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For Private Insurers but Against the People–Senator Ben Nelson of Nebraska



He’s Senator Ben Nelson of Nebraska and he is supporting private insurance against the people of Nebraska. 73% of the people want a public option so that Mr. Nelson’s pals in the insurance industry can’t screw around with their eligibility or drop their coverage or raise their premiums to unsustainable levels. But Mr. Nelson, who has taken over $600,000 from the insurance industry since 2007 alone, has reservations. Mr Nelson, who has clearly disregarded the citizens of Nebraska, says that he is worried that–now get this–“the public plan would be too attractive and would hurt the private insurance industry.”

Well, hello! Come in, Ben…earth to Ben…now hear this Benny Boy….THAT’S THE WHOLE POINT OF THE PUBLIC OPTION. The point of the public option is to give the people an alternative to high priced health insurance. Yes, it will hurt the private insurance companies but it will HELP THE PEOPLE, Ben! Remember? The people who voted for you? The people who elected you. The Democrats who elected you governor and Senator? They need your help, Ben. Mutual of Omaha doesn’t need your help. They sell lots of insurance to lots of people all over the country. The public option is not going to put them out of business.

But, Benjamin, if you don’t vote for a public option, we are hoping and praying that the good, solid people of Nebraska will finally get wise and not let another country boy…Nelson…is that Swedish? get rich on the backs of the farmers and ranchers and small businesses of hurting Nebraskans. We hope that they toss you out early in the primary season and find someone who really does care for the people.

Ben Nelson of Nebraska. Stands tall for his lobbyist buddies in the health insurance business. Screws the people of his own home state, then has the nerve to lie to them about why he is doing it.

Folks, if you think it is about the money…well, guess what? It’s about the money. At least now you folks in Nebraska know his price. He can be bought for $600,000. He’ll take the blood money from health insurance lobbyists and turn on every middle class citizen in the state. He just did.

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