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Fascism, Neo-Fascism, Nazis…and Republicans


Only a small percentage of the population under the age of 35 is Republican. Why do you think that is? Well, we will explain and you will see why and learn why you should encourage every Republican you know to read up on what the Republicans have in store for you as citizens.

For some reason, we always return to 1933, Germany, for an analogous situation to the current Republican Party. It is not an easy thing to do, to compare current society…supposedly enlightened and better educated…with one that was deeply scarred by anti-Semitism, war mongers, murderers and deviants, but the political facts run so strongly parallel that we must.

And the reason we must is that what happened in Germany was the greatest or second greatest devastation of the human spirit and perhaps the most widespread genocide in history…deliberate, monstrous murder of women and children on a scale never seen since the Middle Ages or before. Fascism became brutal and barbarian, only with modern methods of mass murder.

By 1933 in this country, in the midst of a terrible Depression, with one out of four people unemployed, we were lucky. We elected Franklin D. Roosevelt as President. He immediately put 4 million people to work, in less than 6 months! He then began a huge number of other public infrastructure programs to put the country back together.

It was an attempt to simply put the country into a growth mode so that people could work rather than be on welfare. It was the same kind of mess Bush left us in the Fall of 2008. Although, as huge as the Great Depression was, our current situation may be worse, unless we stop the Neo-Fascist obstruction. Germany was working out of it in 1933, too. But their solution had a sinister plan behind it.

In Germany, after World War I, the problem was not Depression at first; it was inflation. By the late 1920s, the Deutsche Mark was so inflated it would take a bushel basket to buy a loaf of bread. Then came the worldwide Depression which hit Germany about 1931. By this time, Hitler and his staff had so engineered the NAZI Party (basic translation would be National Socialist German Workers Party) to become a thoroughly nationalistic, nominally Socialistic, and within the Party itself….predominantly racist…group.

Hitler’s genius was his understanding of the German people…probably because, being Austrian, he had spent time observing them. Because he knew their weaknesses, he could exploit them. And what were they? They had great pride in their nation’s military history.

They were descended from Teutons and some of their myths and the lore of their warlike gods had been incorporated into some of their great literature and music. A serious feeling of national pride. Germay had always been a group of conflicted collection of princely states hanging loosely together for reasons of security. But in 1871 they were organized, grateful for the military leadership that brought them together and became a very militaristic society.

After the indignities forced on the Germans through the severe punishments meted out by the League of Nations post WWI, the economic deprivations offered fertile ground for a nationalistic political party. The Nazis adopted that position. So…what does that mean for us today? What can the lessons we learned from the Nazis do for us today?

Well, first of all, you can tell pretty quickly what is not a Nazi. President Obama is the farthest thing from a Nazi and that is, in the Fascist propaganda method, the person on whom you want to hang the “Nazi” tag. And that’s what some of the more radical Right Wing radio people have done. And they do it because their listeners are mostly uneducated, racist, low income people who mindlessly follow whoever panders to the largest number of their racially distorted views.

A man who supports unions, like Obama, is not a Nazi. A man who is black….since Nazis are both racist and anti-Semitic…is probably not a Nazi. A man who supports the poor and the elderly, wants to tax the rich and wants the military to wind down the wars and come home…is definitely not a Nazi. But the Neo-Fascists (Republicans) will say he is because that is how their propaganda machine works.

So…winding up this Fascist-Nazi business….Obama is not a Nazi or any kind of totalitarian at all. The Republicans are Neo-Fascists. That means that they have demonstrated that the kind of government they like best is one in which the large corporations and the military and the very wealthy control government. It is a political party that demands complete and total obedience and punishes free thought.

How do we know that they vote like Fascists? Fascists are ideologues. They vote on a position, and no matter who suffers or how many people are hurt, they vote together. In addition, they vote to stop anything that they don’t like. In the 110th Congress, the Republicans set a new record of 112 filibusters, meaning that they would not allow simple majority votes to be made by the majority party. In the 111th Congress, they did it 100 times. In this session, the 112th, they continue to filibuster legislation for jobs, health care, civil rights and other progressive issues at a record pace. In order to filibuster, the Republican Senate has had to vote in a bloc, and they have done so.

What are the other indicators? Religious fanaticism. The Nazis had a certain philosophy. The Republicans, Neo-Fascists do too. Racism, alignment with military interests, using the poor as mercenary soldiers, indoctrinating them into Fundamentalist Christian religions in order to get them to fight against Muslims, whom the ubiquitously describe as terrorists. Indoctrination into one political dogma or else being targeted by a true believer in the primaries.

Current Republican dogma is fanaticism. One only need look to the Presidential candidates. Each one tries to out-flank the other on the Right. When Rush Limbaugh calls a woman a “slut” and a “prostitute” on the air for using what 98% of American women say they use…birth control pills… not one Republican candidate for President stood up to defend her or defend American women for using birth control. It is crazy. And that is what Fascists are…like the Nazis…crazy.

Right now, with a divided political spectrum, the Neo-Fascists who have taken over the Repbulican Party can only punish people politically. But in the states where Neo-Fascist governors have taken over, the swing to the Right has involved the elimination of unions by disparaging them as thugs. The reason they have done so is that unions are the principal means for American workers to negotiate for wage increases.

As late as the 1970s, unions were strong and contributed enormously to the betterment of the American Middle Class. But post-Ronald Reagan, and especially since the union-busting tactics (a $2 billion a year industry) of the Bush era think tanks and lobbyist groups, private industry unions involve only 7% of the private workforce.

