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The Geithner Gotcha Game


Here we go again! The Republicans have absolutely nothing to say and nothing to contribute to returning the United States to economic equilibrium. So they fasten on to the faintest whiff of a miniscule problem that might have happened on Tim Geithner’s watch. And they are hanging on to it and chewing it like toy bulldogs.

Good for them. I can’t wait until 2010. Voters will see that they were chewing on Geithner’s pantleg while Rome burned and the Obama Administration…with no Neocon-GOP help…put out the fire.  Geithner to Summers to Orzag…the kind of triple-play, brain-trust  combination that simply cannot be found in the dugout of the Evangelical, Jesus-saves, anti-intellectual, Southern hillbilly party. When your entire intellectual brainpower comes from Liberty College or whatever that Jerry Falwell institute is called, you don’t really have any solutions. You have a leader whose name is Rush Limbaugh!

And a guy chasing him named Newt Gingrich, who, among other things, put us squarely in the healthcare mess we’re in today. No one more than Newt has cost the American people more bankruptcies. Even Wall Street can’t match Newt for the stupidity of his “vision” on how healthcare was going to work out.  It was, by the way, the vision of the  corporate healthcare world that bankrolled the GOP into election and into screwing the American people.  Newt can proudly say that he killed universal healthcare in this country.  If that is something anyone should be proud of.

All the Republican chicklets running around screaming for Geithner’s head today are the same guys who voted for  tax cuts for the rich (cost us $1.2 trillion), the Iraq war (cost us…first…4,000 American and at least 100,000 Iraqi civilian lives…then about $1.5 trillion so far), then the financial and mortgage crisis ($2 trillion so far) among many other things, like payments to Halliburton for things that they did not deliver and costs for things that they did deliver…like the deaths of American troops electrocuted in their own showers! Built by Halliburton.

All of it…every mess we are in they voted for! Just as they are 100% against Obama, they were all 100% for those wonderful things brought to you by Bush and Cheney…mortgage meltdown,  recession, unemployment, financial disaster, wars, failure to stop 9/11. These are the same people who want Geithner out. That alone should tell you something.

So who is attacking Geithner? No one of any importance. A rag-tag bunch of losers in the Neocon party who still think that they have some say in what goes on in this country when the fact is we don’t care about their b.s. anymore. They’ve ruined the country. They should just sit quietly while we try to put it back together.

Their solutions, thus far, in this adminstration, have been (1.) do nothing at all about the financial mess. Remember? They wanted to and did vote down the rescue effort that their own guy…Henry Paulson brought to them. He said the economy would collapse. And he was right. And yet they did nothing, thinking, I suppose, that their salaries were paid and that the people in their districts could easily be fooled using propaganda from Rush Limbaugh, Hannity, Malkin, Coulter, Savage and others.

(2.) They voted 100% against the stimulus bill that would put people back to work. Every single economist who is sober and not up to his ears in oil money or pharmaceutical money or credit card corporate money says that we need to stimulate this economy as fast as possible. But John Boehner went on record before he even read the bill to say that they were going to stop any progress because that would help the Democrats. Then later of course he changed his mind and said that they had a difference in “philosophy.”

Geithner is smarter than all of the collective Neocon congressional delegation put together. He has acheived more in two months than many of them have acheived in a lifetime.  Who is going to replace him? Rep. Connie Mack of Florida? He’s lucky to figure out how to use the ATM machine! Rep. Darryl Issa? He’s so busy trying to promote himself into some major political job that he has anxiety drip-sweats every time the camera moves to someone else. He hasn’t produced one single positive result since he has been in Congress, though he has spent a great deal of his time criticizing the opposition and anything that he thinks might advance his slick career.

How about Rep. Michelle Bachman? She should be looking for a job in 2010 anyway. She could probably ruin the economy in just a few weeks and then maybe we could get on with a national referendum to simply stop screwing around with these losers and get on with the business of putting the American economy back on its feet!

Geithner is the guy. The guys with the brains say so.  The guy who won the election and therefore has the authority to say so…says so. The only people saying that we should cashier him are the guys who are so lame brained that they wouldn’t even make a good cashier.

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