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The Parable of the Thieves



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Nothing is more important, no matter who you are. Save America.


When reason fails, people fall back on superstition. The American society has long worked under the rationale that hard work creates abundance and abundance may solve all our earthly ills. When that logic, which has always been one of our foundations, along with “fair play” and “brotherhood” among citizens…although a creaky stair-climb with many slips and falls on our way to the current level…no longer rings true and evidence overwhelms the ideals…we panic.

When we panic, often in our ignorance or our short sightedness at the facts of what is really happening, some of us…a sizable number…fall back on old ways. Just as the pagans fell back on false idols and their original powerful symbols when learning the new symbols of the new myth, Christianity, so do we fall back on the idea of strong leaders and big corporations providing sustenance. That, of course, will never happen. It is the greatest myth of all—that the Corporation “cares.”

The Corporation does not care. The corporation…despite the decision of the Supreme Court or all the decisions of all the Supreme Courts…is not an animate being. The corporation is merely printed words on a printed page or small electronic dots or absence thereof in an electronic counting machine, which, when printed out, give the semblance of meaning. But there is no compassion anywhere in sight.

So our simplest minds…least free of complexity…sitting on the dock, hour after hour, waiting for the fish to bite…no cares…no worries….waiting and relaxing…our simplest minds do not ask where the larger currents of power are being directed. They do not ask where those large swaths of the collective power of determination and will….they do not ask…where are they going? Are they headed in my direction? Are they pointed at and will they sweep over those long-held principles of “fair-play” and “brotherhood” of men and women that we have so long cherished…at least in our idealized society?

They do not ask because they do not know what it means and they do not ask because, given the answer—should it be that they will suffer—they would not know how to react. They have been taught that big government is bad and that big corporations are good. They have been taught that our corporate leaders are benign and our government leaders are corrupt. And having been taught that, they vote in those individuals who hate government and who do their best to create the results their constituents have been told will happen.

So having been told that the government is composed of thieves, they vote in thieves who then turn government into a place composed of thieves. The result is a compounding. More corruption begets more disaffection and more disaffection begets more thieves and on it goes.

Until one man upsets the plan. He is not only charismatic, he is Black—seen as African-American—a beleaguered and reviled and much maligned, even despised minority. Out of what seems like the center of the least of these, he rises up and strikes a blow for the principles of Democracy. He comes from humble beginnings and with sheer intelligence, personality, hard work and erudition, becomes Senator, then President.

By the time he walks through the front door of the White House to take the reins of this entire enterprise and shape it, the forces that now maintain control…the false prophets of greed and power…are shaken to the core. Their political leaders told them that even if it were only one vote in each area, their corporate power was secure. Money buys the message, they said, and money buys the message that delivers that one single vote that makes the majority. It is the way Democracy works, they said.

But they were wrong. The people had been so aroused by the dramatic possibilities of a return to the ideals, that they put down their fishing poles for a day and went to the polls to add their one vote, which turned out to be enough. So the big corporations slumped in their chairs in the paneled halls where they congregate and then stood up, marched to the windows, threw them open and shouted to the world, “Never again.”

They began to build up even more money, even more power, even more paid spokesmen for the Fourth and Fifth and Sixth Reichs to come. Never again would the people rise up and shame us into second-place, a place where fewer dollars can be earned, more taxes paid or more regulations observed, or—worse yet–even more actual face-to-face contact with average Americans may be necessary.

What can we do, they thought, to start the process, the revitalization of the plan to devitalize the people. They fell back on one of the best and oldest of methods, long since abandoned as human being became more civilized. They drew upon racism and its first cousin, intolerance, accompanied by its step-child, arrogance.

It was a small band at first, a handful..not yet a mob…but rich beyond rich. They were all billionaires…not exactly Americans but living in America. And they gave out only money and suggestions. The suggestions turned to signs and the signs drew more attention and soon there it was.

The Tea Party appeared, a wonderful amalgam of Christian hatred for “sinners,” those who did not agree with them, a disdain for “big government” as exemplified by their notion frequently expressed, that government should keep its filthy hands off their Medicare. They marched and displayed every manner and expression of pure, raw detestation of the Black President, of his race and of his ideals that they could possibly convey without proper spelling and without any understanding of the message being relayed.

As the corruption coursed its way through government like a bowling ball knocking over one pin after the other, agencies, departments and regulators fell in all directions with blinding speed. Within 8 years, the corrupters had started two unnecessary wars….the exact kind of thing that a government should not do. Very bad, but perhaps not as bad as what…government (they, the thieves were now completely in control of government) would do next.

They sent their fellows to Wall Street and to corporate headquarters and told them that all the restraints were off. Financial assets are now gambling chips, they said. Do what you will with them. There are no real industries in this country, so take what resources we do have, principally the financial community’s backing of home mortgages…all that money that people pay in every month to secure a place to live…and gamble with it.

Well, of course, this was wonderful. What a clear expression of what government should not do, ironically expressed by the thieves as they spent alternative hours railing against the very practices of government they were exhibiting. What could be better? Complain against the very things that you are doing. How could you lose? You were in a position to make things worse at the exact same time you were predicting they would get worse.

