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Nazi Is Not Always a Bad Word.


Not if it is used as a warning. Not if it describes a group out to get you. Not if it is the truth.

When would we call someone a Nazi? Well, it is done all the time by those who don’t really mean it and have no basis for saying it. But when it is true, hopefully before we have to use guns to stop them, we will call a Nazi a Nazi.

If you remember the last time, 50,000,000 million people eventually died world wide before we could stop them. Some in the most horrific circumstances possible.

So what are the signs that Nazis are coming, if they are?

First, the Nazis were a German Fascist phenomenon. They began shortly after World War I, in the early 1920s and they continued until 1945 when Germany was devastated and most of the Nazis had been annihilated and their families left destitute. Not all of them, of course. Some of the big fish got away. Others of the big fish negotiated their way out of trouble and even into good jobs in fighting the Iron Curtain countries in the Cold War.

First and foremost, the Nazis, let’s remember, were an ideological political party. So if we were to look at someone coming after us here in the U.S., it would be a political party. It could be a Party that wants you to believe that it is concerned for the citizens, with a populist name, like Freedom Party or People’s Party, or Tea Party, named after the revolutionary era patriots.

But the first key to determination of who is the Nazi and who is the real democratic (small “d”) Party or the true republicans (small “r”) is this: which party is most ideological? Which one is very narrow and absolute in its views of the world.

For example, does the Party exclude any group that they then can demonize? The Nazis started as early as 1935 to demonize the Jews. They did it under the Nazi ideological policy of “divide and conquer” which meant that they would divide the nation and give one group another group to hate, because hatred is a strong, unifying emotion.

Has anyone done that in this country? Well, let’s look at the Democratic Party. Who have they excluded? No one, really, have they? They have many Blacks, Hispanics, Irish, small businesses, some large businesses, farmers, and others, including Muslims.

In fact, many people, even many in the Democratic Party, think that they go too far, include too many groups. Many think that there should be more restrictions on which big businessmen are allowed in. Many others are now wary of anyone, including doctors, involved with the health care industry.

What about the Republicans? Well, there are almost no African-Americans in the Republican Party. The Republicans say that they want to include African-Americans but as they do, at the very same time the media lackeys at Fox “News” and the media assassins like Michael Savage and Rush Limbaugh call them “lazy” and “freeloaders” and “welfare queens.”
The question becomes, of course, is this done deliberately? If it is, that is, if the Right Wing Republican commentators are hammering on these negative images, and on Democrats for supporting Blacks, and so by implication the Democrats are merely panderers, then it is a Nazi technique. Let’s be honest. The Nazis did, in fact, think that African-Americans were lesser people than whites. They didn’t imply it. They said it, stated it categorically.

We are more sophisticated today. So we don’t say things directly because the work of stirring up the masses isn’t as easy in a free society where people have not been taught, as the Nazis were…starting in grade school…that Jews were dirty and evil.

So, in the Republican Party, there are appreciably no Blacks, almost no Hispanics…those would generally speaking be the lower classes economically…and no wonder, if they are being persecuted and reviled by about one-half or more of the population of the U.S. which is what the Republican Party represents in Congress.

So, persecutions and propaganda attacks on minorities are one sign of a Nazi Party, and the Republican Party has those in abundance. We know that because the Repbulican Party no longer disassociates itself in any way from the Right Wing attack machine set up by people like Brent Bozell and Roger Ailes, both Republican Party operatives.

So the new Nazis, the Neocons who hate Blacks and Hispanics form one segment of the Republican Party. What is another characteristic? Well, the first thing that Hitler did was find industrialists who would buy into his program of aggressive nationalism. In other words, Hitler went to the steel and munitions industries and said clearly that his policies were to take back the Rhineland, move into Czechoslovakia and Poland…taking on more lebensraum, living space for the Germans and Austrians. Some of whom hated the Germans going back to things that happened ever before World War I.

What have the Republicans done? The biggest problem we have today is with the rich and with rich corporations. The richest of the rich, now that most manufacturing is done away from the United States, are the Wall Streeters. And they showed their independence and their haughty attitude towards the people in 2008.

Wall Street basically sold off everything that was worth a penny and closed down Wall Street so that there was virtually no money to use for anything. Banks couldn’t operate and therefore businesses couldn’t function. Hundreds of banks actually went under.

The only reason it was not a complete disaster this time was that, unlike 1929, we had certain things in place, like the FDIC, which could shore up the consumer end of the financial market to keep people from panicking and taking out all their money. Otherwise, it was basically the same this time as in 1929. Millions were tossed out of work literally overnight, 700,000 in the first month that President Obama took over.

And so what did the Republican Party do? They went up to Wall Street, Speaker John Boehner, the biggest lobbyist panderer in the House and Senator Mitch McConnell, the all timer champion money-raiser from lobbyists in the Senate, and they said to Wall Street exactly what Hitler said to the big industrialists like I.G. Farben and Krupp. They said that if Wall Street supported them, they would not regulate the financial sector if they got control of Congress again. It was a clear Nazi move. Align yourself with rich, militant forces who can help you control the political situation.

