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The Planned Koch Brothers’ Political Takeover


You must understand one thing. A vote for a Republican is a vote for Neo-Fascist group whose only ultimate political strategy is to put the opposition…who will be in enormous numbers…into concentration camps. Before you scoff and cry conspiracy nut, look at it logically. Citizens United makes it possible…it has already happened…for billionaires to elect whomever they want. They did it in the elections in Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Florida, Maine and elsewhere.

They will be doing it in a massive way this November. They have already scheduled $6 million dollars in ads to be run this spring, just to attack the President. They spent $8 million on one State Senate race in Wisconsin. Eight million dollars on one local state senate election. And then, when they had won a majority, they were able to decertify a union, which they have also done to public service unions in Indiana, Michigan and many, many other states.

Unions represent individual citizens, workers. Unions work for the People. Billionaires can’t buy unions and so they buy state governments–governors like John Kasich, and Republican legislatures–and decertify unions. What did the Fascists of the 1930s do when large numbers of people began to rebel against intolerance and brutal, violent political practices? First, they took them right off the streets and put them in jails. (Ever heard of American “renditions?” Better look it up.) When the jails wouldn’t hold all the prisoners, they built concentration camps.

It is what you must do if you are a Fascist. Twenty billionaires, with a hundred politicians, controlling ten thousand police and security forces cannot control many hundreds of thousands of poor, unemployed, laid off workers who want jobs once they realize that they are being deliberately oppressed. Occupy Wall Street could not stay in their occupied spaces, but sooner or later organizations connect. They become national…and the only way the billionaires can get rid of them is to create a phony crisis…or a real crisis and put them in jail.

Then they will tell other citizens, people with jobs, with less and less personal security in their jobs…jobs given to them by the billionaires in many cases…that these other citizens are dangerous and, for the good of society, must be kindly and gently removed from society. There are no benevolent concentration camps or prisons or gulags. If you would take people’s freedom for you own personal benefit, then you are just a small, short step from not wanting to pay for their upkeep. The result is either slavery or death…or both.

No, it won’t happen right away. Not tomorrow or next month. But after you read this, you too should begin talk with your friends, if you have not already, about what is happening and what could happen too quickly for you to stop it. We need to get busy to save the American People from a totalitarian takeover by billionaires and the troops, often with guns, who are either already eager to work for them or who have no other choice.

Here are two good examples of why you need to get out right now and join an organization, probably one that works for the Democratic Party. There is almost zero possibility that a third party will be able to win anything, especially if it is on the left side of the spectrum. There is no possibility at all in 2012. The only thing that will stop the power of the billionaires is literally masses of people showing up at the voting booth.

The first example is the secret meeting held by the Koch Brothers at Indian Wells, where only invited guests, other Right Wing billionaires, were invited. Why in secret? Why would you hide your participation in an event if it were on behalf of the people?

If you were gathering to solicit funds from rich businessmen to create jobs for the unemployed you would broadcast that fact far and wide! If you were gathering to create low-cost health insurance for the 49 million who have none…you would hold a press conference. If you were creating a large pool of funds to help moderate the foreclosure problem or creating a huge private investment organization to jump start small businesses, you would invite reporters in to learn everything they could.

But if you were, say, planning to smash unions, divide the workers between those in public service and those in private industry, or use propaganda to elect your own politicians so that you could control whole states or an entire segment of government…then you might not want people to know about your meeting.

You can be certain of this, the 22 Right Wing billionaires meeting with the Koch brothers are not out to help you. They are out to ultimately…literally…make you wage slaves. They are behind ALEC, the legislative strategy group behind the legislation in Ohio, Michigan, Florida, Indiana, Wisconsin, Arizona, New Jersey, Maine and other states who are de-certifying unions.

It is pretty clear why you spend tens of millions of dollars per state, and guarantee your hand-picked governors that you will help them once the people find out that they are crooks. You do it so that your industries will no longer have to contend with people who want safe working conditions, a reliable pension fund, health care and an occasional raise when the CEO is making a guaranteed 400 times what the average workers are making.

Let’s just take the pikers, the losers, the low-income people in this potential takeover of government by the very, very wealthy. These are the managerial class. They run the companies for the billionaires. They don’t make a living the way you make a living.

Of those individuals making $10 million a year or more, only about 19% of their income is from wages. So, if they were to lose their jobs…which they won’t because they are part of the corporation that pays them, they would still have most of their annual ten million or more income. So, they don’t really worry about you. Unless you have a shotgun pointed at their heads.