Is this a great country or what? Greed and race hatred and wars and…well, you get the idea. Life was becoming wonderful for the thieves. But the clear possibility that things would change was becoming more evident with this new Black candidate who was clearly ahead of the old, tired, cranky, failed-fighter-pilot and his glamorous, ignorant running mate.

It was time to go into phase two. Shut down all the scams, take the money and when the banks failed, simply ask the outgoing President to “save the day” by offering to bail out the banks with $700 billion of taxpayer money. What a coup! Now the government had finally earned the attention and the disdain of the public…just what the thieves wanted—they could not have been happier if they had been Hitler entering Paris, jumping up and down with delight.

Who would believe anything that this new (Black, always remember, he is African-American…they gently and subtly pointed out) President said…or his Congress. How could things have worked out better. Their radio propagandists, the deca-millionaire drug addicted, fat slob of a commentator who had helped them so often over so many years, virtually screamed with delight over the discrediting of government. He practically split his pants giggling and frothing, singing a song about a “magic negro” and claiming that the world had indeed come to an end but his show would go on post-Armageddon.

But the people did begin to believe and so the thieves assembled and quickly returned to their strategy…doubling down on it. When legislation came to the Senate to put people back to work, the Senate, the thieves vetoed it. They did it again, and again 40 times, 80 times, 120 times, 180 times, and when it went over 200 times that the thieves voted against proposals to put people back to work…they knew that they had found a dynamic method.

The method was brilliant. Prove that government doesn’t work by not letting it work! Outstanding! And the people had all returned to the fishing holes. Some didn’t. They were looking for jobs. About 14.9 million of them. But another 110 million had jobs, if only at McDonalds, so when they were off work they went back to sit and not-think and wait for the fish to bite.

In the meantime, the Anti-Party had come to power. The Anti-Party was a group of people who were “anti” everything, but principally anti-government and they had been the beneficiaries of the work the thieves had done in discrediting government. You see, the thieves had stolen about $7.5 trillion from the government during the previous 8 years (it’s what thieves do) and were now blaming government for stealing itself.

Sounds rather illogical. But not if you are at the fishing hole, waiting for a fish to bite. After all, there is no guarantee that a fish will ever bite. So you learn to “believe.” You have “faith” that one day the fish will bite and over time, it does happen. You begin to think that you made it happen. That’s how fishing works.

So the people, the fisher people, got up, went to the polls and voted for more thieves, only this time the thieves told them that they were thieves. But the fisher people voted for them anyway, and the thieves all gathered and laughed and sang old alumni songs and counted their money and planned to whack off big pieces of government and throw them into the trash.

But the Black President and the remaining members of the government-does-have-some-important-functions group said…not so fast. You spent all the money. You started all the wars. You gave the green light to the Wall Street gamblers. You cut all the revenue to the government. You sent all the manufacturing overseas. And then you blamed government for it. You don’t want government. So you don’t get to make more decisions.

But the thieves now had power. They had enough power to do what had worked before…shut down government and blame themselves, i.e., blame government for shutting itself down because government had spent too much of its own money. Boy, this was really working out for the thieves. They not only got to shut down government, but they bargained to get the People, whose money they had stolen, to give them more money.

They even came up with a great name for it. They called it “austerity.” It was a great sounding word and everyone loved it. Much better than “robbery: which has all kinds of bad connotations. So here’s how austerity would work. The thieves would gather together with the others in government and threaten to take away much bigger things or stop government altogether unless the allies of the Black President agreed to take away a lot of things that the government had given the People. It was a great plan.

The idea was to say to the People that the big bad government (don’t mention that we, the thieves, were the government) had spent too much money and now the big bad government and the Black President had to take some of them back. It was too bad but it is just the way that big bad government works and the thieves, who really were not involved but were just passing by when it all happened, should not be blamed for it or they would be “offended.”

And so now, today, all these people are meeting to decide how much and which of the “presents” that the big bad government has “bestowed” on the People in the form of “entitlements” must be removed by the big bad government which, again, is not to be confused with the thieves who only arrived a few days ago and are only trying to help.

Of course if you have been fishing all this time, then one would not be surprised to learn that you are completely unaware that this is happening. But it is. And it will go on until we find out whether the fish bite. If the fish bite, then the fisher people will go home and they may read a newspaper or see a blog on the Internet or be told by someone to actually remember whether they did or did not pay a lot of money into insurance funds to protect their ability to get sick or retire when they get too old to work.

Now the fisher people may not remember or they may not care, because they have the fish to eat and fish are healthy so they may not need health care or money when they get too old to work. In that case, the thieves have done a great job. Because if there is no need of money for the elderly nor any need of health care for the elderly, we can cut government spending.

And that is the point of it all. If we cut spending, then we can cut taxes on the big corporations and the very wealthiest families who pay the lowest percentage of taxes but the largest amounts. For example one man pays $6,000,000 a year in taxes. Of course that means that he earned about $200,000,000, and that was just last year. And like most people who do what he does, he’s been doing it for at least 20 years. So, you can figure out pretty quickly that he will have a few dollars left over. In fact, if he spent $10,000,000 a year for the next hundred years, he would still have money left over.

So, you may say, why does this man and these kinds of corporations, and the thieves themselves, many of whom are almost as wealthy by now…why do they need more? It is not that they need more. They want more. Everyone wants more. They simply want more than you want.

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