The Danger of Armed Insurrection in America Today


We go to work in unnerving heavy traffic, fighting to get there on time so that we won’t be one of those who is on the list for the next layoff. We come home to find out that the neighbor down the street who lost his job 9 months ago and never found another has been foreclosed on and doesn’t know where his family will go or if they’ll be homeless.

Meanwhile, Sarah Palin travels around the country making speeches about how bad the President is and how he has caused so much of our problems, like, say, the 15 million people unemployed (when he took office) and the 700,000 a month who were still being laid off…on the day he took office! Wow…he’s a fast worker. He was destroying the country even before he took office.

Who was that guy who was there before…again? Oh yeah, the genius, George W. Bush. (“Trust the Bankers and the Industrialists. Captialism works.”) Really, George? It seems that all your pals made billions when gasoline was at $4.00 a gallon under you…and Cheney…the oilmen. So whom were you protecting…oilmen or American citizens?

Cheney’s pals, Blackwater and Halliburton, got rich on the wars you created, Dubya, while 4,500 American boys and girls lost their lives in Iraq and 30,000 more were duped into believing that their lost limbs or lost sight or inability to sleep or work or stop shaking….was necessary for American defense. Who pays the bill for that? BP? They won’t even clean up their mess and take care of the people they ruined.

So we’ve got a few things on our minds. We’re busy trying to survive. We buy something and it doesn’t work or we find a mistake on our credit card bill and we end up talking to someone in India who took the job of someone who lives down at the end of your street. And it takes hours and Emails and nothing but problems. And why? Because it is easier for that corporation that has that voice mail message…you know the one…they all have it…that says “All lines are busy now. Don’t hang up. You are important to us. Don’t hang up. You are a valuable customer to us. By the way, your waiting time will be approximately 15 minutes. You are important to us. Don’t hang up.”

Let’s be honest. Do you really think that they don’t want you to hang up, and give up, and just let them get away with the extra $50 or whatever it is? The $50 really adds up when you are one of only 5 corporations doing what you do, and when you can get half a million people to just hang up and live with your mistake. That makes for a really big bonus for that CEO. That’s why they do it. It used to be called fraud or a con-game or outright theft. Since Reagan-Bush and Bush it’s called free enterprise. That’s why they are Neoconservatives and vote and financially support Republicans.

And in Alaska, if you are a Senate candidate and a Right-Wing Republican, you don’t make any bones about it…you’re a Nazi. You say to the people of Alaska..get over it. If you don’t, he says, I’ll have my private security force handcuff you. And they’re tough guys. They picked a tough name, “Drop Zone Security.” It intimates that they are all ex-airborne people. Well, guess what? Two of the hired Brown-Shirt detail, the ones hired to keep the press away from the Nazi candidate were U.S. Army active-duty soldiers. So we are now allowing the U.S. military to get involved with our political campaigns?

That’s not the worst of it. This “Drop Zone” outfit is an unauthorized organization. They have no license as a security agency in Alaska, yet, in addition to this incident, they have been accused of forcing cars off the road and surrounding a private vehicle while carrying weapons. They dress up like characters from “Men in Black” and act as private thugs. As we said, Nazi-style activity seems to be accepted in Republican Alaska.

Now…finally…we have begun to see the Neocon rhetoric turn in to real Nazi activity. This is what Hitler and Mussolini used to do. And the reason they got away with it was because no one stopped them. Germany was not always controlled by Nazis. Germany and Austria were arguably the most cultured countries in the world at the time. Of course Herr Goebbels and Hitler figured out about radio propaganda early on…the 1920s and 1930s version of Fox News…and began to spew lies over radio relentlessly, day and night. They were the Rush Limbaughs of their day, only they had clubs and guns and used them.

This Alaskan psuedo-Nazi outfit is just the tip of the Iceberg. These American militia are people who are violent and racist and anarchist. And they quite naturally love guns. The potential members of these organizations are recruited largely at gun shows. This is what the National Rifle Association has brought us. First they proliferated guns to the point that any criminal can now get one, even an automatic weapon, from the untold numbers of unregistered guns smuggled into the country or stolen and hidden from law enforcement. Every year officials report finding huge stashes of guns, ammunitions and explosives hidden by criminal miliitia organizations.

And what do the Republican Tea Party candidates say? Are they trying to create a less violent society? Sharron Angle is the incredibly stupid woman running for Senate in the state of Nevada, where an obviously large number of other incredibly stupid people say they may vote for her. Sharron Angle says that we may have to take remedies, if she is not elected, involving militia against the government! And she’s running for Senator! That alone should be enough to put her poll numbers through the floor with only anarchists willing to vote for her. Senators do not normally run on a platform of “If I lose, I’ll get a private army together and attack the government.”

In election after election, we now see huge amounts of money being spent on television commercials from private organizations, which, thanks to the Citizens United decision of the Supreme Court, are not obliged to divulge the names of their members. So, now we have more thugs, telling us that while, yes, they may be the Mafia or Muslim terrorists or oil companies executives, it is none of our business to know who they are or how much money they spend to elect a specific Senator.

In Sharron Angle’s case, it could be her intention to end regulations over corporations like Koch Industries, who were fined $300 million for serious pollution over decades and their complete disregard of laws or people’s lives. Maybe it is Koch giving her the $14 million she has received from outside sources. Pretty simple. She gets a Senate seat and they get a totally obligated, bought-and-paid-for Senator to introduce or vote against legislation on their behalf.

