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Miscellaneous Right Wing Attacks on the People


by Joseph O’Shaughnessy

There are so many things gone wrong today that we can only list some of them and point out the insanity of the world and the country in which we currently reside.

Hillary Clinton

A survey was recently announced in which more people dislike Hillary Clinton now more than they did during the campaign. Doesn’t this say more about the people who took the survey than it does about a woman who worked her butt off to be top at her high school, then brilliant valedictorian at Wellesley, the most prominent women’s college of her era, then a top student at Yale Law, then a volunteer worker for the rights of poor women and children and blacks in the south, then an advocate for better education for children in Arkansas, then a fighter who humiliated herself before the entire country as she was vilified by hypocritical Republicans, Right Wing Fascists, the health insurance industry and billionaires who do not want to give up another penny so that the poor and the middle class…as they do in every other advanced country…can have affordable health care. She was also, incidentally, along the way, a great Senator and a great Secretary of State. The ONLY reason for her vilification is an all-out campaign by some of the most evil people in this country, who only want to destroy her so that she could never be elected and provide the very thing we are still seeking….rational government and affordable health care. What a bunch of fools Americans are!

Dumpster, the American President

What has the moron done today, you ask? Today, he beseeched his thimble-brained followers to believe that the Democrats, that these pea-brained voters have excluded from government totally and completely, favoring the toadies of the Right Wing Billionaires, that these same Democrats, not involved in the process at at with Senator McConnell, Speaker Paul Ryan and the Neo-Fascists in the House and Senate, were actually somehow partially responsible for the failure of a bill which the Democrats would never vote for in the first place, as it disengages about 24 million people from their health care. Not only is Trump a liar but he thinks that all his dopey followers will believe virtually anything he tells them. But why not? He told Congress to “repeal” Obamacare right now. Don’t wait for new plans, he said. That, of course, would eliminate about 36 million Americans from health care. When you go to your club every weekend and play golf with other Right Wing billionaires, I suppose you have no idea about what is going on in the world anyway.

Senate Budget Cuts Social Security and Medicaid — Trump Lies Again

There is a new budget proposal from Congress, that is, from the Republicans in Congress. As one would imagine, it is a budget by Republicans for Billionaires. They have increased the budget for the military. By that we mean military contractors, building ships that we are told can be sunk by current generations of Chinese missiles and planes that will be outdated by the time they can actually fly. There is only one good aspect to this. Defense contractor jobs are often highly skilled and well paid. Perhaps Trump will have our weapons made by the Russians and stored there. We don’t know. But in the meantime, one thing we do know is that this budget cuts hundreds of billions of dollars from Social Security (this is basically theft) and Medicaid and thousands of individual and life-saving services for needy Americans. According to former Senator Tom Coburn from Oklahoma, now working as a common lobbyist at the Koch Brothers’ Manhattan Institute, this is a good thing. We spend too much money on the poor already, he maintains.

Trump Lies Again, This Time with Ryan, About Medicare

So we can cut health care for the poor. We can cut Social Security benefits to the disabled. We can reduce those who are eligible for food stamps. And we can forget about the homeless. All these groups either have a difficult time getting to the polls or they can’t get to the polls at all. So the Republicans say; forget about them. In fact, lets reduce their ability to vote by making them come up with an ID card with a photo on it. But now, the GOP, the Neo-Fascists, the Trumpheads, the Billionaire-Boot-Lickers have gone a step farther.

In order to make the super-rich even super-richer, they want another tax cut. Many billionaires pay no taxes at all. Others, like the Waltons and Trump himself and others who have inherited wealth over a certain amount, paid about 15% on it once and never have to pay tax on it again. So, they are fat and happy. While you, up to an income of about $500,000 or a little more maybe, pay up to 30%, net. So Romney pays 15% income tax on income that he earned at 15%, or less. But you make $80,000 and you pay 27%, let’s say. By the time you shake out every deduction, you’re still paying a lot more than Romney, or Trump or others in the top bracket. Which is fine. Except for one thing.

You paid into Medicare every week or month of every year you worked. Now you want that money in the form of Medicare and Social Security insurance payments in return after you retire and cannot or may not be able to work. You paid the premiums, now you want the money. And you should get it. You do get it now. It won’t make you rich, and might not even keep you solvent. But it is yours. You paid it in.

Trump and Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell and every single Republican, by the way, want to take it away. Some want to take more away from you than others. They’re Republicans and they’re part of the so called Freedom Caucus. They work more directly for the Billionaires. But any Republican…all of them…voted against Obamacare, in favor of tax cuts for the richest Americans, against social programs, against Medicaid for the poorest Americans….and now against the retired members of the Middle Class, who..if they haven’t been paying attention to the Neo-Fascist, Billionaire-pandering Republicans in Congress and in the 31 state legislatures and governorships controlled by Republicans…probably deserve what is about to happen to them. We voted in Trump. Or we allowed certain states to swindle us out of the votes we cast. Either way, we were not diligent enough, and that is enough, according to one Benjamin Franklin, to cost you your rights and your Liberty.

That’s all for today. Isn’t it enough?










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