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We Were Wrong. Lou Dobbs IS a Punk!


We tried to give Lou Dobbs the benefit of the doubt on our little blog, but when someone has a large audience and suddenly decides that he is going to go over the top…against the People…then we have to step in again. The guy is not NBC or ABC. But he has a big audience and influence. And how is he using it? Take a look.

This is a hatchet piece on the health care legislation. The piece quotes the Pacific Research Institute. Look them up, on the first page you will see pictures of Sally Pipes, who is a lobbyist for the health care industry whose job is to destroy the image of the Canadian system. Then there is Glen Beck…we know about him. Then, guess, who? Lou Dobbs. They admit that they are against the President’s health care program, even though a single program has not been worked out yet. And among their sponsors are: the Heritage Foundation and the Cato Institute. This is the authority Lou Dobbs cites as doing indepedent research on what a government program will cost. First person to talk, on the tape: Eric Kantor, who has received $880,000 between April and June of 2009 from the health care industry.

And then, of course, there was this.

You can see Obama’s birth certificate on snopes. com. The whole thing is ridiculous. The document that the guy is talking about is: a certificate of live birth, birth certificate… and he keeps pronouncing it “leve” birth as if there is some kind of distinction. Yes, the other guys are kooks. But it is Lou Dobb’s show. It is the LOU DOBBS SHOW. He decides what to have on. He is clearly either a nut or simply running this cynically to help his Neocon Republican friends. So that’s it for us. He is on the dark side. Too bad, but bye, bye, Louie. We need health care and we don’t need conspiracy nuts. Not from our supposed newscasters.

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