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State of the Nation — June 2010


Where are we?

We’ve got a bunch of tea party nuts…let’s be frank…running around saying that the country is becoming a fascist sate and another segment of the same nuts or even those same nuts themselves contradicting what they just said by saying we’re becoming Communist or Socialist.

It’s difficult even to explain, let alone understanding what in the hell they’re talking about.

Well, we certainly don’t have the fantasy-world that these cretinous, stupid, lying Right Wing commentators like Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh and that pencil-neck, flat-head Sean Hannity are trying to create out of thin air.

We’ve got a President, who…we all know…is not exactly the fire breathing dragon we wanted to let loose on Bush and Cheney. He received 54% of the vote. That’s a very strong number..and a ton of states…basically everything but the deep South who said: these bastards have been screwing us for 8 years and now we want retribution.

But what we got was certainly not the type of “impeach those rotten bastards” type of Liberal, Progressive legislation and action that we wanted from the new government. To be fair, it is partly the fault of the obstructionist policies of the Right Wing, and partly the intimidation or corruption of a handful of Democratic Senators by lobbyists.

Apparently, the idea of the Right Wing is to test the peasants and see if they understand that all this idiocy about dictatorships and totalitarianism is part of the huge propaganda campaign by the big corporations, the 90% of radio commentators–who happen to be conservatives and paid propagandists at that. Of course it is obvious to most people with a brain and a high school degree that it is all a huge lie. If their audiences don’t write in and ask them if they are sane, then the Right Wing propagandists feel that they are persuading the lame-brained and the pure morons that there is a major conspiracy. It is literally the worst propaganda campaign ever seen outside of a totalitarian dictatorship and far and away the worst every in this country.

The President and this government are very centrist. Let’s state it clearly and ignore any other interpretation….there’s no point in being nice to liars like these Neocons. It’s a centrist government, not even Liberal or Progressive. Obama is, or acts as if he is, a moderate Republican. He is certainly on the right hand of Bill Clinton, who was no FDR. Limbaugh, Beck, Savage, Hannity, O’Reilly, Coulter and the others….all liars…telling the same stupid lie, over and over again to the helots, hoping that they will parrot their lies. And, to some degree it works. They have a lot of airtime. Ninety percent of radio commentators are Neoconservative Republican propagandists.

Both of these basic centrists–Obama and Clinton–are good guys. But here is the problem. There is no political center, no centrist group. There are no Republican moderates. The Republicans are all…all 41 Senators, all of the members of the House of Representatives….Right Wing Neoconservatives, Neocons. They all vote in a block against not only Progressive legislation, but any legislation that a.) helps the people, and b.) will damage the Democratic Party that works for the people. Progressive legislation may cost money. That means taxes, which the Neocon rich and corporations don’t like. Despite the lowest tax revenues since 1950, the corporate sponsored Neoconservative media keeps up the lie that we are over-taxed.

Here’s where we are:

We need a minimum of 10 million jobs. That will restore our economy. The government came up with an idea to spend $200 billion to create jobs and that would do it, if the government simply does it directly. Do the math $40,000 a year for one year x 5 million jobs = $200 billion. That would get the economy going again. Once that spending is in the economy, another 5 million will be created immediately. We live in a service economy.

We need to create new industries here at home. Once the people are back to work and the economy is growing…and it would start to grow at about 5 or 6%, then we need to unleash the alternative energy program. That will create long-term jobs for several million of the government hires at about the same time as those one-year jobs are over. The Gulf situation tells us we need alternative energy. We have huge capacity, huge reserves of natural gas…let’s get moving on the changeover.

We need to change the tax laws. People have always gotten rich in this country. But after the Depression, they were forced, frankly, to reinvest a certain part of their incomes, at the top end, back into domestic industry or give the money to the government. Before you feel sorry for these people, they were then, after their investment, only taxed at 15 to 20% of the profits, which benefited them and our economy. We need to do that again.

We need to stop letting corporations go overseas and make products and simply bring them back here for free to participate in the U.S. market, like some foreign manufacturer. We need to put a penalty on U.S. corporations who want to use foreign workers to make products to sell to U.S. workers. It has as much to do with common sense as it has to do with fairness.

The problem is that giant corporations–like BP for example–hate workers. They exhibit all the signs of hatred…even though they are corporations. Of course the Supreme Court says that they are individuals, just like human beings. So we can assume that they have emotions…hatred being one of them. So we need to end that hatred, as we ended the hatred of minorities, by law.

We need to make sure that U.S. corporations pay a minimum of 10% in taxes so long as they make profits. The country gets its cut, then the stockholders. Make sure that any products made outside the U.S. pay, just for that fact, at least 4% duty coming back in. Then use those tens of billions–because that’s how much there would be–to create new domestic manufacturing with U.S. workers.

We need to pay the Employee Free Choice Act. We need to find a Senator or two on the Right who can be bribed, intimidated, threatened or other wise disposed of so that American workers can have the kinds of rights that have all–all–been earned for them in the past by unions. The 40-hour week, employee benefits, job protection, retirement and early retirement programs…all those things and a safe workplace came about because of unions. Period.,

We need to end the control of industries like mining, media, oil, finance, communications and transportation by a handful of companies in each of these industries. The biggest restriction on the growth of of our economy is the consolidation of “too big to fail” corporations with government in their pockets…all 41 Republican Senators for example…and control of the message. No photos of the BP oil spill damage were coming out until one network began to show them. Then others had to follow suit.

It’s time to get moving. If we had a Stalin or Lenin or Mao or Mussolini and this country were–as lunatic Glenn Beck seems to wish or pretend–a Socialist or a Fascist state, then things would move quickly. They would round up these obstructionist Republican Senators and put them in a gulag somewhere and appoint new ones who would do the dictator’s bidding. They would not waste time trying to jawbone them into action…not this bunch of lying, greedy, anti-American creeps.

There you have it. The state of the nation plus two wars. There is a simple solution. Vote out all Republicans. Vote them out…all of them. Then your will only have the corrupt segment of the Democratic Party to deal with. That is big enough.

The vote is only 5 months away. Time to get down to work again. Throw the bums out.

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