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Jon Kyl and the Paris Hilton Retirement Plan


Here’s how you prepare for retirement.

You figure out a way to be born into a very wealth family. Your daddy dies and you get his fortune.

The Republicans, Neocon Republicans all, in the Senate and the House are hard at work on Paris Hilton’s retirement plan. If daddy should die this year, then all the hard work that the Neocon Senators are doing for Paris Hilton and the heirs to people like George Steinbrenner….what’s happening there…will go to waste. I am sorry that Steinbrenner has passed on but someone is going to get the Yankees…tax free this year.

Had Steinbrenner died last year, his heirs would have paid something less than but near $500 million. Don’t feel bad they would have kept at least $600 million and Alex Rodriguez. This year, they keep all $1.1 billion and Uncle Sam strikes out.

You see the Republican tax program worked out under Bush, called for the Inheritance Tax, which is also referred to as the Paris Hilton Retirement Plan, to expire at the end of 2009 and be taken up again in 2011, with a vengeance…55% on all inherited income over a deduction of $1,000,000. So Blanche Lincoln (the Walton Family) and Kyl (the big oil billionaires and more) want to hold the horses and get some legislation in that sounds good but doesn’t collect any real money.

You can see just from Steinbrenner’s estate the kind of money that is abroad in the land. You can see, too, that the government does not want to lose too many of those $500 million hits. And here’s why. The Iraq and Afghanistan Wars. They cost a lot of money. If Steinbrenner had not been impolitic enough to die this year, his $500 million would have helped pay for the war in Afghanistan. The war costs $3.6 billion a month. The $500 million (we didn’t get) would have paid for about 100 hours or roughly 4 days of one of our wars.

Now do you understand why we need all the money we can get our hands on and why those to whom Bush and Cheney gave huge contracts are huge profiteers? And now do you see why some people say…first get us out of those two wars and then we’ll talk about “austerity” programs for the middle class?

So that is why the Neocons are working so hard every day introducing versions of the Paris Hilton Retirement Plan while those pesky, ignorant Democrats don’t see where the real money is. It’s in pandering to people who are going to be ungodly rich! It is definitely not for those 15 million people the Neocons put out of work in October, November and December of 2008, plus those in January, February, March and April of 2009…a million a month or more. Those people already have austerity.

The Democrats just don’t get it. If they would turn on the people and support the rich, they too could participate more in the campaign contributions and the outright under-the-table gifts that lobbyists for the wealthy and for big corporations and their CEOs hand out to their friends in Congress. They need representation too. And they’ll pay top dollar.

The Blanche Lincoln, Jon Kyl legislation would cost us either $91 billion or $440 billion, whichever way the old legislation is continued. The Walton Family is not going to get the kind of break they would like. She doesn’t care. She can read the polls. The Democrats don’t want her and the Republicans don’t want her.

And Jon Kyl’s friends in the oil patch, like BP, are not going to get tax breaks if they kick off and leave their fifty or sixty million to baby Jane. Kyl says that it does not matter if we cannot pay for tax breaks, even though he says we must pay for unemployment benefits before he will vote for them. Even though you paid into unemployment insurance.

When he promoted Iraq and Afghanistan, he was spending your money. How many minutes do you think your unemployment insurance and your percentage of the Social Security surplus that we had from 1984 through 2008 would pay for? One minute? No. Not even one minute. Kyl was part of the majority plus Bush plus Cheney plus Rumsfeld plus Wolfowitz…and all their henchmen who spent all your money in a few seconds of the Iraq and Afghan wars. And then borrowed from everyone else and then China.

Senator Kyl can’t vote to pony up money for those who need unemployment. So that presumes that he feels we must also cut Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. They are programs similar to unemployment insurance. One is medical insurance. The other is retirement insurance. If he will send a family to a charity, what will he do to your Social Security, your Medicare or your Medicaid?

Kyle is one of the 40 Neocon Senators who vote against everything that our citizens need and everything that their masters, the big health care companies, big oil and big Wall Street firms want that will help them screw you too. Fighting for billionaires like the Steinbrenner Family, nice people though they may be and Paris Hilton—and we know what she’s like—is what Kyl and these guys are all about.

And meanwhile, as you’ve been reading this, we spent another $500 million dollars in Afghanistan.

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