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First Big Emergency of Many. Better Read This!


Normally only idiotic and venal Senator John Kyl of Arizona, while Mexicans are climbing over the garden walls in Tucson and he is fiddling (or “diddling” ?) away his time in Washington, has said…pay attention now…that the Republicans will not raise the debt ceiling without dollar-for-dollar cuts in government spending.

What this means is all too clear. Kyl, who held up unemployment insurance and called American workers who his administration had thrown out of work and kept out of work for years “lazy” is ready to shut down America. His boys on the Right Side of the aisle are ready to take you down.

If they do not raise the debt ceiling, every economist says we will go into a massive Depression. Everyone’s job will be at risk. You need to get on the phone, on the Internet, on the cell phone, Ipad, I-whatever…and get to your Congressperson TODAY, before it is too late.

One day…just one day where the United States fails to pay its obligations will change everything. Don’t let that happen. Get moving TODAY to contact your Congressperson, especially Republicans, before it is too late. If Kyl and his pals have their way, you will be affected, you or someone in your family will suffer. Count on it.

These Neocon Republicans are ruthless bastards. If you don’t get it that we are $14 trillion in debt and rational, supposedly, men would give billionaires a tax cut only if they are crooks, in the pockets of big corporate interests….who will be the only ones to survive a disaster…then don’t do anything and see what happens.

Do it now. You can’t change your mind once you’ve jumped off the building. If you don’t do this, there will be nothing you can do once it happens.

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