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Why Neoconservatives Vote Against Jobs.


It is no secret that the Neoconservative Republicans and their friends on talk radio are against job creation. They voted 100%, every single one, against the Stimulus bill, the $787 billion jobs bill that has already created 2 million jobs. They voted overwhelmingly in late 2008 against even the Bush Administration’s attempt to push funds into the collapsed market, which, it has been estimated, saved millions of jobs.

Since then, they have repeatedly attacked jobs programs and programs that would allow new jobs in the workplace. For example, the new jobs bill, being considered now in the House of Representatives and in the Senate, that is designed to create another 2 million jobs, even while the current stimulus program is still working its way through about one-third of its funds, adding jobs every month. They say that they will again vote against jobs in early 2010 before they even see the bill.

This is a new big jobs bill, passed in the House and is now under consideration by the Senate. It has about $154 billion ready to create jobs for the 15 million unemployed. It is desperately needed, especially after recent job numbers that show some new action is needed. That bill is now being considered by the Senate with Senator Reid stating that he will try to have a vote early in February. Senator Mitch McConnell, head of the “Just Say No” faction, called Neoconservative Republicans in the Senate has already said that he will filibuster the bill.

There are 15 million people in the country who need jobs and the head of the Republicans in the Senate has said that he will filibuster a jobs bill even before the Senate has had the chance to see the final bill. That is where we are today.

So, let’s see…if not the jobs bill, which is all about jobs, then, how about the Clean Energy Act. Senators Kerry and Boxer have come up with a bill that will not only convert our current fossil-fuel economy to an alternative energy economy. Right now, fossil fuel development abroad, in those countries from which we now import our oil creates about 800,000 jobs. In other words, the oil we import creates 800,000 jobs abroad. We, therefore, can create at least that many jobs here in the U.S. through this green revolution, this alternative energy program. There are tremendous incentives in the bill that will jump-start the alternative energy system and give it enough substance to grow on its own. It has huge potential for jobs but also for our oil-independence and our freedom from Arab oil.

The Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act (S. 1733) will not only convert those jobs over time to U.S. Energy jobs as we replace imported oil, but it will also allow us to do more drilling and other kinds of research on cleaning up the fossil fuel we currently have to stretch that segment farther out into the future. Part of that will be more new jobs in the expanded natural gas business.

These two aspects of the Clean Energy Act will have an enormous impact on long-term jobs in this country. The plan is based on the earlier successful plan that virtually completely eliminated acid-rain effects in less than ten years. Senator Mitch McConnell has already said that the Republicans will not consider a plan of this kind. They will filibuster it, he has already said.

The avowed purpose of the Neoconservatives is to make the Obama Administration totally impotent. It is an interesting analogy…impotence. Because there is no question about the implied metaphor. Obama is half African-American. His father was not only African, as opposed to African-American, but also an educated man, of obvious intelligence and independent spirit. And so we have his son, who became President Barack Obama, a strong, handsome, intelligent and athletic man, the son of an interracial marriage.

So here we have the strong black African-American, versus the Neoconservative Republicans. And who are the Neocon Republicans these days? They are basically only the remnants of the old Dixiecrats who switched from the Democratic to the Republican Party under Ronald Reagan once they learned that Reagan’s wife was the daughter of a nationally known conservative who according to his daughter Nancy, never did nor never would have allowed an African-American into their home.

The Republicans exist in any numbers now only in the South. The associations with the remnants of the segregationists and the KKK are unmistakable. Trent Lott was the Republican Senate leader and not only did he have some connections to white supremacy groups but he also said that the country would be much better off if the segregationist bigot Strom Thurmond had become President.

Now, where does the opposition come from? From the slave and segregation states. Jeff Sessions of Alabama. Jim DeMint of South Carolina. Vitter of Louisiana. Cornyn of Texas. McConnell of Kentucky. Alexander of Tennessee. All former Confederate states.

Are the American workers being denied jobs simply because these Senators feel emasculated by a strong African-American President? If you think that racism has completely disappeared from this country, then…no. But how many of these senators have you heard commenting that the signs of tea baggers with racist slurs at the President have gone too far? None.

Not one. A very good case can be made that these senators, with their rudeness, disrespect and outright southern redneck attitudes and comment…as well as their support of redneck comments by people like Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck…hate Barack Obama and will do anything to satisfy their feelings of impotence and emasculation.

They need to grow up. See a psychiatrist. Get over it. They are ruining this country by stifling every single piece of legislation with their filibusters. Well over 100 filibusters of important legislation for the American people. Jobs programs. They have slowed legislation to a crawl and in some cases simply stopped it cold. In one year, they have launched more filibusters than were done in the entire decade of the 1950s.

The hold up and eventual withdrawal by Errol Southers, the hyper-qualified, ex-FBI, terrorism expert as head of TSA by Senator Jim DeMint of South Carolina has resulted in many of those jobs, not to mention our national security to be held up. Southers is African-American. DeMint is from South Carolina. Reach your own conclusions.

70 specific key Administration appointments to key positions in government continue to be held up, one year after the Obama Administration has taken office. They are being held up by the other Senator from…Alabama, Senator Richard Shelby. Shelby may be one of those who dispute the President’s validity. He apparently made some comment to a local newspaper, in Alabama, about whether or not the President is an American citizen because of the idiotic birth certificate “controversy.” The drummed-up controversy by a few nuts and furthered as usual by Fox “News” is apparently still being batted around in the backwoods of Alabama, with the Senator right in the middle of it. He has time to continue some idiotic, irrelevant debate and he has time to hold up 70 appointments which would lead to huge numbers of jobs being started. Obama is African-American. Shelby is from Alabama. You decide.

If anyone you know needs a job, you need to send money to the Democratic Senate and House Re-election committees. The fewer nuts we have in Congress the sooner jobs will get started and the fewer filibusters, the fewer holds on key appointments, and the fewer racists will have control of our legislative process.

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