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Open Letter to Tea Party: Take a Hard Left Turn


Before anyone who is a true Populist is going to believe that you, the Tea Party members are remotely legitimate and not simply stooges for the Right Wing of the Republican Party, you need to get some common sense. If you want to parade around pretending to be lovers of freedom and democracy, you need to stop working for the forces of totalitarianism and corporatism and begin working for the real people.

The very first thing you need to do is take a very hard look at who your sponsors are. Look at the organizations that sponsored the tea party groups to create chaos against regulating the health insurance industry. What was their motivation, and how silly it is to call a bunch of dilettantes the same name as patriots who risked their lives to be free. No. No “tea party.” Just random numbskulls, wandering around like sheep, doing the bidding of the rich Right Wing…against their own interests. How dumb and pathetic can you be?

Sorry. But it’s true and it’s for your own good. You’re not bad people, most of you. You’re simply…well…mislead. You don’t get the facts so you continue to suffer over and over again, lied to by the same people who lied to you before.

Firstly, all this nonsense about wanting “freedom” and “take our country back.” What? Have you looked around the world? Have you ever left Kansas, little girl? Get real. This is the freest country in the world. How free?

We are so free that we—well, you Republicans, Neocons—just did this: Elected a Bush administration that appointed a Supreme Court that just gave corporations the right to spend unlimited amounts of money to blow your little tea parties off the map, public relations-wise, if they so decide. You won’t be able to elect a sheriff unless GE or Exxon says you can. They will spend millions on any campaign they want to. The rules have changed thanks to Bush and Cheney.

You’ll be a blip on the community consciousness. You don’t have any idea what you’re up against if you ever decide to go against big corporations. It will be like a football game with a score of 85-0. You’ll be the zero. Things are good now because you are attacking the guy who is trying to get corporations to participate in society. As long as you’re attacking Liberals, you’re safe.

But your fickle allies in the Neocon-Republican Party, voting 290 times to block the kind of legislation you say you want are supporting big corporations too. If you decide BP is wrong, and you march against them…guess what? You can say goodbye to any Republican support. And you’ll never see a sign or a painted face on television. You won’t exist for the media.

The more you support nut cases, like the completely idiotic Glenn Beck, who spends all his time taking a little piece from the Constitution and matching it up deliberately with some erroneous piece of legislation, you’ll never be taken seriously. Or if you become those people who say that we should apologize to BP or people like Shirley Engle who wants to have kids carry guns into classrooms…you’ll be a fringe group, a bunch of radical gun nuts and birthers and, frankly, fools. And nothing more. A party of less than a thousand, coming out for rallies in larger numbers because…guess what…many of those people around you are paid to be there. And they’re paid to lie to you and say that they’re not.

Maybe you are all fools and racists. Now we have the Freedom Express guy tossed out for going over the top. Maybe he is typical but just decided to go a little farther so he could get tossed out and just go work for more money with the Neocon Party.

Maybe you know that Dick Armey and Newt Gingrich have spent their lives tearing down the Populist mold, stopping really good healthcare for all twenty years ago, lying to us about how HMOs were going to reduce costs. They didn’t. They just provided less service. That worked out well for health insurance companies.

How did that work out for you? If Newt and Dick hadn’t obstructed in those days, the days before they left Congress to get rich from their support of the health care industry, we would have had good health care and about 5,000,000 fewer personal bankruptcies by now.

Maybe you don’t know who the Koch Family is or how their FreedomWorks was created by a coalition of the top health insurance companies to distract and create chaos so that you…you and your neighbors…the people marching with these racist signs…could not get decent health care for less than a $1,000 a month for you and something similar for your employer.

Of course you understand that the $25,000 bill that you may get from a hospital if you lose your insurance is not what your insurance company pays. Only you pay that amount. The insurance company discounts it with the hospitals and the doctors and the clinics and the specialists. That is why health care companies make $14 million a year and you’re marching in a pair of cheap Walmart shorts and a t-shirt from Taiwan.

Do you think that the Neocons are really not coming to get you? Not while you are supporting them, but consider this:

What is going to happen when you turn 66 and your Social Security is half of what it is now?

What in the world will you do if you turn 60 and get laid off and Obamacare has not kicked in yet? Do you have any idea what COBRA costs? Not likely.

What happens when some neighborhood kid starts shooting up the alley or playing war games with his friends? There will be no restrictions on guns. No Neocon-Republican votes against guns. Never have. Never will. So…do you keep a gun handy in your living room just in case those people who are walking up and down the street outside legally carrying guns just happen to be robbers, rapists or murderers?

