Home Economics Your Future Health Depends on a Public Option. Tell These Senators.

Your Future Health Depends on a Public Option. Tell These Senators.


It is not too late nor is it one minute too early to write, call, Email or otherwise contact the Senators listed below and tell them to vote for a public-option to the Health Care Reform Package. This is the most important issue since the election of 2000 or the decision to begin the Iraq War. If we could have stopped that war, 4,300 American lives would be saved, 30,000 horribly wounded American soldiers would be training somewhere today, instead of rehabilitating.

We can’t let 25,000 people die each year of neglect because we did not force these Senators to do the right thing. We know for a fact that the only way to reduce health care costs and guarantee coverage is to have a public option that people can fall back on if their health care coverage is cut off. Even if it means that all the people who are unhealthy are on the public plan, it will still be tens of millions of people who are in the same boat and the government will back it. It is a new commitment from governrment to the People.

Some of the Senators on this list have connections to health care lobbyists and large health care firms. We must make it more serious for them to neglect us than to help their lobbyist friends. This is very simple. For the first time, you can be completely confident that what you are asking your Senator or these Senators to do is either for you or against you. There is no middle ground here, no matter what anyone tells you.

The money you will save and the option to actually be guaranteed a health care program comes out of the profits of the companies that these Senators are supporting. It is you or it is their profits. Please be clear on that point, because there is no middle ground, no matter what anyone tells you.

Here are the Senators. Email them or simply call the number and tell them in your own words to vote for the public option or say something like this: “I’m calling (or writing) about health care reform. We want the Senator to support a plan that offers, in addition to all the private plans, a public plan. Not a non-profit private plan, but one sponsored and backed by the government. If the Senator cannot support us on this, then we will work against the Senator’s reelection, whether or not a public plan is part of the legislation. We will not forget nor will we change our minds. That is how important this issue is to us. Our position is simple: If the health care industry is more important to the Senator than the people that voted, then let the Senator look to the health care lobby for votes in the future. Thank you.”

Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas — lincoln.senate.gov/contact/email.cfm — (202) 224-4843

Evan Bayh of Indiana — bayh.senate.gov/contact/email/ — (202) 224-5623

Michael Bennet of Colorado — bennet.senate.gov/contact/ — (202) 224-5852

Mark Begich of Alaska — begich.senate.gov/contact/contact.cfm — (202) 224-3004

Tom Carper of Delaware — carper.senate.gov/contact/ — (202) 224-2441

Maria Cantwell of Washington — cantwell.senate.gov/contact/ — (202) 224-3441

Ron Wyden of Oregon — wyden.senate.gov/contact/ — (202) 224-5244

Ben Nelson of Nebraska– bennelson.senate.gov/contact-me.cfm — (202) 224-6551

Bill Nelson of Florida — billnelson.senate.gov/contact/index.cfm — (202) 224-5274

Mary Landrieu of Louisiana — landrieu.senate.gov/contact/index.cfm — (202) 224-5824

Kay Hagan of North Carolina — hagan.senate.gov/?p=contact — (202) 224-6342

Feel free to copy this list and send along to any other web site or organization.

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