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The Iraq War. Flesh and Blood.


The war in Iraq was a mistake. Whatever point of view one takes, there is no real benefit to us any longer to have troops in Iraq. They should come home as soon as possible. But that is not the end of it. We need to tell the rest of the world we’re sorry.

We’re sorry because the United States, it is now very clear, has been an illegal aggressor. Put aside for a minute the fact that Saddam Hussein was as evil and deserving of death as any tyrant who ever existed. If we had wanted to kill him, we could have done it with minimal “collateral damage.” It was our fault…we American citizens.

We elected as President a simple-minded, failed, inexperienced figurehead rather than a skilled, experienced politician and statesman. We did not stand up strongly enough against going to war. So it is our fault. When you watch the video below, you will see why it is important not to go to war except as a last resort…only after everything else has failed. We now know for certain that some members of the CIA were told by the White House, a year in advance of the Iraq War, to begin making plans for the invasion. Bush and Cheney lied us into war.

Those are the legal details. What happened…what actually happens in war…you can see in this video if you choose to watch it. Do not let children see this video. Don’t watch it if you are squeamish or cannot take disturbing images.

Whether or not you agree with this video, you may be moved to think about what you have seen and decide whether or not we have made a horrible mistake and if people sitting in mud and stone houses listening in fear to gunfire and feeling their dirt floors shake from the explosion of shells may have any right to be angry with us. And, if you do not think you personally are responsible, then who is responsible and what should happen to them? You will also quickly realize that you are a citizen of “the most powerful” country in the world. You will have to decide: Is that good or is that bad?

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