What if the money is coming not from Muslim terrorists but U.S. backers of militia? Maybe Sharron Angle has told them that she will see to it that they can organize and terrorize the people of Nevada, the way Blackwater is threatening the people of California.

Or maybe she made a deal with Muslim terrorists. She is apparently only interested in her own election, since she says that “second amendment” (prohibiting private militia) remedies may be necessary if she doesn’t win. What better group to form a silent, private insurgent group than Muslim terrorists?

The fact is that we don’t know who is giving the money to Angle, or Joe MIller or Pat Toomey or Rand Paul or any of these Right Wing (and now identified as goon-recruiting, psuedo-Nazi) candidates. Germany and Austria did not stop them in their tracks. Here in the United States, we rejected Fascists and arch-conservatives and instead elected one of our greatest Presidents, Franklin Delano Roosevelt. He was for the People and dead against the corporate interests.

Does President Obama need to be stronger against all these Nazi influences or are they themselves so despicable that we should be prompting him…urging him on? Should we not be the ones, in this election who say to the President….go after these people the way FDR did? Attack, attack and attack.

These are the corporate giants who have moved our jobs to China and India….the health insurance industry that leaves 50 million people a year without the ability to buy health insurance and bankrupts another million a year….the oil industry that charges three and four dollars a gallon of gas and spends billions of dollars against a cap-and-trade bill that will bring down gas prices and end our dependence on oil from terrorist-sponsoring countries…or Wall Street bankers who cost us 15 million people unemployed and who borrow federal funds at less than two percent and charge us 29 percent on credit cards?

Are these your heros? Do you want them protected by Senators who are protected even from questioning from the press by armed goons, the old Nazi-style S.A, the brown shirt thugs and murderers? It is clear from what is happening in the West and in Alaska that we are now there. We have arrived at a place where we must now stand up and say…no more armed goons, no more thugs, no more violent Timothy McVeighs or Eric Rudolphs. Stop these potential murderers and take away their guns. This is a country where you can be safe without a gun.

Or is it? Recently, a group called Hutaree, in Michigan, Indiana and Illinois, was raided by the FBI and or the ATF for threats against Muslims and apparent suspicion of possessing quantities of firearms illegally. If you go on the Internet you can see Hutaree in action, with their M16s and their military uniforms playing soldier in the wilds of Michigan.

It is always great to be a soldier when no one is firing back at you. But when you are sitting on the other side of the line and 24 divisions with tanks and guns and air support are facing you, there isn’t the same kind of sporting-life elation as there is from running through Southern Michigan with only rabbits as the enemy. These people are potential bullies and cowards, just as was David Koresh, the polygamist and militant who was charged with attempted murder and Timothy McVeigh, a militant who killed over 229 people by placing a bomb in a building in Oklahoma City and then running away.

You can find them on the Internet…crazies…hate-filled, so-called “Christians” who believe all kinds of nutty things about Arabs and Muslims and work themselves into a frenzy because they know nothing and have nothing and, in particular, have nothing meaningful to do with their lives. It is always the same, generation after generation. First it was the ever-present pogroms of the Jews culminating in the Holocaust, and the Inquisition along the way, then the Salem witch trials, then the Communist witch hunt, and the KKK, and now it is these crazy white supremacists.

The Hutaree were indicted for plotting a violent law enforcement attack. It could be that it would never have been carried out. So, the Michigan Militia would have you believe, we should leave them alone until they actually kill somebody, as many of these people have, and then go after them. They are only “playing soldier” or “preparing themselves” for some kind of as yet unknown “takeover” and these clowns would step up and take some kind of idiot action. Absurd. They are totally useless to real law enforcement groups or the military.

Look at Blackwater. They have proved themselves to be a bunch of gun-happy killers, even in a country where they were basically at liberty to act as they pleased and had all the money in the world to protect themselves, they couldn’t get it right. Even then they were so jittery and gun happy and acted so irresponsibly that Iraq wants them out and wants them to stay out.

Of course you also have people like Alex Jones, the nut job radio commentator, saying that if you are making reckless statements on signs or on your web site, you should not be interfered with because simply saying that everyone should get together and attack the government is still free speech. Jones says that the police, whom he refers to as “minimum-wage goons” are being turned loose on people like him.

Of course if Jones is an anarchist, why should we let him potentially blow up another building in Oklahoma City before finding out he is serious and not just another blowhard, which he is saying that he is? A guy like Jones flies his plane into a building because he doesn’t like the IRS. Is that what we should wait for..more people to die? Is that what sensationalist-seeking Alex Jones wants to happen?

The Tea Party is one thing. They can be as crazy as they want. If they can get the votes they can go to Congress and do their damnedest to disrupt government. But people in uniforms with military weapons, who want to come into my neighborhood, in the name of “Jesus” and save me from non-existent Muslims or terrorists of undetermined origin or even of undetermined existence…no. We have to disband these groups and put their large caches of military equipment under the control of either Federal or State authorities.

We are reaching the point of no return on this militia business with people coming on and saying that the pervert David Koresh and the anarchist-multiple-murderer Tim McVeigh were some kinds of heroes? They weren’t nor are these so-called body guards and militia members who are tied to what we now know to be a clearly Nazi-style political agenda.