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Imported Americans Front Page Image

The Imported Americans

The Imported Americans is a brief history of many significant events that shaped the lives of African-Americans from the earliest days of slavery until today.

Undermining the american dream front page image

Undermining the American Dream

The story of American Politics of teh last 40 years–the Right Wing billionaire-class buying media and media personalities, Right Wing radio hosts, posing as Populists but earning millions by dividing Americans, and Republican politicians, from the state level to the very leaders in the Senate and even the Supreme Court, selling out the American People for a few pieces of silver.

Zionism israel and peace front page image

Zionism, Israel, Palestine and Peace

While many people see the Israeli-Palestine conflict as an event of the last 50 to 80 years, in reality, it is a conflict that has its origins in the ancient world, before Christ, before anti-Semitism, and even before Palestine existed. It is rooted in religion and politics and in our nature as human beings who look to a failed God in the sky rather than the children right before our eyes.

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