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Republican Propagandists: Michelle Malkin


Michelle Malkin rears her head every now and then to spew a little venom.

(This post may not be of much value to anyone from a political standpoint. It is simply one of those commentaries with which a lot of people who don’t like loudmouthed creeps of either sex may sympathize.)

Malkin is a sort of columnist. She writes slanted copy in a semi-serious, adolescent, political-gossip column. She writes anti-American-middle-class commentary for anyone who will pay her, which means of course Fox News. Her use of words is like that of a teenager who accosts the girl who stole her boyfriend.

Of course, if Malkin were theoretically an intellectually honest writer one could ask: “how could you work at a place like Fox News Channel, with so many people whose very commentary advocates the rape of the American commonweal?” She would probably look at you quizzically and reply, “Well, it’s a great place…if you’re nymphomaniacally Neoconservative.”

For example, in discussing what the President should do about the oil spill, she refers to the Director of Homeland Security. She calls her “Janet Clownitano.” That is mild compared to some of the things she calls people.

On the other hand, some people call her “little monkeyface” not meant as a term of endearment.

But she doesn’t make sense. Here’s an example. She accuses the President of being too involved with ex-Goldman, Sachs executives. Of course, that implies that Goldman, Sachs was a large part of the nation’s economic collapse and the loss of 8 million jobs. And that implies that she is against large corporations trying to muscle the government. But then, she attacks Henry Waxman as “Torqumada” and the “chief inquisitor” for bringing CEOs to Congress to be responsive to the American people.

And it is more than ironic that she supports both Mitch McConnell and John Boehner in going to Wall Street to tell them that Neocons will not let Democrats regulate them, so that people like Goldman, Sachs can start all over again bankrupting the American people.

She is so patently a self-promoter that it is almost funny. She starts one sentence on Obama’s so-called alliance with Wall Street by saying, “Just like his crony capitalist predecessor George W. Bush…” Of course, Michelle Malkin, the wannabe-populist-for-day-and-a-dollar loves George W. Bush. She was and under the excessive moderate’s make-up attempting to hide her ugly Neocon image, still is a hard-core Right-Right Winger–as Bush/Cheney as you can get.

If you talk about Malkin, you are talking about the quintessential hate-speech so predominant in the country today from the Neocons. The party of the Southern segregationists has created a cottage industry of these otherwise totally insignificant people like Malkin who are paid, almost like circus freaks, to get up and perform by showing the kind of vile nature that most American families teach their children to avoid.

One whole arm of Neocon politics is now devoted to attacking the President every day. That is what they are paid to do. So if you go one day without hearing that the President was late in getting to the cleanup of the BP oil spill, which of course Neocons told us could never happen in the first place, they are not doing their jobs and will eventually be fired.

The Koch family, EXXON/Mobil, and the Scaifes are billionaires, totally anti-American-middle-class and have no compunctions whatsoever about firing someone or even trying to destroy someone. So Michelle Malkin’s job is always in peril. The Townhall or Fox news people could shut her down tomorrow and she would totally disappear from view.

Her only skill, like that of Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh is doing what pre-teen girls do, send hours of sarcastic insults flying about until they learn that no one wants to be around them. Of course that kind of behavior is mostly from those in the lower classes intellectually, or those with no morals at all. Family economics have little to do with it in this country. If you can throw a football 50 yards or sink a basket from 50 feet, you can be rich. Morals don’t enter into the equation. And rich industrialists and even wealthy Evangelical, rock-concert style preachers will give millions to maintain cells in a petri dish but allow a 3-year old child to die for lack of medical care.

Michelle Malkin has that unique quality that seems to be inherent in most of the Neocons. They have no compassion except for those who can pay them, and no morals at all. They will say anything, tell any lie to make themselves wealthy once they have pandered themselves to the point that they gain notice by some very wealthy Right Wing benefactor.

When Michelle Malkin was brought to this country by her familyn African-American President and everyone else that she differs with for money. Because your a woman, and Chinese or Japanese or whatever she is, even though she insults others of her race, and others who came from Asia to this country as she did, people cut her some slack. Some day, one would hope, the rope will pull tight and lose the slack.

She is the ultimate capitalist. Not only because she will clearly do anything for money, but because she thinks that there should be no limits on what people should earn or simply be given free. She thinks the President is a control freak because, apparently, he didn’t sell out to Wall Street and gave years of his life to the poor and underprivileged.

Malkin really doesn’t know what that means. Her parents skated on their society and ended up here to try to get rich so their daughter could spend her time attacking the government that gave her a safe place to live. She has written extensively about She could then make money from the huge corporations who see to it that her hate-speech appears in print.