The reason that the Republican governors who work with ALEC, the Neo-Fascist Republican legislative developers, to kill public unions is that they represented 12% of the public sector unions. Governors like Walker of Wisconsin, Kasich of Ohio, Snyder of Michigan, Christie of New Jersey, Scott of Florida and Daniels of Indiana are all on board with ALEC, which is a legislative group that is dedicated to such things as decertifying unions, anti-global warming laws, anti-abortion legislation, anti-contraception legislation, destruction of child labor laws, lowering the minimum wage, adding more guns to society at all levels, including the right to carry a concealed weapon or carry an AK-47 automatic military weapon, and privatization of both public schools and health care.

These are all radical Right Wing proposals that are perfectly understandable if you know who is behind ALEC. Here are just some of the sponsors of ALEC who are sponsoring this kind of legislation: BP Oil, Exxon/Mobil, Peabody Coal, Chevron, AT&T, VISA, Bayer, Shell, State Farm, American Electric Power, Allergan Pharmaceuticals, United Health Care, Lumina Copper, Pharma (the Association of Pharmaceutical companies), Altria (Philip Morris Tobacco), Conoco-Phillips Oil, Freeport McMoran, FEDEX, WalMart, Time-Warner, Koch Industries, Cox Cable, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, Atmos Energy, Hewlett-Packard, Entergy, UPS, Wellpoint Health Insurance….and many more.

On the board and the advisory group to ALEC, paid by ALEC, by these corporations are various Republican State officials who are drawing up and submitting the legislation. Do you understand what this means? These legislators are double-crossing you.

Legislators in states like Indiana and Michigan and Ohio and many others are working to create legislation, not for you, but for Koch Industries and BP Oil and United Health Care and Wellpoint…legislation, in fact, that carves money out of the state of Indiana and sends it to these billionaires.

For example, take State Senator Judson Hill of Georgia. One of his ALEC causes is health care. Working on behalf of ALEC, he and 1800 other state legislators who have signed up with ALEC are trying to defeat health care reform. His sponsors are not the people of Georgia, even though ALEC and the Right Wing radio talk show propagandists have been hammering away at a public and universal health care system for the health insurance companies. No, Judson Hill is working for Pfizer, Blue Cross and Blue Shield, United Health Care, big Pharma, and all the other groups mentioned above, each of whom have their own issues they want these 1800 legislators to introduce.

You can call it a simple bribe. But the bribes would not be possible, nor would the organization ALEC be possible unless they knew that one political party, the Neo-Fascist Republicans were in their corner. You can look up ALEC and the 800 pieces of pro-corporate anti-American citizen legislation they have written and sponsored through these traitors, these anti-American, pro-Global Corporation legislators who have turned their backs on the American people.

Corporations are in the pockets of the Neo-Fascists. The Neo-Fascists hope you don’t notice before they have enough money to get out of the scam without going to jail. Don’t let them. Organize and act. You don’t know it yet, but once you study this situation you will understand we are very far down the road towards Fascism…and you won’t be one of the Fascists…not unless you adhere to all the principles.

Robert Bennett, one of the most Conservative Senators in the U.S. Senate was kicked out…not by Democrats but by Right Wing (Tea Party) Republicans because he wasn’t enough of a radical on the Right. These people are talking about war with Iran in exactly the same way that they talked bout war with Iraq, exaggerating the danger and doing everything they can to heighten the tension.

Ask yourself this…would a “reform” group like the Tea Party that wants to cut government (supposedly)…a supposed neutral group…would they join the Party that caused $2.5 trillion of the deficit (before balancing the budget) or the one that caused $12.5 trillion, most of it since 2001?

Ask yourself this. Would a Party that says it springs from the will of the people…the Tea Party Republicans…vote for a budget (Neo-Fascist Republican budget) that cuts Social Security, Education, Medicaid, Medicare, and wants to kill health care reform that will bring our 18% of GDP health costs down to 12% thus dropping our health insurance costs per family from approximately $11,500 to $8,550. That’s an average but most people will not pay even that amount because of subsidies currently in place that will continue and be used differently under the Affordable Care Act (health care reform.)

So it is pretty simple. Do want Hitler in the form of Ron Santorum, plus WalMart overseeing all the products you buy, or Pfizer telling you which drugs they will produce…one pharmaceutical company recently refused to make enough of a certain cancer drug to cover all the people who were receiving it…even though they were being paid. Some pharmacists refuse to sell birth control pills…under the Neo-Fascists there will be no contraception and no birth control and definitely no abortion if you are raped.

Exaggeration? Not much. All of those things are either already in effect…and there are worse things…like the end of Social Security and Medicaid…in the platforms and the budgets of the Neo-Fascists. And they are definitely in the plans of the big corporations. Do they sound heartless? They are. They aren’t working for you. Giant corporations and the people making fortunes at the top of those corporations are only worried about one constituent…the stockholder…as they should be.

It is our legislators…our mayors, governors and national representatives…who should be looking out for us…not for ALEC. But the Neo-Fascists don’t see it that way. So you can change Parties now or change later. But if the Neo-Fascists finish off their plans to control everything…then “later” will never come to us any more than it did to the Germans….who lost 10 million people to war, destitution, famine and destruction for twenty solid years before the rest of the world could even begin to stabilize their country again.

These hugely wealthy Neo-Fascists behind the Republican Party have already gobbled up half the Senators who vote like robots for them, and most of the House of Representatives as well as 1800 state legislators in dozens of states. How long do you think it will be until they take over the rest of the country?

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