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Neocon Propaganda Kills 6 and Wounds 12 More


So we have another Right-Wing-sponsored murder. Congresswoman Gaby Giffords Kelly was shot through the head, and six other people were murdered, including a nine-year-old girl and a universally esteemed Republican Judge.

Oh, no…not so quick, Neocons say. It was not caused by Right Wing Republican propaganda. It was only a person who was anti-government. Well, yes, he was a nut in Arizona, one of the most highly emotionally charged Neoconservative and Tea Bagger states in the country. It was from a man whose reading list included Mein Kampf, the Fascist manifesto. (Today the Fascists are called Neocons.)

So, the Neocons say, it was not the violence-laced rhetoric of the kinds of people who elected Governor Jan Brewer. It was no way the fault of an attitude, like Brewer’s that says that poor people who need transplants should die rather than switch a few dollars around in a billion-dollar state budget. It was not the fault of the Tea Baggers who literally shot out the front door of Gifford’s office on one occasion.

It was in no way, they would say, the fault of a legislature and a Governor who simply do not respond to the press, who keep people alive in Terri Schaivo-like trances at huge costs while denying men, women and children the chance for real life.

While people declared to be brain dead are kept on machines that breath for them, 99 patients, two of whom have since died, are denied a 60% minimum chance to live with life-saving organ transplants. Ostensibly because the poor do not vote for Neocons. Why would anyone be surprised at an assassin in a state where the governor simply declares poor people too expensive to keep alive. Dead is dead.

This killer, Jared Loughner, like the governor, believes that he can do whatever he wants…that Tea Party members and Neocon governors can work inside or outside the law equally. Will there be consequences? To him, certainly. But not to the dispassionate, indifferent Neocons who propagandize and promote violence.

The fact is that the violence is encouraged by the likes of Neocon Fascists such as Glenn Beck, Bill O’Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Sarah Palin and Ann Coulter. Think about it.

Who is being shot at and killed? Are these people been shot at by snipers? It would be relatively easy to kill Bill O’Reilly or Glenn Beck compared to a government official. Any good sniper could do it and probably never get caught. Instead O’Reilly constantly refers to doctors who perform abortions, a legal procedure, as “baby killers.” And a crazy religious nut goes out and shoots a respected and beloved Kansas doctor.

Which group would most sane Americans say should have been shot? The doctor who performs a service for women often in desperate circumstances, who otherwise might have risked their lives? Or a rich, Right-Wing, television propagandist, who cares nothing about anyone but himself, screams and threatens on national television and encourages murder?

But does it happen? No. And why not? Because Liberals and Progressives are not prone to violence. The Sheriff of Tuscon, in a visibly angry posture, a man who is devoted to the protection of Arizonans, a 30 year veteran of law enforcement, says that the Arizona legislature right now is considering the impossibly stupid idea that both teachers and students should be allowed to carry concealed weapons on the campuses of Arizona universities!

If Arizonans carrying guns is a good idea, then why wasn’t anyone able to stop the killing of ten people and the wounding of 12 others? How did anyone get shot by a bad guy? The idea of carrying guns was that it would protect you. Did a lot of people have guns in the crowd? They did. And still 6 people died and 12 others were shot.

If people can carry guns in Arizona, then why weren’t people carrying guns? Why didn’t they stop the killer? Because by and large the only people who really want to carry guns around are adolescent men who usually were never in the service, or ones who should have stayed in and played war but didn’t because there was too much discipline. These NRA people are children in men’s clothing.

Even after the tragedy at Virginia Tech, the NRA money still means more to Arizona legislators than their own college students. Perhaps when a member of the Arizona legislature or the Governor loses a son or daughter or niece or nephew to a crazed gunman like this one will they understand that killing the killer is not the point. The point is to prevent a killing in the first place. That’s what the Sheriff understands that they don’t.

So how have Neocons handled this? The Neocon blogger of the “Publius Forum” a lame brained pudgy minor Chicago annoyance by the name of Warner Todd Huston, immediately attacks people like Andrew Sullivan and Paul Krugman for commenting about the culpability…which is clearly valid….of Right Wing airheads like this guy himself.

He defends Sarah Palin for putting crosshairs of gun sights on her blog, over the districts of congress people, Gaby Giffords was one of them, whom she said should be “targeted.”

(Hasn’t Sarah Palin made enough blood money now? Shouldn’t she go home to Alaska where she at least has an IQ higher than most of the wildlife?)She has been using violent images to help her make her $25 million a year share of the Right Wing propaganda money, including the 500,000 copies of her book that the Republican Party guaranteed to the publisher.

There is no question about the violent rhetoric. When a member of the House of Representatives calls the President of the United States a liar during a State of the Union speech and that member is allowed to continue in office without being censured or removed or recalled…then you know that the Right Wing has infiltrated the Republican Party and is running things.

This is all about money. The Democrats are fighting an enormous struggle against a Party that has been totally co-opted by big corporations and the top 1%. Their idea is to try to scare people by encouraging people to send poison through the mail, although Majority leader Tom Daschle and his staff avoided serious harm.

Their idea is to encourage nuts until a man in Pittsburgh can no longer stand society and follows the rants of Glenn Beck and Limbaugh to kill policemen. Their idea is to lie about the Tides Foundation, making up ridiculous accusations until a man who happens to be stopped on the Interstate has guns and a map and plans to assassinate the executives of this education foundation…the political target of Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity.

Don’t pay any attention to people…turn them off immediately…if they say, “well there is inflamed rhetoric on both sides.” That’s bullshit. There are people on one side encouraging the growth of White Supremacist militia, and guns and people like Jared Loughner. And on the other side there are people telling them not to do it.

Which side do you think is the Fascist one and which is the Liberal one. The Democrats, such as Bill Gwatney, Party chairman in Arkansas, Gabrielle Giffords and more illustrious perhaps Democrats like Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King.

You’ll notice that no one took the time to take a pot shot at George W. Bush. Apparently, it wasn’t even worth a bullet. Or maybe they decided to be real, law-abiding Americans instead of Fascist Neocons.

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