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Turncoat Lieberman, Bought By Health Insurance Companies


The clear message is that Senator Joseph Lieberman, like Duke Cunningham and others, including Senator John McCain of Arizona, has now taken his former respected status and sold his character and reputation to the highest bidder. In Lieberman’s case, his reputation was earned as a supporter in his early career of issues such as civil rights and other progressive ideas. He supported ideas such as grants to promising minority students to help accelerate their advancement and prove that opportunity still existed in the United States.

This information would indicate that he has changed, radically, and joined the opposition. You can hear the sense of satisfaction in this announcement by Fox News.

Lieberman worked against Senator Barack Obama as a candidate against Senator John McCain in the 2008 campaign, and some gave him the benefit of the doubt and subordinated their anger as a gesture to his past Liberal record and his close friendship with McCain. But if he votes against health care reform, which a vote for a filibuster would be, then there is no longer any doubt. Here is what he has said.

If you read between the lines, what did he really say? He said that he is more concerned about the insurance companies than he is about the People. What can we do to help the insurance companies stay in business and somehow accomodate the millions of people who do not have health insurance? But his emphasis is on the insurance companies first. That is clearly where his personal allegiance lies. You must call his office and register your anger at this un-populist, pro-corporate attitude. (Senator Joseph Lieberman, Hartford (860) 549-8463 Washington (202) 224-4041) And you must ask others to call

There is no debate any longer about whether Joseph Lieberman is still a good guy. He’s gone over to the side that is for filibuster. Senators Sessions, Vittner, Grassley, McConnell, Bunning, Chambliss, Cornyn..on and on…reactionary, pro-segregation, pro-big business, and either Southerners, the relics of the Dixiecrats who bolted the Democratic party during Civil Rights. It is all about huge campaign donations and demolishing the American Middle Class, which had more freedom and opportunity than any people anywhere in the history of the world.

The rest of the world is watching. They see a huge income shift and wait for us to act. We have the power and the governmental tools to change the current situation. There is capital. It resides in the accounts of rich Wall Street speculators and in the bank accounts of Republican Senators and men like Dick Cheney who made himself to the tune of between $50 million and $100 million dollars, and Donald Rumsfeld, who also made an estimated $100 million through his government contracts, while neither Rumsfeld nor Cheney ever before worked one day in the industries that made them rich. They were able to deliver “deals” through their government contracts and if you think that a “finder’s fee” is in the neighborhood of no more than 10%…then you can see how much those “deals” –mergers or government contracts were worth.

If you thought that the Right Wing Republicans would go quietly, you were wrong. You forgot one thing. Like the Nazis, and like Cheney and Rumsfeld, they were nothing without their “Party.” Think of it. Nazi membership, like Communist Party membership, was everything. Today, we even have fights within the Republican Party as to which Republican candidate is the “purest” Republican, the one most dedicated to the Party principles. Which one, like Lieberman, will stick with the industrialists who now fund the Republican Party or which ones have some small shred of decency left. The latter, the Right Wing feels, must be expelled from the Party. It may sound crazy to you. But when people are in a cult or in a fanatical group, it all makes perfect sense to them.

Cheney, Rumsfeld and their pals, their hangers-on, have moved into the executive boardrooms and onto the staffs of corporate-sponsored lobbyist “think tanks” like the Cato Institute, the Heritage Foundation, and the Hudson and Hoover Institutes. They are all planning for a return to power after they use the other part of their apparatus…the Right Wing radio, and now the thousands of propagandistic web sites to confuse the issues…as we saw with the tea party mobs…and demonize a moderate and progressive President.

It is not hard to stir up reaction in the south. These are the same Republicans who switched when Strom Thurmond switched. They still hate African-Americans and consider them less than one-hundred percent citizens, despite the fact that their ancestors brought them here to work and die in the sweltering cotton fields. But people in Connecticut? Joe Lieberman is a disgrace to the people of Connecticut and should be tarred and feathered and thrown out of office onto the street if he filibusters with the Neoconservatives.

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