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Impeach Justice Thomas.


Quote from a Right Wing blog on the Internet concerning the activities of Supreme Court Justice Thomas’ wife in creating a new Right-Wing group and the reaction of Democrats. “Real predictable, these libtards. Put Clarence Thomas/Tea Parties/White Woman together and they’ll be foaming at the mouth in no time flat.”

The Right Wing moron in this instance was referring to the fact that some Liberals might object to the founding of a barely legal, Right-Wing, Neocon, avowedly anarchist, Tea-Party style group by Virginia Thomas, the Neocon wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

This is typical of the reaction by the Right Wing. In other words, the perception…and for all we know, the reality…is that we have a Supreme Court Justice now colluding with the Right Wing while offering a vote on rulings almost universally against Progressive positions. If his white wife wants to go into politics, he should have resigned, because he cannot be impartial on the issues about which she is advocating corporatist positions. Because he did not either recuse himself or resign, then he must be impeached. Repeat: This is a serious violation of ethics. He must be impeached!

He is involved. If his wife had plotted to murder someone in his house while he was there, hew would have been implicated. He would be an accomplice. In this case, he knew about the scummy, trashy things she has been doing. Silence in this case is affirmative, just as in the case of an accomplice to a murder who knows about it and does not speak up. Thomas has never recused himself on any of these issues.

He did not try to stop her from forming this group even though he knew about it. So if he knew about it, and did not try to stop it, he was in agreement that she should do it. What she is doing is unacceptable for a supposedly impartial Supreme Court Justice. Therefore, he should be impeached.

We never hear about these things until some odd piece of outrageousness hits the tabloids. Once people look past the surface, things begin to indicate that maybe we should have these serious investigations of Supreme Court Justices and maybe we should have some more efficient ways of getting rid of them if they turn out to be either lazy or stupid or criminal.

In this case, we have a Supreme Court Justice, Justice Thomas, whose wife is a ranting, raving Right Winger, founder of a new Tea Party activist group, a former member of a cult, Lifespring and a member of a group that is supposed to be monitoring cults, the Cult Awareness Network. This group was actually taken over by the Church of Scientology, itself a group of great controversy and one considered by many to also be a cult.
Virginia Thomas, formerly the White House liaison under President Bush to the Archconservative Heritage Foundation, has now founded a new Right Wing “tea party” organization in which she uses inflammatory rhetoric that sees “citizen patriots” to be “rising up across the country” to “preserve liberty.”

This is coming from a woman who says that she is going to use the newly defined powers by the Supreme Court in the Citizens United decision, which most jurists around the country find dubious at best, to raise huge amounts of money from large corporations.

What possible preservation of liberty could come from gathering up funds from huge international corporations, like BP and EXXON, who make tens of billions of dollars or like AT&T or Comcast, who spend tens of millions of dollars each year on lobbying? And why would this be done by a Supreme Court Justice’s wife and–of all people—the wife of the Supreme Court Justice who cast the deciding vote on the issue!

Either Justice Thomas knows nothing about this and he should be impeached for general ignorance of what is going on in the world or he should be impeached for being party to such a clear partisan scheme.

Virginia Thomas’ organization is called Liberty Central. Her group is conservative, and identified as a Tea Party group. It means that they are conservative anarchists, making statements implying that they would like to take down the country or its leaders by force.

They should be condemned and treated just the way we treated the Communist Party. They should be banned for their talk of bringing down the government. When she says, referring to the President of the United States of America: “This guy has turned hard left and we need to wake up and see what is at stake here” that clearly is a reinforcement of their members’ many comments indication their readiness to try to bring down the government by force.

It certainly sounds seditious. And this is coming from the woman who spends all her free time with a Supreme Court Justice, the final arbiter of law in this country. And this Supreme Court Justice was one who was accused seriously of being a pervert by a former co-worker. Now she is saying that our country is in danger of being taken over by a dictator? That is an outrageous lie and, if not seditious on its face, is certainly worthy of investigation by the Justice Department to find out exactly what she means and what evidence she has. Let her provide some evidence.

On the face of this evidence alone, Supreme Court Justice Thomas should be forced to step down. The only way he can be compelled to do so is impeachment. He must be impeached.

What does her comment mean that says the Administration is: “threatening our core principles.” What does it mean that she tells an out-and-out lie to make a point when she says that: “We would have health care and cap-and-trade being implemented right now if these people hadn’t stood up so far.”

Is she trying to make people believe…and this is clearly a lie…that there were not 290 filibusters in the Senate in the same session where cap-and-trade was filibustered and where an overwhelming effort to filibuster health care narrowly failed? Would she have people believe that the health insurance and hospital groups and pharmaceutical companies did not spend $400 million on top of their normally huge lobbying effort to try to bribe Republicans to kill the health care plan?

There were no negotiations. The Republican Senators offered 400 specious amendments to try to kill the bill. When most of them were tossed out, the Democrats included 60 different amendments from the Republicans and they still voted…every single Republican…to stop the bill.

Eleven Republican Senators who had sponsored cap-and-trade refused to even vote to allow a vote on the current cap-and-trade bill. They did this despite the fact that it was largely built on the one that they had created. This one was done specifically to be like theirs in order to get their vote…but they all voted against their own previous bill.

These people are ideological corporatist Neocons. Virginia Thomas is a Neocon. Neocons do not share, nor do they accommodate nor do they participate nor do they compromise. They are ideologues who believe that their view of life…Virginia Thomas is a doctrinaire Roman Catholic from one of the most conservative Jesuit Universities in the country from the most Republican state in the country. She is apparently has flirted with cult groups and is a member of Right Wing fringe groups.

She is a radical on the Right. She goes home every night and communicates with her husband who is supposed to be the ultimate in impartial judges but who is helping her and her foundation. We know that he helps her. When she was director of Washington operations for Hillsdale College, her husband spoke before a meeting of the institution. This is, by the way, the institution that graduated the conservative Eric Prince, the founder and CEO of infamous Blackwater, now XE, a private army hired by Dick Cheney. This is the institution that hires only conservative speakers.

These are the people Justice Thomas is in bed with, literally. He must be impeached or forced to resign.

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