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Romney Has a Serious Problem. (short)


Mitt Romney is doing something that many candidates do when they are attacked, and especially when they are attacked with facts that are very difficult to deny. Romney has attacked those who are attacking him.

And he has done another most telling thing. He has panicked. He ran immediately…immediately…to every media outlet that he knew would either favor him or would not ask more questions than he could answer with sound bites.

Public relations people tell you to do exactly that when you are hit with something that you cannot defend. Always try, as the prepared Republicans did on the Sunday, July 15th, news and opinion programs to change the subject.

Here’s the problem. Mitt Romney signed his name as the President, the CEO, the Chairman of the Board and the sole owner of Bain Capital in 1999. Then he went off to the Olympics. But the problem is this. When you sign your name to a document like that you are accepting responsibility for the decisions of the company. That is what the document is for. It is to know who is responsible.

So, let’s say that Mitt Romney signed the document, then said…boys, watch the store, I’m going off to run the Olympics. If that is the case, and he says it is, then he was not being completely truthful. It turns out that he was mostly running the Olympics. So, at the very least, he has the worst of both worlds. He is avoiding the complete truth. In filing documents he says he is President and CEO, but someone else was was obviously fulfilling that function, no matter what he or she was called in the personnel directory.

And he is avoiding the complete truth about his relationship with the actions that Bain took. He was involved with some Bain actions, and therefore was involved with a company (he says as President, CEO, and owner on the form) that shut down and outsourced jobs to foreign countries for a number of companies, in one of which transactions hundreds of employees were laid of and lost personal equity while Bain made over $100 million.

So, you are going to tell people that you made $100 million, your company did, while you were “President, CEO, and owner” and you were not involved? What you are doing right now, is lying and at the same time, calling the American people stupid.

This is not new and it is not the fault of the Republicans. It is the fault of the American People. When a Senator says that he has to go to a basketball game so he cannot be bothered to vote on a bill to help millions of Americans get their unemployment checks, it is the fault of the American People that he is not attacked by a mob, tarred and feathered and sat down in his chair until he votes on the damned bill!

When a Republican House of Representatives says that it will shut down government unless very rich people get more tax breaks when millions are out of work, people are living in tents, tens of thousands weekly are being thrown out of their homes–all because of the greed of a very large number of those already very rich people–and the Republican House now wants to give them more tax cuts? Ore else they will shut down government?

It is the American people’s fault. Why would you ever vote for someone who would do that just once? Just once! Kick out every Republican–because they, as a bloc…no one dissenting…are the ones who did it. Including the billionaire-sponsored Tea Party Republicans. Protect the rich and soak the poor. And then go to your masters and pick up your blood money.

Mitt Romney should not be a candidate. He should be indicted for lying on a financial document. He can defend himself in court. There is no problem there. But he should not be given special treatment because he is a candidate. This huge uproar…oh, you can’t indict Mitt Romney for perjury! Why not?

We already have too many bankers still enriching themselves today who never were indicted for the many real crimes, real, illegal acts that they committed during the Great Bush Stock Market Crash and Depression that we have and are still going through. And the two people who now–we know conclusively–lied us into a war that was the greatest cataclysm of the 21st Century so far, Bush and Cheney, have still not been indicted as war criminals. What kind of a country are we?

That is why we cannot elect nor can we tolerate any further campaigning by a man who is so suspect and who could become the President of the United States. We have no idea what he would do or what he is capable of doing until we have this matter resolved. Is he a liar or are there good explanations? Does he believe in public service or is he merely a stalking horse for those who would take away our government as we know it? Would he sponsor legislation to do what he obviously believes in–close down U.S. manufacturing and ship jobs overseas?

Or would he perhaps lie to his followers in the Republican Party and sponsor health reform as he did in Massachusetts when pressed by a state legislature? (A program, which by the way, has cut costs dramatically for individual private health insurance and has an over 90% popularity in the state.)

There are too many questions now about Mitt Romney. Let him clear things up or let him go. Let him run and ignore him and simply focus on the House and the Senate to elect representatives of either party who vow that they will work with the President to create jobs.

Jobs will solve all our economic problems. Especially if the private investment market would stop making only low risk, high reward bank-to-bank investments and act like real investors in our country for the first time in 12 years. We need to return to the investors of the 1990s who took risks and made fortunes and balanced the budget and took unemployment in some places to under 4%.

The American people cannot be satisfied that Mitt Romney is that kind of leader at this point. Give a Democratic Congress to the President and give him four years to create jobs. By that time, Mitt Romney may have untangled his complicated financial affairs.

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