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Health Care Reform: Can’t Sit It Out. You Must Get Involved.


Let’s talk about the health insurance companies. They make a lot of money. And they say that most of their customers are happy with their health care insurance. If so, those must be the customers who have either never had a serious illness or injury or those who have had such an experience and the health insurance company could find no way to extricate themselves from the situation in which they would be forced to pay the bill. Take a look at this brief video on WellPoint health care.

That was pretty self explanatory. But WellPoint isn’t the only health care firm causing problems. Here’s another brief item.

United decided. Decided not to pursue but to settle. Why do companies settle? To avoid losing and paying much more than $55 million. Of course, United Health Care’s CEO is the one making hundreds of millions of dollars. And their lobbying fees are gigantic, as are all the other health care companies, because they have no real reason for being in business.

Cheating is one way to stay in the health care business. One of the key advocate groups against health care reform is a group called CPR, run by a guy by the name of Rick Scott. He even has the nerve to go on television, appearing in his ads. It is very difficult to understand these days how someone, whom, it is quite possible, could be in serious danger, would appear on television. After all, he cheated many people, may have caused some deaths. Why would he want people to see exactly what he looks like. He should be, you will see, more appropriately, in hiding.

They are all after the Democrats and their health care reform. Who wants health care reform? Pretty simple. 70% of the American people. Two thirds of all doctors, enough doctors to be endorsed by the AMA and the PNHP. By the association of Family Physicians which has about 300,000 members. Every Nurses organization we know of. Every union. The American Association of Retired Persons, AARP. Who is against it? The Assiciation of Health Insurance Plans, American Hospital Association, a number of Right Wing conservative, corporate sponsored organizations, like the American Enterprise Institute, the Cato Institute, the Hudson and Hoover Institutes and the pharmaceutical lobbying group. PHARMA. I think you can see what these Right Wing groups have in mind by just looking at the over-the-top representation they create for universal health care in this commercial. It is pretty funny really. The problem is that this is what they seriously are trying to create as their vision of Medicare.

Do you know anyone on Medicare? Has anyone said to you that it has any resemblance to what you have seen the anti-health care lobby portray? Of course not. The health care reform says you keep your insurance or you have a public option. It will be basically an extension of Medicare. No one complains about Medicare. This is all about money. Take a look at this next piece and see the reason that so many people are outraged by the current health care system.

This isn’t something where you are informed and you can speak to your neighbors about it or your family and let them know…and then forget about it. This is something that, if you want it…and you should…you must work for it. The health care companies want to keep those private jets and the many perks and high salaries.

Let your Senator and your House member know that you are mad as hell and you’re not going to take it anymore!

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