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One Nation Rally. October 2, 2010, the National Mall, Washington D.C.


If you can attend, it is this weekend. It will be the biggest event on the Mall in many years, a very large number of organizations, including the many various state chapters of the Democratic Party will be busing in people to the Mall for this assembly. It is both significant and also important that as many concerned Americans as possible attend.

The Republic is in danger. We are beset by rich and very powerful forces of plutocracy who want to take over this country. It is not the same as the late 1800s and the early 1900s. Today, the media is largely in the control, not of families who are concerned with their view of truth and justice, but corporations–huge, faceless corporations that are controlled, as all very large corporations are these days by Republicans.

The corporate media have no intention of telling you about what they really know about the tenor and the attitudes of the Middle Class. The Middle Class is angry. Not at Barack Obama, or Nancy Pelosi. They have done a marvelous job of trying to get legislation passed. But you will never hear that from the major media. So we need to express it with a gigantic show of force in one place at one time, to make the impact of our true emotions…our resentment at having been stolen from and cheated and lied into war and left abandoned by Bush and Cheney and Paulson’s Wall Street pals…to shift for ourselves with less in our 401Ks and less equity in our homes…the only wealth the average family is allowed to safely accumulate…until they came along.

We must express our support for the President and our extreme anger at the corporatist Republicans who obstruct and obstruct and obstruct legislation like reasonably priced health care and jobs bills to put the nation back to work…bills that could easily be paid for with taxes that would make the top 1% of Americans pay their fair share, even if it were only for five years…to put this country back together. And they would never even notice that their income changed, because in most cases, these people earn much more than even they can spend.

We’ve seen the face of corporate greed and their power-hungry approach to life. In California, Carly Fiorina who shipped tens of thousand of jobs to Asia and then ran a great corporation into the ground…and left with a huge fortune…is trying to buy a seat in the Senate where she says she will turn back the clock on women and the elderly. Is this why we have a free enterprise system–to allow people to enrich themselves so that they can take office and work against the Middle Class and the Lower Class and for their rich CEO friends and corporations?

Meg Whitman proves again that major corporate executives are all about money and greed and power and destroying the great mass of American lifestyles. She has spent over $120 million of her own money to become Governor of California so that she, too, can turn the clock back on America. She wants to follow the Neocon mantra of cutting government while cutting more taxes for the rich, leaving behind the poor and the elderly and the veterans and the Middle Class.

These Neoconservative CEOs have gone from the very backbone of the country to becoming the enemy of the People. They want to leave the vast majority of Americans with no power, no government to turn to.  They want to end school vouchers, so that the rich get assistance in sending their kids to private schools and there is less remaining–far less–than the poor inner-city schools get now. The inner-city schools have always been the the last refuge of the truly ambitious poor and immigrant populations. They have been the means by which immigrant Jews and Italians and Irish…and Blacks, up from the oppression of the deep South have always bootstrapped themselves into the middle class and sometimes huge success. People like Fiorina and Whitman and their fellow corporate executives…it seems the only kind of person allowed to be a CEO these days…are not the friends of the average American. The ones who came from the lower classes turned their backs on those neighborhoods in favor of those living in the gated communities.  And now they viciously turn on those most vulnerable in society.

This is what we must express on Oct. 2. This is why huge numbers must appear and raise our voices and be heard over the silence of the media.

These corporate CEOs who head the media companies are hired by the handful of major stockholders who are themselves conservative Republicans. They will never tell the truth about what they know. They hire their own pollsters to set the samples the way they want to arrive at the outcomes they want. There was a day when the Pulitzers and Ochs and Hearsts and other families controlled newspapers. Today, NBC is owned by General Electric, the company that put Ronald Reagan into power and set off the Conservative and now the Neo-conservative effort to destroy the Middle Class so that they can better control the labor force. Rupert Murdoch owns both Fox Television and the Fox News Channel. They are deliberate propaganda machines for the rich and for huge corporate interests.

Murdoch owns the Wall Street Journal and the New York Post and massive other media operations. He is not only a conservative. We have always had conservatives shooting darts from the Right at Civil Rights, Women’s Rights, Free Speech, Labor Unions and anything else that would normally be considered populist, egalitarian and honest. But now we have a man who is actively a Neocon, a man who conspires with other major corporate CEOs to try to bring down this country. He is only a recently naturalized citizen. Great Britain and Australia don’t want him. The only way they want him is dead. He is universally despised for his yellow journalism.

We need to send a message to the media. We need to tell them that this assembly is too large to ignore. We want action. We want jobs. We want fairness again in this country. We do not want a Supreme Court that will turn the elections over to the Fortune 200 and say to them: “Elect your own Congressmen and Senators.”

Now to more practical matters. The best way to get there is to pool with others. Hopefully, millions of Americans will go. Unions are organizing buses. Tell your friends about this web site or go to AFL-CIO web sites. You can also simply key in Oct 2, One Nation Rally Washington D.C. and a number of sites will come up. Get on the website:  www.wegoted.com, the Ed Schultz web site. That has information and links. Call your local Democratic Party. Here is a list of all the local Democratic offices in the country. Scroll down to find your local office:  http://www.killercampaigning.com/democratic-republican-party-websites-list-all-50-states/.   The other alternative is to simply key in your county name and the words “Democratic Party.”  That should bring you to your closest Democratic Party office. They should be able to direct you to an organization that is planning a bus trip.

It is time to act. We are being buried by those who would gladly make us dig our own graves. Our  message to the government is being hidden by rich and powerful interests such as those we have mentioned. Your fate is in your hands. Show your support today. Go to Washington if you can. If you can’t, tell a friend. Tell the rest of Americans that they are not alone.

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