She says things like: “Fundamental Principle of Capitalism 101:Governments and bureaucrats don’t make what the people want and need.” That is, of course, ridiculous and false as is much of what Michelle Malkin writes, although most of it slips bye, as her readers are there exclusively to read her Democrat and Government-bashing. Since most of those people are rich, and pay only 15% in income taxes on their capital-gains incomes and resent paying even that, they are clearly tuned in to her hate-filled words and insults against a government that might ask them to pay a fraction more but still much less that most of the rest of the world’s very wealthy pay.

She’s wrong of course. Our government combined with Chrysler to bring a company back from the dead while creating a great windfall for the American people on that transaction. Japanese steel companies have been supported from day one by the government and they annihilated our steel industry. Government, as she well knows, is not designed to make and sell products.

The fact is, however, that working with industry, government has sent people, though unfortunately not Malkin, to the moon and created the most powerful energy source the world has ever known. Some of the most complex machines in the world and many of the greatest medical and pharmaceutical products in the world were created from the research of governments and government-industry partnerships. Malkin wouldn’t know about partnerships or cooperation of any kind.

Malkin: “While he (Obama) lectures on the morality of salary caps for everyone else, his own cabinet is filled with fabulously wealthy CEOs and statist creatures who have parlayed government employment (a “good” service) into private gain as lobbyists, consultants and advisers.” I am a little surprised at her lack of knowledge about what is “fabulously wealthy” but still she is wrong on many other counts. She is talking about, and points out people who have made hundreds of thousands of dollars in jobs in some way affiliated with government.

But of course, the question is when did Michelle Malkin suddenly switch to thinking that being rich is bad, when in the previous comment, she maligned Obama as a “control freak” for even mentioning the possibility of limits on income.(At least, she said he wanted these limits.) And those “fabulously wealthy” among those the President has around him are people who made that money in private industry, mostly on Wall Street, not in government.

Consequently, Malkin’s either ignorance or patently hypocritical attitude leads us to believe that the man whom Malkin must hate more than any other has to be Richard Cheney. Cheney spent his entire career from his first job through his job in the Papa Bush Adminstration as Secretary of Defense in the American Federal government. 100% of his working life…all of it in government.

Then he left, knowing absolutely nothing about the oil industry, but plenty about where all those huge military contracts were buried. He joined oil industry giant, Halliburton…as President! During Cheney’s time at Halliburton the company quadrupled its military government contracts.

Then Cheney went back into government as Vice President to run the country for the oil men who had bought the Presidency for Baby Bush. At the time, his wealth was estimated to be about $45 million with more to come even while he was Vice President. His friend and Malkin hero Donald Rumsfeld had previously done the same thing, using his government contacts, as a former Congressman, White House aide and also Secretary of Defense to smooth the way for a merger of two huge pharmaceutical companies. He became President of Baxter Labs, although he had no prior involvement in private industry and none in pharmaceuticals. He came out of all those deals, using his government contacts, worth an estimated $100 million.

And Michelle Malkin ridicules Henry Waxman and Vice President Joe Biden for not being rich, living on the incomes that they have made as politicians. Biden isn’t a millionaire. Not even close.

She loves to make up adolescent names for Democratic politicians, but bridles when she is called “horse faced.” That is not surprising. She spends half her time writing one column that contradicts something she said in a previous column. So, apparently, Michelle Malkin can insult people and not be insulted herself. To her confused mind, that would appear to make sense.

Michelle Malkin would make herself a multi-millionaire simply by pandering to huge international corporations and conservative billionaires. But she makes a point about people in the Obama cabinet who have become “wealthy.” It is rather a joke. Most of those in the Bush Cabinet, from people like Paul O’Neil, worth probably $100 million or Rumsfeld were worth far more than the average of those in the Obama Cabinet members. Malkin is not stupid. Not at all. She is merely a liar. She knows the truth but tells a falsehood that she knows to be false.

Michelle Malkin has written a book in which she calls President Obama the leader of a group of tax cheats, crooks and cronies. Of course every administration is composed of cronies. One of the cronies in the Bush Administration was a man who asked questions at press conferences provided to him by the Administration. He was not a real journalist and therefore ineligible for a White House press pass, but was also a male prostitute. Another crony of the former administration outed a secret agent for the CIA, which was not only treasonous, which should have required a 20-year-to-life prison sentence, but but also should have been investigated for possibly causing the torture or deaths of as many as 50 to 100 foreign nationals.

The latest ploy by the Right is to pull their age-old Karl Rove trick calling almost any contrary opinion of a sleaze-bag like Malkin is a “smear” campaign.

Well, OK then…smear this!

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