Once again, remember that Hitler was Chancellor in 1933. It was 1935 before some of his key provisions took hold. But also remember that it is estimated that within 90 days of taking over Austria, not considered by him an inferior race…he was, after all, Austrian himself….over 70,000 people went to concentration camps.

Imagine how fast a country could put you in prison if they wanted to. What if they came for your neighbor tomorrow and told you that he or she was a terrorist. Once that person is imprisoned, how certain will you be that you could find out what is really happening and how do you know that you might not be intimidated. Under the Patriot Act, a librarian cannot even tell you, under pain of imprisonment, whether or not Federal officials actually looked into what you read.

Hitler had a private army, called the SA and later the SS, or Gestapo. Dick Cheney, the former Vice President and the leader of the Republican Party simply told the Pentagon and the State Departmnet officials he put there to hire his own private army, Blackwater. Blackwater has now 14,000 troops with tanks and helicopters in North Carolina. They have billion dollar contracts with the government and are now heavily influencing law enforcement agencies in the Midwest.

This would not be a problem if Blackwater (now Xe) were merely a security agency. But they are not. They are essentially a paramilitary arm of the Republican Party. So now you have the second phase of the Nazi Party in the U.S., the Neocon Party, which is that paramilitary arm similar to the old Nazi “Brownshirts” the SA, a bunch of thugs and goons, whose job was to appear and start fights at every rally by another political party.

This worked in Germany and you see what happened. You even see the beginnings of it here now in the 7 states who have banded together under Republican governors. These governors know that they will only be in office perhaps for one term.

But while they are in office, they are helping the rich and the big corporations. They have all initiated legislation to ban collective bargaining. And thus far, they have the votes. Why do they have the votes? Because using millions of dollars under the new Citizens United rules, corporations have lied and lied to Americans but the opposition simply does not have enough money to answer all their lies.

Now, of course, the people are waking up. But now may be too late. They already are in office with large Neocon (Nazi) majorities and they are taking on the jobs that their higher ups, like Karl Rove and the outside contributors like the Koch Family have given them…bust the unions, try to destroy health care, cut money from welfare and pensions to keep the middle class falling into the basement where we can control them.
These are vicious men. At a time when 14.9 million people were out of work, the leaders of the Nazi-Neocon Party told President Obama that if he did not sign the tax cuts for billionaires, they would cut off unemployment benefits. People have been out of work 6, 9, 12-months and even some up to two years…who desperately need funds to stay alive.

It was the supporters of the Neocon-Nazi Party, like Wall Street executives at Goldman Sachs and other Wall Street firms (They aren’t hard to find. Wall Street is a small area of lower Manhattan.) who supported Governor Kasich and Governor Walker and the others, like the narrowly escaped-from-felony Governor Scott of Florida.

It is the same people who caused this Depression, that caused your unemployment or that of your brother or neighbor or son or friend. These people are coming after you again, using the 7 Neocon-Nazi Party Governors to do their bidding while they hide in lower Manhattan cowering, unable to see the disaster that is about to befall them.

And what about the final connection. A Nazi Party is not only associated with rich industrialists and ideologues, usually uneducated and coarse people who quickly believe lies about any ethnic group. It also has connections with the Army. We know that there were Army officers, much better educated than ever before who resisted going to war in Iraq. They were either fired, transferred, demoted or resigned.

That was only a handful. We know from much comment on the part of military that the vast majority of officers support this new Neocon-Nazi Party. They have since before George W. Bush, the AWOL and Cheney the five-time runaway from his military service. They did not utter a protest or even a whimper when these two war mongers took over.

If your career is military and you want to advance or you want to learn in real conditions, there is nothing like a war to get things started. It is a terrible choice because once you have been in combat, you know how horrific it can be. So to see our military lie down in front of these dogs of war, these amateurs, these cowards was as disgusting a sight as anyone who ever served for any extended time in the military could stomach.

But there you have it. The corporations and the lobbyists, the super-rich (some), the military, the thug groups and the ideologues who are dedicated to get their way…even if it is totally wrong-headed and will destroy the country. These same ideologues want to take the country down the same path that has cost us $14 trillion dollars from Reagan to the end of the Bush Adminstration and has left us basically a financially second-rate power.

We are broke. And in addition, the people in power are withholding jobs from the private sector. There is plenty of money to create new green energy jobs and just those alone are enough to replace imported oil. One of the arch-conservative oil men, Boone Pickens, has said and campaigned for just that. But the other Neocon-Nazis are not for it. They will fight it to the death.

And may be that’s what it will all come down to. The masses of the American People, finally understanding that a small group of Neocon-Nazis are doing their best to quietly take over our country, using the problems that they created that now disturb society.

It is as cynical as death camps and as vicious as setting wild dogs on children. Don’t let them do it to you. Fight back against this Neocon-Nazi Republican Party and their new Tea Party stooges to prevent the loss of the great Middle Class of this country. We have greatness in us still. Make the rich pay the bill for a change and we will see change of the kind that will move us forward, where we will then belong, into the American Dream.

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