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Say “No” to Tax Cuts for the Rich


Joseph O’Shughnessy

Call your Senator as soon as you have finished reading this, or before, if possible, and urge him or her…under pain of losing your vote, because re-election is all that matters to them, to vote against the Trump Republican tax bill.

This is not only your last chance to stop a further, huge shift of wealth to the top 1%…it may be your last chance to control anything in your life having to do with the government.

This tax bill will do one very significant thing that will influence your life. It will provide about a thousand people who are richer than you can possibly imagine, who are already spending about a billion dollars every election cycle to keep you in your economic place, and, to insure that you stay there, to actually reduce your economic status.

Don’t ask why they would do such a thing. Why is Donald Trump President of the United States? Why do bilionaires need more than on jet plane and half a dozen luxury homes? Why does a couple with no children need a home with 42 rooms?

Don’t ask “why” when we’re talking about greed. A man in 1929 on Wall Street jumped off a building because he thought he was broke…with only $18 million left to his name! A woman with many needy relatives left here fortune of (only) $20 million to her dog! The governor of Illinois makes $91 million a year, while governor, has 9 homes in top places in the country, like Central Park in New York and on the ocean in Florida…and yet wants to deny teachers their pensions! That’s why he ran…and to deny government workers their rights to join a union to get better wages…(which raises wages for everyone, by the way.)

If the Right Wing billionaire class gets its hands on another trillion dollars…because that is what we’re talking about…they will immediately fund every Right Wing Republican who promises to follow their lead. What does that mean?

Cuts to Social Security and Medicare…your money…money you subtracted from your pay each week for 45 years to give you a minimal amount of shelter and food and at least some affordable health care when you really need it.

Cuts and complete removal, long term, of Medicaid. This is no secret. Paul Ryan has said he wants to “reform” Medicaid because it is too expensive. If something is too expensive and you want to reform it, it doesn’t mean you’re going to increase it. And that has not been the experience of legislation that Republicans tried to pass but could not–until now–with Trump as President.

Removal of all aspects of Obamacare. You saw that Trump and some Republicans who work for the Billionaires wanted to do away with it and not replace it. That would mean going back to the old system, tens of thousands dying because they couldn’t afford to go to the doctor or the emergency room (at $2300 a pop) and half a million going into bankruptcy and employer-based health care co-premiums going up for workers at 15-20% per year over a decade (while losing a little coverage every year.)

More money spent on military, less on roads, schools, bridges, libraries, universities, hospitals…because that is where the big, profitable business lies…with big corporations billing the government three or four times what the contract calls for…and you pay the bill. They spread their contracts out all across the country so that every congressman has an incentive to vote for military spending bills.

There will be more downward, not upward, pressure on wages as soon as this tax bill is safely passed into law and cannot be overturned. Trump is no friend of labor, of the worker. He has been at odds with workers wherever he has had businesses. The Republicans have forced Right-to-Work legislation now in over 28 states and in every state where they capture the entire state legislature and governorship. The organization ALEC, founded and funded by the Fascist Koch Brothers is the instigator for Right-to-Work and they see to it that no state legislator gets financial aid, which flows freely, unless he or she supports the Koch Brothers policy…right to work only.

This may be a final challenge. People like Senator Bernie Sanders and Senator Sherrod Brown and other Progressives are shouting from the housetops…there is no need for this bill! If we wanted to create jobs (unemployment is already finally below 5% the best since Bill Clinton, I believe) then we could do it with alternative methods without enriching the Super-Rich. Wall Street hit an all-time high yesterday and has been climbing, with new records every week, for the last year.

This is the culmination of pent up demand, suppressed during the Obama administration…easy for anyone with a mind and a computer to investigate and discover the truth…that the Republicans obstructed growth with over 400 filibusters over 8 years, doing everything in their power to hold back growth until Obama left office.

If the rich, Right Wing Republicans get this windfall, it very well could be the end of Democracy in the United States.

Call or write…some how contact and scream bloody murder at your Senator. Today!

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