Millions of people are now out of work with no way of getting a job and no more unemployment benefits. The National Rifle Association has said that you should get a gun, carry a gun, and become your own policeman because crooks already have guns. But crooks have already decided that they will shoot someone? Have you ever shot someone? It’s not as easy as it looks, at least not the first time. You may not make it to the second time.

How about the financial reform bill? Do you want another stock market collapse? We are $13 trillion in debt. And where did that debt come from? Stop for a minute and think. We had $5.6 trillion in debt when Bush came to office and a surplus. That means that we would have been able to continue to pay down the debt, not add more.

But Bush gave you and especially the rich ($120,000 per year for households making $1,000,000 or more) tax cuts for ten years. That was where $3 trillion of the additional $7.5 trillion Bush and Cheney added to the debt came from.

Then there were two wars that have gone on for 7 years in Iraq and 8 years in Afghanistan with no resolution. World War II only lasted for 40 months and 50 million people died. Afghanistan is half the size of California, not the entire world. The two wars added another $2 trillion.

Then there was the Stock Market speculation by banks. They lost. They went down with everyone’s money. Lehman Brothers was the largest bankruptcy in history, losing $639 billion in 2009, after Washington Mutual (WaMu) the second largest, in 2008, losing $328 billion. And there were others under Bush…GM, Chrysler, Enron, and Global Crossing.

But Lehman and Washington Mutual alone were over a trillion dollars. Where do you think that money goes? Those are real losses by stockholders, debtors, employee retirement funds. Over a trillion dollars of losses. Real money. Lost to the economy.

Other banks were bailed out, like Citibank, Goldman, Sachs and Bank of America. That’s where hundreds of billions went under Bush to save the economy from collapsing completely in the Fall of 2008. No one regulated the banks.

And now tea party hero Glenn Beck says that bank regulations will create tyranny. He doesn’t care. He’s worth $40 million. Like Rush Limbaugh $400 million) and Sean Hannity, ($200 million) he has made himself rich by telling lies for big corporations against “big government.”

He is laughing all the way to the bank. He lies and makes up idiotic, fanciful tales of disaster, which never happens, nor could never happen…and the Tea Party morons eat it up. And they prop up people like Sarah Palin who has now already in one year flogged the dinner circuit and the speaking circuit and the ghost-written book circuit for about $15 million in one year. She is getting rich by lying to the People.

The Neocons and Fox News, the paid propaganda arm of the Republican Party—certainly not working for the people (higher gas taxes, more wars, more debt through increased tax cuts for the rich, apologize to BP for the oil spill, Obama’s an alien…it goes on and on…ridiculous Right Wing talking points.

What’s the point? It’s not complicated if you use your head. None of this “tyranny” is true. Where is it? What’s the real problem? Fifteen million unemployed and another 5 million underemployed. So what do we need? Investment by private investors. But they do nothing.

What else do we need? Protection against Arab oil prices. What do the oil companies do? Argue against alternative energy. The only way to do it without huge taxes is the way the Clinton people cleaned up air pollution. By what is called cap-and-trade. Corporations did it. They didn’t like it but they did it and now we have much cleaner air with lakes not being so polluted with mercury that you couldn’t fish in them. And no one went bankrupt or even felt the slightest inconvenience.

But the Neocons who work for giant corporations tell us that cap-and-trade wont’ work. And why do they say this? Because they know that if they push hard and use Fox News and then get their story on “impartial” networks like Fox and CBS and CNN…the people will never get the truth. And it won’t be any inconvenience at all for them. But what about you?

Without cap-and-trade, without a price on carbon, we cannot raise investment to build green energy companies. That means the loss of at least 500,000 jobs and higher gas prices, probably in the mid $3 range in a year and going up from there. The Arabs will fund more terrorists. That will cost us more money. Soldiers, who are already campaigning for alternative energy so they can stop spending more time in the Middle East than they do in the U.S. will stop volunteering. It will be a disaster.

Not for the oil companies. Not for the Neocon Republicans like John Boehner or Mitch McConnell. Not for Beck, Limbaugh or Hannity. Just a disaster for you.

Better re-think those Tea Party slogans. How about “Out with Obama. In with Catastrophe.” “Kill the Liberals. Be blown up by Terrorists.” Or: “Go NRA…more guns in colleges and churches.” Or how about: “Do away with Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. I want to live and die in a dumpster in my old age.” Or “Down with Democrats. Glenn Beck, BP and GE will be looking out for me.”

Yeah. That ought to do it.

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