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Are Neocon Republicans in Danger of Becoming a Pathetic Joke?


Let’s get right to the point. If Rush Limbaugh is the leader of your political party, what do you expect? If a man who sang “Barack the Magic Negro” on his program during the last Presidential campaign…so racist, such a chauvinist that he makes past chauvinism seem like gentlemanly manners, such a propagandist, a druggie, a man who flies to Santo Domingo to buy sex from teen age prostitutes…defying Dominican authorities and encouraging a sleazy enterprise that they are trying to end…well, if that’s the Neocon-GOP idea of a leader, they’re in big trouble.

Then, as if that weren’t enough, the Republican Party in an almost slapstick show of casual racism, elects a less-than-astute politician as its Party Chairman, as a back-of-the-hand gesture to the President. In other words, they say, it may be embarrassing to us, but we’ll put up our dummy to show how dumb black people are and to emphasize the point we’ll let Rush Limbaugh viciously attack him and then we’ll back the racist Limbaugh.

Michael Steele is not the future of the Republican Party. He is not the past of the Republican Party. He is the current whipping boy of the cowering bigoted fools who led the Neocon-GOP into the two most recent election disasters. And they’re still there. And they think that this insult to the current Administration will go unnoticed by the public. But the fact is that the more some of their chosen insiders ridicule Steele, a proxy for the man in the White House that they don’t dare ridicule in this way, the more pathetic they make themselves. Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee are both implicated in this by association. If you lie down with dogs,yes…quick…get the flea powder.

Who do you have in the Neocon-Republican Party today? You have Dick Cheney who is almost as unpopular as Bin Laden. He speaks and half the people laugh, the other half boo him. Only the blonde-wigged bimbos in the media take him seriously, because they have no capacity to critique what he says. Then there is John Boehner, “cigarette John.” Now that his former lobbyist supporters, the tobacco industry, are out of favor and he cannot support killing 500,000 people a year from cigarette addiction, he is behind every other Right Wing, big-corporate cause…that’s where the money is. He is fighting against good clean air, against alternatives to higher gas prices and utility prices, against health care, for God’s sake. He led the fight against health care for poor children! As a legislator he’s a joke. He’s a caricature of an elected representative on the take.

John Boehner talking about creating jobs, after presiding over a Neocon-Republican Congress that outsourced more jobs than any in history. And caused more job loss by the time they were through than any time since Ronald Reagan was President. He doesn’t want to spend money on renewable energy sources because it might hurt the oil refineries. He doesn’t want to spend money on reforming health care to benefit at least 50 million Americans and probably a secondary group of about another 80 million.

John Boehner stood up and cheered for and promoted a war against a country that had no intention or any capability of attacking us. We could have settled the Iraq problem with 19 simultaneous, targeted, air strikes. the Chiefs of Staff resigned rather than go to war. But Bush the “genius” having run from war as a young man, wanted to take us to war and kill not only Iraqi military, but hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis, more than 4,000 of our own military and seriously wound 30,000 more. Boehner and his pals in Congress cost us all this personal tragedy plus $5 trillion and now they worry that the American people say that we want to spend some of our tax money OUR WAY?

These people, these bigoted, greedy, uncaring Neocons, can only offer their constant spouting of the same old trash…they want to keep us from losing jobs (that they sent overseas), prevent our losing the wonderful health insurance companies (that rape us and leave us in time of need and bankrupt literally more than 500,000 Americans a year) protect us from higher gasoline and energy prices (after looking the other way as we had $4.00+ per gallon gasoline and ENRON energy rates in California that simply shut down companies, hospitals, schools, government offices, and killed numerous people in nursing homes while their phone traders joked about it to one another!

These are the people who pour campaign contributions into the Necon-Republican coffers in the hundreds of millions so that the Neocon-Republicans can go on the floor of the House of Representatives and try to fool the American people into voting against our own best interests and for the interests of companies like Chevron and EXXON.  

The health care bill is coming up. Neocons are going to give you wild anecdotal information on health care rationing. I heard one Neocon say that a woman did not get breast-cancer treatment soon enough in the Canadian system and died. The statistical fact is that no one in Canada who thinks that they may have any kind of cancer will wait more than 6 days to be diagnosed. Six days.

Those are the facts. Ninety-five percent (95%) of Canadians say that they would not exchange their health care system for ours. That is at least the number, and some higher, among other nations, who, long ago used their heads to provide universal health care. It isn’t even a question with other countries because other countries do not have the vicious, callous Neocon ideology fighting every single piece of legislation for the People.

Isn’t it strange that it is only when we come to a vote on public health care that the Neocon-Republicans and only they come up with these preposterous lies that they tell the American public. Isn’t it curious that 14,000 physician members of Physicians for a National Health Program, and 300,000 family physicians–the very group who will be most directly affected by a public health care plan– have said that they have looked at the Canadian program, and after examining it, they actually want a single-payer system, which would be closer to the Canadian.  In other words, they would settle for some kind of public option…but they really want a single-payer plan. In other words, they trust the government best and want to deal directly with the government on the optimum care for their patients.

And of course, then there is cost. The Neocons, like Senator John Barrasso, have been spreading the notion that we are going to spend trillions of dollars even to have the public option…in other words, either you have a private plan to cover everyone (trust us) or you have a public plan that will be outrageously expensive. Wrong. The public in this country right now spends about $6,800 per person per year on health care. When we introduce a public option, which will be something like Medicare, which is a good system…ask any senior…costs will go down to about $3,400. That is because Medicare has administrative costs of between 2 and 6% depending on how you calculate it and your current program has between 18 and 35% costs depending on the degree of monopoly that the health insurance provider has in its area.

So ask yourself this: is $3400  less than $6,800? If I spend $3,400 through a government sponsored plan, because of efficiencies and reorganization, is that less? That’s all you have to know. You will spend less. The government will spend more, which will be paid for by a myriad of taxes and perhaps premiums. In any case, within a few years, a.) you will have Medicare-like (only better) health care service, b.) one way or another, it will cost you less, and c.) no one can take it away from you.

And finally, if you tell your Senator and Congress person that you want a public health care option,  and you get it, and you threaten…and follow through …to vote out anyone who doesn’t give it to you, Congress will know from then on that they had better listen to the People and not the health care insurers and insiders.


Thank God we have a President who is not afraid to step up and tell the People the truth. You can believe Barack Obama who pumped $787 billion into the economy right away to insure that you will have a job again, that we get the banks back on track, and that our policemen, firemen, nurses and teachers are not cut from the rolls while we get our feet under us again.

Times have changed. The huge bubble created by Alan Greenspan’s low interest rates and the government’s lax regulation of the housing and financial markets has burst and left tens of millions unemployed, forclosed, bankrupt or homeless. It is a terrible time in America. Barack Obama has done everything he could to improve our economic condition. The Neocon Republicans have done everything they could to obstruct this aggressive reconstruction and renewal program. They don’t care about the People. The only thing they care about is campaign finances, which they receive from the corporation, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, health insurance companies, oil and mining companies and the military contractors like Halliburton.

If you are listening to Rush Limbaugh, MIchael Savage, Laura Ingraham, Glenn Beck, Bill O’Reilly, Bill Bennett, Ann Coulter or Sean Hannity, you are being flat-out lied to. I am not saying that you should go burn down anyone’s house. But I am saying that you should get the facts from any one of dozens of web sites and then call your House member or Senator and tell them what you would like them to do. They work for you.

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