Now what is the rationale for these billionaires who want to take over the country? Well, we have recently begun to frame the argument in the context of the top 1% versus the bottom 99%. But that doesn’t tell the whole story.

If you are a physician, who worked his head off and sweated out grades and postponed any kind of meaningful income for about six or seven of his early earning years and still works sometimes 80 hours a week…generally without even one mistake…per year or longer, you are lumped into this top one percent. And if you are such an individual, you should be there, but you should not be viewed in the same way as a billionaire. There is a huge difference. In fact, not even all billionaires are greedy, arrogant fools.

We all know that one-half of all citizens in the U.S. pay no income taxes. But did you know that those making $75,000 a year or less actually paid more of the aggregate income tax than those who made $1,000,000 and up? That’s right. There are a lot of people out there paying a fair share of their meager incomes.

And what about this? Those taxed in the 15% bracket, the next to lowest tax bracket, paid more total income tax than those in the top 2%. So, when you say that the top 1% is paying 37% of all income taxes, and half of all citizens are not taxed, it means that a huge share of the remaining 63% of taxes that are paid, are being paid by the Middle Class.

And remember, that top 1% pays a much smaller percentage of their income. Even if they stopped working, they would still have an enormous amount of money. One out of five has an income of a million a year or more. So the rich are not going to go broke or probably even notice if you raise their income taxes four or five percent. Many have huge stock holdings in companies that pay no taxes at all. So, if you think about taxes, this is really not about taxes, this Koch movement, because they have paid very little in taxes for a long, long time.

No. It is about their peculiar political philosophy. These are the billionaire sons of the guy who founded the John Birch Society, the precursor to Joe McCarthy, the group that saw Commies under every bush and porch. Then they grew up to found the Cato Institute, the American Enterprise Institute, the Hudson Institute, Americans for Prosperity and FreedomWorks. FreedomWorks funded the campaigns of every mindless, Right Wing, Neo-Fascist it could find under any rock anywhere in the states.

And now these stooges for the Koch family are in Congress…loonies like Senator Mike Lee of Utah and too many totally Fascist congressmen and women to name. Vicious sociopaths with nothing but hatred for minorities, gays, immigrants, Jews, and anyone with a Liberal or Progressive…that is Middle Class…political attitude. Tea Party is far too innocent a name for these anti-society aggressors.

It is not an exaggeration at all…these are facts…the support of Right Wing politicians who are elected and then do the clear bidding of the Kochs…the governors of Indiana, Wisconsin, Michigan and Ohio…clearing out the unions. They are cutting wages and pensions and health care. They wage societal war on Americans by lying about health care reform to stop it before it begins.

We pay 17% of GDP on health care. Europe pays, on average, only 6% and everyone has it. And don’t kid yourself…many rich Americans go to other countries—like France–for certain procedures because they are better. Yes, in some cases, much better. This is where health care reform will take us if we prevent the health insurance companies and their allies, the Koch brothers and billionaire friends from repealing it.

Who are these guys who have joined with the Koch family, whom the Kochs have said they want to donate at least $10 million to the cause…to defeat Democrats and put their Neo-Fascists totally in power?

Here are their names and where they live. Philip Anschutz was there, a multi-billionaire financer of many conservative causes, married, 3 children, Denver, Co and Kenny Troutt, Excel Communications billionaire, married, Dallas, TX, who was the money behind moron-candidate Rick Perry. The Continental Resources people, the ones who control most of the toxic Bakken Oil Shale production were there. Sheldon Adelson, Las Vegas, NV, the man who backed Neo-Fascist candidate Newt Gingrich was there. Others in this group are Richard DeVos, arch-conservative head of Amway, who lives in Holland, MI; Kenneth Langone, investment banker, who helped finance Home Depot for fellow Right Winger Arthur Blank and who lives in Sands Point, NY, a wife and 3 children; Diane Hendricks, widow of ABC Roofing supply owner, who lives in Afton, WI, 7 children; Steve Schwarzman, Blackstone Corp, financier, lives in New York City, wife, 3 children; Ken Griffin, Citadel Hedge Fund, Chicago, IL, wife Anne, no children, multi-million dollar art collection.

These are the people who want to take over your country. They want to take your job, your home, your Middle Class lifestyle. Do they hate you? Well, given what you know, would you be surprised if they did?

They will clearly stop at nothing to reduce you, the Middle Class worker, to poverty and political helplessness. They have all committed millions of dollars to exactly that goal. You, in turn, should stop at nothing to prevent it.

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