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Republican Tax Cut Passes. Woe to All Americans


Joseph O’Shaughnessy

It is done. The Republican/Neo-Fascist tax cuts are ready to go to the House, which has already passed tax cuts and will be, if that is possible, more friendly to the rich and harder on their own constituents.

The billionaires and global corporations, the money behind the Neo-Fascists–have won. It is as simple as that. The rich will get richer. You and I and all the average citizens in this country will pay the bill–in Medicare cuts, in Social Security cuts and, over time, in the complete removal of health care for the poor and needy children.


That’s what you voted for when you voted in Republican senators in Pennsylvania and Ohio and Wisconsin and the Republican governors in Michigan and Ohio and Wisconsin….all in the bag, all paid off by the billionaires to restrain voting options and cut the voting rolls among average and poor citizens. The winners spent vast sums…millions and millions of dollars to buy these Republican/Neo-Fascist cretins, these scum bags, these phonies and liars who would sell you the American citizens out for a mere re-election to Congress. You’ve been lied to, cheated, and now you will be further drained of resources.

How is it possible that a country could be so stupid? After Reagan said that the country’s revenue would grow and yet the numbers clearly showed that instead we went trillions into debt? After Clinton proved that by raising taxes, he could still encourage entrepreneurship here that would create world-leading IT companies that still employ more highly paid workers than all the old S & P 500 combined. Then came Bush II and two tax cuts…leading to hundreds of billions of dollars of debt again. Once again Cheney lied and promised millions in new revenues and more better paying jobs but just the opposite occurred. Plus what many say was a deliberate Recession which robbed average Americans of much of their remaining wealth. The Republican/ Neo-Fascists created legislation that encouraged sending jobs abroad, encouraging corporations to move overseas, to locate in the Bahamas or Cayman Islands. Then they asked us, the average Americans to take cuts to Social Security and Medicare and Medicaid instead of increasing the social safety net as European countries and advanced countries everywhere have done, while we fall behind. The Republicans now, today, made it clear. They want the rich to get richer while YOu pay the bill in reduced benefits that YOU already paid for. Are you nuts? And you continue to vote Republican?

in the late 1920s and early 1930s, the National Socialists of Germany began their propaganda campaign. They would reduce inflation, create jobs and restore Germany’s “image” in the world. What they actually did was to do what the Republicans have done for the last 8 years…obstruct progress. They waited out the other political parties, created gangs of thugs and found a charismatic leader who could persuade the wealthy German industrialists to fund their propaganda. This is exactly what the Republican/Fascists have done in this Court Justice for an entire year until a Republican President could be elected. These are active Fascist tactics, not American constitutional Democratic policies. Unless we are, in fact, a Fascist country. Are we?

There is nothing you can do about this tax cut now. You are the losers. You are going to lose more. There will be a huge upsurge in the Stock Market. Why not? The tax cuts will mean hundreds of billions of dollars among those who are already the richest among us. Whom do you think own major corporations. About 50 percent of all stock is owned by less than 5% of stock holders. Billions more will go to the rich, who predominantly now are those who want to reduce our society to poverty, a society not unlike the tin-pot dictatorships that left Latin America in ruins. It may be no accident that our most trusted leaders are now military. But how long can we rely on the integrity of unelected leaders?

In many cases, the Fascists behind the Fascist Republican Party no longer try to hide it. The Kochs and all their pseudo-political organizations, promoting “freedom” and “choice’ both of which they seek to remove from American society, are now clearly out in the open. They believe that they can…especially after Citizen’s United spend enough money to elect even the worst human beings on the planet because they can persuade you, the hicks…that’s how they see you…to vote for anyone if they spend enough money. And they’ve been right.

If I were Black, I would be organizing Black Power groups all over the country, legal para-military gun clubs as fast as I could. If the Republicans want guns in the public because we have some ridiculous interpretation that they are needed for a free “militia,” I’d give them free militia that would scare their pants off. Do I want that? I’m white. It would not be good for me. But if I were Black, I’d be out organizing today. I could see more oppression coming, more lack of opportunity, more racism. I’d rely on the good nature of average American Whites and organize solid Black citizens with real power to demolish any White Supremacists that sought to reduce that power. I’d organize Black Leaders, marching to support Blacks and Whites who would turn out in the largest numbers to vote. The Jews have a motto: “Never again.” If I were Black, I’d say…”Never more. Enough is enough!”

You can claim that this is just a political season, that things change and an new and different political climate will come about. But, again, I point to Germany and Italy and Spain. Real people died…in the millions…because other people did not stand up and say…this time is different. Well, this time is different for all of us. The Republican Party is led by a true racist and true Fascist, Mitch McConnell, for decades in the pocket of multi-millionaire sponsors (How do you think a man who looks like a turtle and talks like a retarded accountant became the leader of the Republicans in the Senate? He controls the money!)

Yes, there are 20 or so states who still think they are in the Confederacy, who would like to see the return of slavery, who still fly Confederate flags, who harbor White Supremacists and whose educational level is about two IQ points over a monkey. But we have had those people before. Franklin Roosevelt had them in the Democratic Party and bowled them over…made them totally irrelevant, which they should be again. In the Southern states, to their everlasting shame, the good guys became wimps, bowing to the good old boy bigots with their guns and pickup trucks, football and NASCAR. These groups have reduced the honorable and intelligent and cultured in the South to a tiny political minority, cowering before the NRA and idiotic Right Wing political-religions groups masquerading…not fooling anyone…as Christians. The thugs have taken over the political power in those states and brought them to the lowest level since the end of the Civil War. They humiliate the rest of Americans citizenry around the world with their barbarity. And no amount of phony religion and fake civility can hide them from the public trash…yes, the “deplorables” and the trash that elected Trump and still want to elect a child molester to the Senate.

There is a time for action…and it has passed. The consequences of inaction are coming and they will come fast and be monumental. Power does not give up power…it seeks more. Just remember this. Today you may be riding the crest of the wave, but tomorrow’s wave may crash right on top of you. As many Americans who had good jobs and homes, riding high and secure in their lives until 2008 and who now have menial jobs, few savings, more debt and occasionally no home.

If you even have the will to fight for your country…your fellow citizens…you’d better start now. Because tomorrow it will be harder and the day after that and the day after that….until one day…it will be illegal!

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