh yes….taxes. Try not paying those and see what happens. And what does it say about our institutions of higher education that he has degrees from these institutions? A fourth grader would know these things.

Christine O’Donnell of Delaware says that she is not sure that there is a clear distinction between church and state. So, if there is not…then which religion is the state religion? And what if for some reason as dumb as electing a completely unqualified and clearly not-very-bright, immature woman who experimented with witchcraft, if–equally dumb–we decided at some point on Islam as our state religion? Depending on the version of Islam…if you steal, they cut off your hand. If you commit adultery or are even accused of it, they stone you to death in the public square. Women cannot be educated nor can they go out in public without the burka. How would that work for Christine O’Donnell? Still want a state-religion combo?

There is a reason that we have a Democracy. (And it IS a Democracy, dummie. A Republic is a form of Democracy. Go back to high school.)

If we elect these people and on top of cynical, power-hungry Nazis already in the Congress like Darrell Issa or Mike Pence…crooks who want to take away your freedoms and give them to corporations and other very rich or powerful people like themselves…then…yes…you are crazy. Being crazy is doing the same irrational act repeatedly always thinking that it is rational.

Here is a simple proposition to determine if you can add 2 + 2 and get 4. We are in a huge recession and we have $13 trillion in debt…$8 trillion of it caused…and this is acknowledged…you can’t deny the numbers…during the Bush Administration. We have a choice. We can renew Bush tax cuts which will give millionaires and billionaires tax reductions of $120,000 on every million of income, every year. It will cost us $4 trillion in additional debt. We would pay for it by reducing Social Security benefits and charging more to senior citizens for Medicare. Or we can cancel the Bush tax cuts and reduce our national debt by $4 trillion, come close to balancing the budget and bring the country out of the Recession.

If you vote for the Republican, you vote to keep the tax cuts for billionaires, add to the national debt and assure the reduction of Social Security benefits. Democrats would cut the deficit, keep Social Security benefits secure and tax billionaires in amounts they would never miss nor could never spend. Now do the math. Is it so frickin’ difficult to add a simple two plus two…is it…really?

Electing people who are clearly lying–like Republican California Senatorial Candidate Carly Fiorina who says she wants to create jobs but sent 30,000 jobs overseas to pay for her $100 million bonus from Hewlett-Packard–are being supported financially by the very people who gave us the Recession. They are the same who gave us the 15 million job losses and shipped jobs to India and China and started two wars and cut taxes for millionaires and billionaires while growing a $13 trillion national debt. Then they outrageously and preposterously blamed it on the man on whom they dumped the entire huge mess as he walked through the door as President. If you vote for people like that…well…you must be crazy.

Because that….that…is beyond stupidity. It is nuts.

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