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Rick Perry’s Texas Two-Step


Is Rick Perry a real candidate for President? Was he a real governor of Texas? Some say that he was a stooge, several times worse than the Stooge for the Oil Corporations….Georgie Boy Bush. Let’s see. Oil companies, apparently after fast food restaurants, are the largest business in the state.

The state of Texas is the worst violator of the clean air standards of the United States. Texas is $28 billion in debt. It has the largest number of below-poverty workers in the country and 8.8% of even that minimal standard of employed workers are unemployed and have been for a while.

Do you know what a murderer is? It is a person who deliberately and of his or her own free will premeditatedly kills someone. Perry knew for a long time…many months at least…that a man accused of arson probably did not set the fire that killed his three children. Yet he deliberately had him killed.

Deliberately killing a man that you know may be innocent is murder. Perry is a murderer. No murderer should be nominated as a candidate for President of the United States. No murderer should be governor of a state…but that’s Texas for you.

Don’t get sick in Texas. One out of four people lack health insurance. Because Texas is such a large state, this means that there are more uninsured Texans than the total number of uninsured people in the next 33 states combined! In addition, Rick Perry is against funding the SCHIPS programs that give subsidies for parents in low-income working families…which Texas has more than any other state…so that they can buy at least minimal health insurance for their children.

Don’t look for a job in Texas. It has the highest number of low income workers. Perry boasts, erroneously, about the number of jobs he has created. Well, he hasn’t created any more than anyone else, including former Governor Ann Richards. And his unemployment is 8.2% up .2% from the beginning of the year, with a Texas-record 1,002,899 unemployed, which is 23rd worst in the country, not even close to being one of the best as Perry falsely claimed. The fact is that a high-wage, full-health-insurance state like Massachusetts has created many more jobs…obviously at higher wages…than Perry has since 2008. And remember this: below minimum wage means–below “below-poverty levels.”

But that’s only jobs. What about education? Certainly the boastful Mr. Perry must have some strong stuff there. Well, let’s see. Texas ranks last in the attainment of high school diplomas. But it is not last in meeting all federal educational guidelines. It is merely 44th. It is one of our biggest states, but it has only one university ranked in the top 50.

No good? OK, how about health. Let’s see, Texas is ranked last, 50th, in the percentage of women with health insurance. It ranks last in spending on mental health and last in percentage of women who get prenatal care. It is ranked number one in something to do with health care. It is number one in the number of children who lack health insurance. (tied with Florida and Governor Rick Scott) It came in fourth in the number of children living in poverty (tied with Alabama.)

But Texas is a big winner, number one, in one category…the number of people it executes every year. How many are really guilty we don’t know. So the likelihood is that Rick Perry, running for President because he seems aware that Texas will probably not be able to secede, is a serial murderer because it is very probable that there are more than the one who were executed who were not guilty.

According to the paper The Texas Independent, the median wage for all workers in Texas in 2010 was $11.20. That’s all workers. So the average worker in Texas makes $23,296. ¬†Why would anyone live in Texas for $23,296?

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