Will Erratic Republican Attacks on Obama Influence Health Care Reform?


We’ve been seeing it now for some time. The Fringe Lunatics of the Neocon-Republican Right Wing…people who want children to take guns to school, who want war, not health care, and who think that debate is about carrying signs and shouting simple-minded cheerleader slogans…these people have launched outrageous attacks on the President. Their idea is that if they can distract the Independents, with fake birth certificate accusations, and call the President a dictator…even if it so silly that it leaves people asking themselves what the hell these nuts are talking about…it may–may–distract someone enough to slow down the progress of legislation.

Why would citizens do that, rather than organizing to defeat legislation that they don’t like? When you think about it and really do the math, it is simple. Something like 70% of the people both like the President…why not, he’s a good guy…and agree with him. Actually, he would say that he agrees with the People. In other words, he framed his political programs from things that he saw at the grassroots. Remember, he was only a Senator for two years. He was right there, at the state senate level, dealing with rural problems, city problems, suburban problems, education, health care, Medicare and budgets. His political agenda did not come out of the Senate. He learned about how the White House and the Congress worked while he was a Senator. That’s all. His programs are the People’s programs.

He’s the average guy…hardly the Hitler/Stalin falling-down laughable image that one Republican tried to lay on him. He’s closer to Magic Johnson than he is to Hitler. And he’s closer to Tom Hanks than he is to Stalin. What kind of nuttiness is going on over at the GOP Headquarters? Watch just one of the little visuals that the Right Wing has generated to “make their point.” Be careful, this might make you a little dizzy.

Well, they got it all in, didn’t they? They mixed up Fascism and Communism, then tossed in a little anti-Muslim imagery and finished strong with their real message…bigotry. Don’t you love racism with music and graphics. It helps to emphasize the stupidity!

These are the people out trying to shout down the details of a health care program for you and your family and neighbors. The only way that they can stop any of the People’s work is to try to confuse that small sliver of the people who don’t know what’s going on to think about something else. Communism! Hitler! Big bad wolves.

Here’s the real guy telling it like it is.

There’s your dictator. Doing what he’s been doing for more than 20 years. Investigate the problem…whether it be under-performing schools or run-down housing or urban blight or lack of opportunity in small farm towns…and do your best to get people together to solve the problem. Only this time it is a big problem with a very big and well-funded entity causing the problem…the health insurance industry. They don’t want to give up their huge profits. The 30 percent of $2.5 trillion dollars they make on you every year, year in and year out. That’s what the health care industry takes home every year.

They can inspire a lot of radio commentators and Fox TV reporters to slant their views or call names, like the $400-milion-dollar man, Rush Limbaugh, who loves to call people names. For money, he’ll call anyone anything that you want him to.

The new health care programs won’t be slowed by these people calling Barack Obama names. He doesn’t hide, like Dick Cheney. He’s right out there. What you see is what you get. And what you will get with Barack Obama is, if we earn it with our support….a new era of affordable and accessible health care.